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Raven Huss
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Date of birth
    1982-05-05 (37 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    Chernarussian & English
  7. Relationship
  8. Family


  1. Height
    188 cm
  2. Weight
    76 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dark Brown
  5. Eyes
    Blue / Green
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Equipment
    Raven normally walks around with a small knife. You can see him sometimes walking with a light caliber rifle and a very small backpack.
    He has of course, a set of boots, pants and a hoodie.
  8. Occupation
    Tourism Sector - Business owner



Raven was born in the Chernogorsk Hospital on 05/05/1982. He was raised by his 2 parents in Chernogorsk and after five years they moved to their second home near Novigrad. Times were hard because Chernarus was still a Soviet Socialist Republic. In the year 1991 Chernarus gained independence after the fall of the Soviet Union ( USSR ).  When Raven was 15 years young he moved back to Chernogorsk without his parents and he moved into the apartment from his parents. His mom and dad had built up a successful tourism company that organized trips in Chernarus for people from abroad.
They were often away for business appointments, meetings and trips. Raven didn't mind that at all. He went to school and had some very nice friends.
After basic and high school he did a study business administration to get in the company from his parents. 

When the civil war broke out in 2009 his parents fled the country under pressure from Raven and other family members.

Raven himself decided to stay in Chernarus but his parents were not agreeing that at all.
He ignored all their attempts to get him out of the country. He decided with a couple of his friends from the study to fight the Chedaki. 
They went on one night to the Pavlovo Military base with some basic supplies. At the gate, there were some men from the CDF guarding the fence and the entrance.
It escalated very quickly because the CDF thought the friends were saboteurs of the Chedaki. Lucky for them one of the soldiers recognized one of the friends.
They were escorted inside the base to an officer barrack and talked to one of the officers. After a couple of hours and checking ID cards the officer went with them to one of the other barracks and gave them some equipment. They were giving a type of AK rifle, some ammo and magazines and some old camouflage clothing. And off they were the friends, fighting the enemy and fighting for their country and their lives and everything that they have build up.

It was a very rough period in the life of Raven, planning attacks on some of the convoys from the enemy, helping other civilians to escape South Zagoria and executing captured enemy forces.
He went from time to time to his apartment in Chernogorsk to gain some rest and to restock his supplies. He learned from a young age from his parent on how to survive in the wilderness. But still it wasn't easy, he lost a couple of friends during some of the firefights with the Chedaki.

After the civil war his parents came back to Chernarus, but they weren't happy with Raven risking his life. But they still loved him with all their hearts.
Soon after that his mom and dad went back to their home near Novigrad to start up their business again. Raven went back to his study with his remaining friends. In the year of 2010 he completed his study and took a long break from everything. He went to Europa to visit some of the main capitals like Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris. In the end of 2011 he came back to South Zagoria and started to work for his parents expanding business. He liked working in the tourism sector and it was often very busy. He made often long days and made several trips in a couple of years to Europa to gain more knowledge of their culture and customs.

Life went on and Raven had a couple of his own company's. One was in South Zagoria itself and offered basic survival trips for tourists in the area.
But then in 2017 there was unrest in the Northen part of South Zagoria, protests and political demonstrations and followed by violence were often more in the local news. Raven called his parent on some day and said to them to leave the country. He had a bad feeling about it and they trusted their only son. A couple of days later his mom and dad left Chernarus.
Around May tensions were high and Raven saw a lot of people leaving their homes and belongings. Soon after that the State declared martial law in South Zagoria and Raven called his parents to inform them about this. That was the last time he spoke to his parents. In the panic of another civil war more and more people left the country or left to a more Western part of Chernarus.
On one day in July two months later he heard about some Russian helicopter flying around in the Northen part of South Zagoria near Kamensk. This is the moment Raven realized that this might become hot, very hot. He packed a big backpack with basic survival things and supplies and put the backpack next to the door in case of need. A couple of days later he heard from his balcony a lot of people starting to scream and saw some riots. He also heard sometimes sounds of helicopters and fighter jets flying around. This was the moment for Raven to pick up that backpack and leave his safe apartment in Chernogorsk. He took his pickup and drove towards Berizino but later found out that there was mass panic on the roads. He left his car behind on a parking lot and traveled further by foot. He kept walking towardsSvetlojarsk and traveled into the hills above it. He was completely cut off the outside world because he left his mobile phone in his apartment. He placed a small tent that he had to bring with him next to a small house and made a campfire. He cooked some steak and went to sleep in that same tent.

The next day he woke up because he heard some fighter jets flying over his tent.
Raven quickly puts some warm clothing on and searched the open house for some items and found a small radio.
He turned the radio and on and heard some concerning messages over the radio. A couple of hours later he heard some loud explosions coming from the West. He was at this point a bit worried about the whole situation. He starting to walk to the nearest town in search for answers but didn't found any. People didn't know what those explosions were.
People were in a panic and decided to leave the area. At this point his thoughts were about the civil war. He walked back to his tent and turned the radio back on and felt in sleep. Early in the morning he woke up and heard a local news radio broadcast. He heard about an Russian bombardment that happened in the night. He looked worried and ask himself what the hell was going on. That same day he went to a couple of houses that he saw earlier and looked for some supplies. 

A week later Raven was still in the same place and was on his guard. He heard mass panic over the radio, jets flying over and a lot of scream in the area. He decided to stay at the same place and keep himself save. On one day he decided to walk up the hill and have a look at Svetlojarsk and the surrounding area. He took his binoculars and was shocked with what he saw. Burning cars, dead bodies on the street and some big ships near the coast. But the most terrifying was that he saw people walking on the street and on the roads, but the people walked in a very strange way. He was confused and saw a couple of moments later that one of those people attacked another person. Only to see a couple of seconds later that 10 others were running after that one person. The person infront shot at the other people and Raven dropped his binoculars from fear. He picked up his binoculars from the ground and looked at the people in the distance but only saw that big group of people crouching and lying down in a circle. He didn't saw the person anymore that was holding the gun. Raven quickly went back to his tent and turned on his radio in the hope he found out what was going on.
At that moment 2 fighter jets were flying over and dropped some bombs near the Svetlojarsk. Raven was surprised, full of fear and shocked with what he just heard. He was very confused about the situation. For the next couple of days he stayed inside that house next to his tent with the door closed and the radio on. He heard radio messages on the radio that sounded like English but also Russian.
For the next days, he heard a lot of other explosions in the area and he thought they were bombing runs. Then a massive storm broke out and Raven stayed inside that house. Sometimes he came out and looked for some wood for the fire place.

After the fall of the UN in Cherno and been send out of his home by the CDF and the VDV he was even more worried about his parents back In Miroslavl. He traveled around the area to find any '' friendly '' people. He met a Chernarussian police officer called Nedved and Captain Hawk from the UN. He talked often with them and Raven was often around the new UN camp. After a wile Raven decided to go back, to his parents. To look for them and to take care of them. He never had the chance to say goodbye to his 2 new friends.

Raven is currently out of the region of South Zagoria.


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