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Alexander Sulvocko
Character information
  1. Alias
    Hoblík, strašidlo
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
    Good bit Nervous
  4. Date of birth
    1994-08-01 (25 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Czech, English, Latin
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Uncle - Icander
  11. Religion
    Eastern Orthodox


  1. Height
    177 cm
  2. Weight
    72 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Equipment
    Standard Officer Uniform

    . 1x Beret
    . 1x Dress Cap
    . 1x Dress Jacket
    . 1x Dress Trouser
    . 1x Dress Belt
    . 1x Dress Shoes
    . 1x Sword

    . 1x Helmet
    . 1x TTSKO Jacket
    . 1x TTSKO Trouser
    . 1x SMERSH Vest
    . 1x Working Boots
    . 1x M65 Jacket
    . 1x Kevlar Chest Plate (Owned Privately)
    . 1x Assult Bag
    . 1x Chernarussian Flag

    . 1x AK101 (Owned Privately)
    . 1x Makerov
    . 1x CR75

  7. Occupation
  8. Affiliation
  9. Role


Born August 1, 1994, in the city of Novograd, in a typical Soviet-style apartment - small and dank, but the son of at the time, an ex-soviet official, the family where lucky; only having to share with one other family. The Gratva. Alexander’s father (Ozeits) - the savvy politico that he was- switched sides immediately following the dissolution of the Soviet Union(USSR) to follow a more nationalistic political diet. With the newfound freedom to own property Ozeits used the small amount of money that he had accumulated from various backroom dealings to purchase an extremely modest country property. This was to show his new capitalistic zeal and that he was with the new regime and that he was no real communist. Ozeits gave fiery speeches about the horror of collectivisation and how it leads to oppression, trying his best to distance himself from the former regime and have his name removed from the public death lists(mobs of individuals who had a family member taken to the gulag). Around 1998 Ozeits became entangled with alcohol, falling into a deep depression and becoming dependent on the substance. He would frequently return home in a drunken stupor, after giving nonsensical speeches on the virtues of nationalism at the local public house. Once home, the routine was simple; come in, slam the door, burp, ask his wife for sex, she says no, he gets angry, punches are thrown, commotion is heard, and then they would go to bed. Rinse and repeat. All the while a young Alexander hid under his bed. One evening when Alexander was around 9 or 10 he - filled to the eyeballs with a new sense of courage after being taught of the partisan freedom fighters during world war two - confronted his father as he crossed the threshold and before he could even expel his characteristic burp. Using a 9-year-olds form of martial arts he tried to take Ozeits to the ground. He tried and tried but this was just laughed off, Ozeits said “If your going to make a stand, win” at which point a swift punch to the face was delivered. A knockout ensued and young Alexander awoke to his mother screaming as Ozeits shouted about her turning their son against him. Ozeits glanced at Alexander's body, believing he had killed the boy, the deranged grief-stricken matter of fact Ozeits turned to his wife and said: “well..., I guess you are next”. Alexander in fear remained paralysed and helpless, choosing to hold his eyes closed and retreat inside himself or risk-bearing witness to the horror that was to follow. He awoke to a bloodbath his mother’s skull split open across the corner of the couch, bloodstained curtains, bloodstained carpet, bloodstained walls. As he crawled feebly and in tears towards his mother, Alexander glanced into a room on his left, seeing the wardrobe open and his father’s head peeking out from behind the wardrobe door at a 45-degree angle. He had hanged himself with his tie. Mother and Father dead, young Alexander was sent to an understaffed and underfunded former soviet orphanage of horror. He only spent a small time there however, it was in the orphanage that Alexander witnessed some of the most barbaric and depraved acts that a career can commit upon a chargee - in fact, some of the most barbaric and depraved acts that a human can commit upon another. This barbarism would not be matched even by his experience watching the chaos of the civil war.

The young man was rescued from the orphanage by his uncle (Icander), who himself was thought to be dead. Icander was a political dissent during the occupation by the USSR, in fact, it was his own brother Ozeits who gave away Icander location in the end, this betrayal lead to his eventual capture and subsequent internment in a Siberian gulag. Icander was among the final batch of those freed from the Gulag. However, once returning and hearing of his kinsman’s predicament he immediately acted on what he saw as his familial duty and retrieved young Alexander from the state of hell in which he found himself. Icander was a minor-local celebrity in nationalist cycles. As the crime that caused his incarceration was a minor insurrection which saw him 30 other supporters storm the local Communist Party office, in an attempt to Start a Hungarian style revolt against the Communist party. The building was surrounded once Icander and his compatriots were inside, only Icander and one other man, Radek, escaped. They forced themselves into a drainage pipe whilst their loyal compatriots covered their escape with a disorientating hail of gunfire. They fled to a farm and were captured when Alexander’s father gave up the location. Radek was executed, Icander only escaped the cold steel because of his brother; he had given him up on the condition that his life be spared.

