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Nicholas Vargas
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
    Virtue Theory
  4. Date of birth
    2037-04-21 (34 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
    Wasteland - No significant location
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Family
    Anna (Sister) William (Brother - Deceased?)


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    80 kg
  3. Build
    Average build
  4. Hair
    Short, brown
  5. Eyes
    Dark Brown
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Features
    Scarred knuckles, Tattoo on the top of his spine marked with a red "X",
  8. Equipment
    Rifle, Knife, Pistol, Small amount of food and medical goods, Compass.
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role
    Tracker & Scout


Nicholas Vargas was born in an unknown location, in the back of a broken down ambulance on the 21st of April, 2037.

His mother unfortunately died during the child-birth due to complications with unsteralized equipment - resulting in infection. His father had passed earlier to the infection, so Nicholas' oldest brother, William was forced to stop their mothers pain after the birth, leaving him and their sister Anna to tend for Nicholas.

William and Anna brought Nicholas up during the infection, teaching Nicholas small skills like Fishing, Tracking animals for Hunting and Camoflague. Obviously, William and Anna weren't experts, and just taught Nicholas what they was taught by their Mother and Father. Due to his love for animals, Nicholas took his Tracking skills up fairly quickly, and would ask his Brother and Sister to look out for books on stalking and tracking animals to hone his skills.

14 years passed after Nicholas' birth. The Vargas family had found themselves within the company of a small raider company called "The Wild" - a group of brigands and theives who would do anything for their small clan to thrive in the wasteland.
The Vargas' found one of The Wild wounded, seemlessly waiting for her death slouched up a wall in an old run-down bar. She had been shot in the shoulder, and had passed out. Luckily, Nicholas' sister Anna had been fairly handy with her hands, and medical kits. The bullet had went straight through - nothing but a clean up, few stitches, a clean bandage and a few week rest couldn't solve.
She started coming back around - and became close to William fairly quickly after she realised we were taking care of her.
As thanks for helping her out and returning her to The Wild's encampment - they offered to let us stay with them. Unknowing to the Vargas' family what they were truly about to get themselves into.

The Vargas' family became close to The Wild after a couple months - and over time, realised what these people did to survive. They knew it was wrong, but it felt like they had a family again. William became very close to the woman they had saved - who was called Felicity. They had found love in the apocalypse, and as long as William was happy, Anna and Nicholas didn't really seem to mind.

Nicholas was gazing at the Sunset, reminiscing on times when he was younger when William grabbed Nicholas and told him that they had been assigned a very important mission, and that they had to leave now in order to get there in the middle of nightfall. Nicholas, just thinking it was another supply robbery, grabbed his rifle and makeshift camoflague kit and headed out on the road to their assignment. Nicholas asked what the mission was - but William shrugged off the question and changed topic. Being the older brother - Nicholas understood that he was in charge of him and Anna, and he trusted his judgement not to bug him about it. 

3 hours walk had happened when they arrived at a small black log cabin in the woods. A dim light shone from the window - and what seemed like a shadow had crossed the window.

"What do you see, Nick?" Will asked
"I just saw some movement inside... What are we doing here, Will? This place can't have much.. look how tiny it is" Nicholas replied
"We're not here for goods, Nick. We're here for the bastard inside." Will said

Nicholas and Will slowly moved towards the cabin, looking around for any more movement outside of the building.
Eventually, they got to the front door. Nicholas peeped through the window - and to his surprise he saw a young boy sitting staring at the small fire he had lit in the fireplace. "He couldn't be older than 14" Nicholas thought to himself. Nicholas signalled to William that there was 1 inside, and they approached the door ready to barge in.

William took a step back - and with one swift kick, the door flung open, putting out the small fire that the young boy had made.

They both rushed in - holding the mouth of the boy shut so he couldn't make any sound. His eyes were filled with fear, and his body was stiff. "Poor lad is scared shitless" Nicholas whispered to William.
"Right, where's the one we're looking for then?"
"He is the one we're looking for" William replied. Before Nicholas could say anything - Will said "Tie the cunt up, bind him so he can't talk and put a bag over his head"
Nicholas - staring at Will, stood still with his hand over the boys mouth. His face was confused as his eyes met Will's. Will knew what Nick was thinking... "What the fuck is this mess Will? What are we doing here?"
Will snapped at Will "Well? Get a fucking move on!"

Nicholas did what his older brother had told him to do. The young boy, still stiff as an ironing board - Will said "Knock him out. I can't have him making this journey any longer"
"Are you fucking crazy?" Nicholas replied - "He's a fucking kid? What in FUCKS name are we doing here, Will?"
Will's head snapped back at him. Nicholas had never seen Will like this before. His pupils almost filled his eyes with rage.. it was then when Nicholas had realised that Felicity had slowly changed him to how The Wild had operated after all those years. 

William grabbed the young boys head - and smacked it off the old wooden floor in the cabin - knocking the young boy unconscious. He looked Nicholas dead in the eyes - "Don't fuckin forget who we are. What we do to survive. No questions - just do as your fucking told" Will said as he stepped towards the door to leave "Ok... brother?" he smiled as he stepped out, holding the young boys bag.

Nicholas, still processing what had just happened, threw the young boy on his shoulder and walked out the cabin following his brother.

They hadn't said a word the whole way back. Nicholas didn't know what to say. His brother had brought him up to always look for the good in people - and always help when you can. This Will... this Will was a monster, created by the people they had stayed sheltered with for so long. "Has Anna changed, too?" Nicholas thought to himself the whole way back.

They finally reached the camp - and was let in with open arms. Felicity ran over - saw the young boy on Nicholas' arm and smiled. She patted Nick on the shoulder "Atta boy Nick. You got the bastard" she said. She turned to William - and greeted him with a kiss and a long hug. This is when Nick realised what this was - he was doing this for her and their "love". Disgusted - Nick handed the young boy to another member of The Wild and walked off back to his tent.

An hour had gone by - when his sister Anna approached. "Nick... is everything ok? What happened?"
"It was a fucking young boy - Anna. He kidnapped a young fucking boy. Scared shitless he was. What the fuck do they want with him?" Nicholas replied
"Fuck sake.. I hate these people, even with as much as they've done for us. Sick bastards" Anna replied
"What do we do now, Anna? What are we becoming?"
"I don't know anymore, Nick. But I don't like it. Mom didn't want this for us - neither did Dad. They taught us different"

Their conversation was abruptly stopped to a small gathering forming in the centre of the camp, and shouting

Kill the bastard!" "Hang him!" "Shoot him!" echoed through the camp from the drunken bandits.

Anna and Nicholas shot up on their feet and approached the crowd. They were met with the sight of William and Felicity standing behind the masked young boy they'd just captured.

William took the mask from his head - and his face had met the camp full of tears.

Anna and Nicholas looked at eachother in shock. They knew what was about to happen.

Nicholas ran forward "WAIT! Fucking wait! He's a young lad! What the FUCK are we doing?!"
The whole camp fell silent and turned towards him, William and Felicity staring too.

"What the fuck did you just say, Nick?" William replied
"He's just a young lad, Will. What the fuck do we want with him?"
William turned to Felicity - and spoke "You were right. He's getting soft" - he turned back to Will "Remember when we found Felicity fighting for her life? Well.. this little bastard here was the one that caused it. She only wanted his bag... this bag" he said as he raised it up. He emptied it - and a half eaten apple fell from it, as well as a small Pistol.

Nicholas approached the stage, and stood next to Will - "All this for a fucking apple and a shitty little pistol? And so what? He didn't kill her. She's here and healthy - thanks to US."
Will laughed "You don't get it do you Nick. He almost killed her, and it's our job to make sure he feels the pain she felt...."
Will looked back at Felicity - she was smiling. He looked back at Nicholas "I'm sorry... Your job"

Will grabbed Nick by the neck and placed him directly behind the young boy - who was crying his eyes out. To his right, a small table with a knife, barb wired bat and a pistol lay waiting for use.

"You've gone soft, Nick. So, it's time to show ALL of us here, that you still have the balls to be apart of this company. And if you don't - I'll do it myself, then turn the gun onto you."

Anna shouted "Don't you fucking DARE Will, you horrible bastard" - she was stood behind the crowd, pointing Nicholas' rifle right at Wills chest

"Anna?" Will laughed "We both know you've got no fucking clue how to use that, now drop it before you get hurt"

Anna pulled the lever on the rifle back, loading the bullet into the chamber

"You hurt MY brother - and you won't end up seeing the next hour" she shouted, tears filled her eyes.

Will - embarrassed in front of his love Felicity and the rest of The Wild, said "Fine... I'll do it my fucking self" - he grabbed the barb wire bat from the desk.

"WILL! PLEASE mate... don't fucking do this. This aint US!" Nick claimed

Will looked back at Felicity, then marched forward and struck the young boy with the bat - hard.

Time had stopped for Nick. He heard the bat connect with the young lads skull. He heard the crunch of his skull, and the shreik from the boy. He saw the blood drain from his eyes, his mouth and the large open wound on his head. His body, quivvering on the floor.

Nick's eyes filled with tears as the camp roared in cheer. Will - parading around with the bat, raising his arms and cheering. Then.... *boom* A gunshot fired, leaving he camp in silence. Will, stood on stage, confused looking where it came from, till his eyes met Anna's.

The rifle Anna had in her hands had smoke coming from the barrel. Her face streaming with tears. 

Will looked down at his chest... blood slowly formed in a circle. He dropped to his knees, holding his chest. The camp - still silent. 

Nicholas, grabbed for the gun and pointed it at Will's head. As he pulled the trigger, Felicity tackled his arm, making him miss the shot. She screamed "NOOOOOO! YOU FUCKERS!!!!!"

A large fight broke out between all of the camp - seperating Anna from Nicholas, leaving Felicity cradling William in her arms with her hands covered in blood.

- Weeks Later - 

Nicholas had been surviving on his own for weeks - waiting, clutching his radio for a whisper from his sister just to know that she is alive. After a couple of weeks, Nicholas became complacent and started going out from his makeshift home to start looking for her. 

After days of walking, he reached a small settlement - an old pub with a radio station that ran from the top floor. Nicholas walked in, and was instantly greeted by the barman - offering him a drink at the corner of the bar.

Nicholas walked to his chair, sat down and started taking a drink. As he lifted his glass, a flyer that was sitting underneath it caught his eye. "Trip to Nyheim - 5 Cans of Beans, 60 Live Rounds + 3 Bottles of Water" it read. Nicholas picked it up - and showed the barman, asking "What's this all about, mate?"
"Ah... it's a new place not too far from here" he replied, "Perfect if you're trying to start new. A young girl came in with it, must have left it here."
"Can you describe this girl? I'm looking for somebody" Nicholas replied.
"Ah... uhhh... Brown hair.. bright Blue eyes... around 5'3 tall.. looked real sad if that helps?"
"And she's going here? Definitely?"
"As far as I could tell... yes" the barman replied
"Thank you, mate. Good luck with this place - it looks grand" Nicholas said, collecting is belongings quickly and downing the drink he had been given. The barman gave a slight nod, and a smile as Nick left.

Bounding for the boat trip - and the possibility of meeting up with his Sister once again, he headed on the boat to Nyheim eagerly awaiting his future at this new place to call home.


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