Icander returned and was fully embraced by nationalist groups who idolised him and his bravery. They provided him with a large estate consisting of 12 acres of land, he was also granted the status of ‘Hero of the Republic’ and provided a sizable bursary by the state. In subsequent years he became a senior member of the Nationalist Party and was commissioned into the CDF reserve as a Plukovník (hon.). As a man of high status, he saw that his ward and presumed successor was provided with the finest education. He sent his young ward to 'Ta Obecná škola' (The General School) a prestigious boarding school in the Novograd countryside near the Bílá řeka(White River).

Whilst attending he was educated in the English language and showed a particular aptitude towards Classical History. All in all his schooling was uneventful other than the usual boarding school shenanigans. Only one incident is of particular note. This incident occurred in Alexander's third year and almost resulted in his being 'cast down’. He and some of his counterparts became extremely intoxicated and proceeded to cause a fire that resulted in the partial destruction through fire of the Library. In the end, it was only Icander's influence that saved the young men, his comment about the situation being something along the lines of “boys will be boys, hell I did worse in my youth”. During the Civil war, Alexander was around 14 years, the school was closed and the boys returned home. He was left alone on the estate with only the servants and one of his friends, Brak - who was staying at the estate as his father was away to fight and did not feel comfortable leaving his son in the presence of his servants who he feared may hold Marxist sympathies. Icander was instated as a full-time officer of the CDF reserve and was promoted to the rank of Brigádní Generál and was put in charge of the 3rd
obranná západní brigáda. His job was to deal with any potential popular uprisings in Region WEST.

Following the end of the Civil War, Icander decided to use his connections to have himself transferred to SVOBODA where he became a fierce proponent of President Kozlov and one of his inner circle. Icander would be approached by Kozlov for military advice on a semi-regular informal basis. Following the war, Alexander returned to school, became head boy and completed his time in secondary education. Alexander went on to attended the University of Novograd reading Classics, whilst attending school he became close with one of his professors - one professor, Rock-Gram, who convinced young Alexander to join the Society for Classical Preservation he did and still keeps in touch with the society today, during his time with the SCP he assisted on many digs and the shanagions that followed their time in Syria 2014. Alexander left University with a First in Classics & Archaeology(1:1) and a Second(2:1) in Military History.

Once leavening University Alexander was convinced by his uncle to let him enrol him at the Vojenská Akademie údolí nadřazená. He agreed and in 2016 Alexander graduated as a poručík. Icander used his influence once again to assist the young man - who at this point, Icander sees as more of a son than just something he is doing out of honour, he has a deep affection for him and genuinely cares for the young officer. In keeping with this, Icander has Alexander placed onto the staff of an old civil war friend Generálmajor Azimov, in an effort to have the plucky young officer learn from a seasoned veteran. He conducted minor tasks and took notes in meetings. Durning one exercise named ‘Toupající Měsíc’ Alexander was allowed to directly help plan the initial attack as a form of training and this had a profound effect on Alexander who grew fond of the planning stages of operations and the deep forethought required - he enjoyed the game. It was obvious that this young talented officer - who by all accounts was pretty exemplary- was on a fast track for high office, he was being groomed for it, most of the pre-requests were met; a hook in power, top-tier education, mingling with the top brass, academic excellence in the academy. All he required to advance his career would be a combat command and then he could return to the planning that he so desperately loved. After one posting to a field command, he would be returned to his nice, warm stuffy office where he could sit down, have a coffee, evaluate a training exercise or draw up the rough outlines of a war plan for a war that would never come. No need for a man of his intellectual prowess to get his shiny polished parade shoes wet, running around ‘training’, because after all ‘training’ for what, Radek is in power and all is good.

Thus young Alexander embarked to join his new unit. Icander had managed to secure him a place in the highly regarded SVOBODA, leading a platoon. He struggled at first with the actual command part, he was not used to the impermanence of the common soldier and how he would be judged for not being a rash gun-ho commander but instead taking time to consider the best course of action. Anyway, he thought only 6 six months and then back to comfort and reason. All of these men were hard, rough and robust both physically and mentally. On the outside, Alexander was all of these things he was physically fit probably the more so than the men - he early on by his Uncle that to lead ‘one must be able to out endure the hardships of one's subordinates’. However, mentally Alexander was nervous he was not sure how he would hold up under pressure and how he would react to being fired upon.

Icander was asked at the outbreak of the 18’ virus how best to contain it and he gave his advice as always. It is unclear what this was but whatever he said it clearly was null. Thus months into the infection with Miroslavl’ under threat, Icander recommended that SVOBODA should be deployed where all other forces failed. His nephew included. He tried to have Alexander pulled from the unit, however, it was too late, the movement too rapid and desperate. The garrison was gone. Surely the son he never had, the boy he had raised and loved was being sent to his death in South Zag. Icander struggled to reconcile the fact that this was his doing. In the end, Icander told himself that it was the best for the country and that the boy would “either fly or die”.


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