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Rasmus Salverson
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    2046-05-20 (25 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Alta, Norway
  5. Nationality
    Nyheim - The City/Surrounding region
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    Norwegian, German, and English
  8. Family
    Liv (Mother), Henrik (Father)
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    185 cm
  2. Weight
    75 kg
  3. Build
    Light Muscular
  4. Hair
    Short dark blond
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral
  7. Equipment
    Old radio transceiver of his father
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation
  10. Role
    Leading figure


Rasmus Salverson



Chapter 1

Rasmus was born in Alta, Norway. The city of Alta used to be known as 'Nordlysbyen Alta', meaning northern lights city. This, because the city is so far up north that there is always a high chance to see Aurora Borealis. Rasmus was born to a loving family. His parents originally came from the south of Norway. When his mother Liv got pregnant, they decided to move north in search of a safe location to raise the upcoming child. Rasmus’ father Henrik used to work at NRK before the outbreak. He never told Rasmus exactly what he did there, but he seemed to always know a lot about radio technology and broadcasting.

Arriving in Alta, his parents found the city mostly abandoned. They moved through the city to find the most suitable place to hold up for a longer time. In the end, they found the norges arktiske universitet in a relatively good shape. They decided to move into one of the old classrooms and boarded up the windows and doors to make the place a little safer. Rasmus’ father went out a lot to find medical supplies for when the baby would come. Eventually Rasmus was born, and the delivery went without any complications.

Chapter 2

The first couple of years the family continued to live in the old classroom. There were enough supplies in the city to still last them for a while. In the winters, Rasmus’ father would go away for days to hunt in the mountains. Most of the time he came back with success. However, the winter of 2054 was especially harsh in Alta. As usual Rasmus’ father went away to hunt. This time though, he was away for way longer then usual. Liv started to worry. After not having heard of Henrik for over 2 weeks, Liv decided to go search for him. They packed some supplies to last them for a couple of days and left towards the mountains. The weather was bad, and it seemed like it would never stop snowing. They searched for days without finding any trace off Henrik. Eventually they were forced to stop a mountain cabin and stay there for a while. The weather simply got too rough. Slowly the hope of finding Rasmus’ father was fading by the day. They tried everything they could to find him. From the mountain cabin, Liv would send out a radio broadcast every hour, in the hope that Henrik might hear it. Eventually Liv decided it was best to stay living in the mountain cabin.




Chapter 3

Years past and they never found any trace of Henrik. Rasmus grew older and got to an age where he did not need to constantly be watched by Liv anymore. Liv never let the thought of Henrik go and went out on trips deeper into the mountains to try and find him. She still hoped that someday she would find him or at least find out what happened to him.

Rasmus had lots of freedom in his childhood at the mountain cabin. He could explore the general area around the place on his own and had a lot of interest in nature. Liv tried to teach him as much as she could using books from the school’s library, she tried to give Rasmus a least a basic form of education. Rasmus got to learn about so many things that he had never even seen in person. Things from the old world, which were not around anymore. Stories of airplanes, television, internet, and other old-world things always got his attention the most. He could barely imagine how some of these things looked like. He only knew them from pictures in his study books. One day Rasmus started look around through the cabin and found something that caught his attention. An object that looked like a mobile phone, but a lot thicker. It had a big antenna on it as well. In his books he had read about mobile phones and smartphones, but this thing was a lot different. He did remember that his mother used to be talking to this object a lot when they first got to the cabin. As of lately he had not seen her use it anymore and wondered why. When Liv got back home, he asked her about it. As soon as he started to mention the object, Liv got emotional. It was Henrik’s old handheld transceiver. They had a couple of those, and she told Rasmus that Henrik took one with him the last time they saw him. She taught Rasmus how to use the handheld radio. From that day on Rasmus would always carry one of the transceivers around. He could now even reach his mother when she was out again.

Chapter 4

Even more years past and Rasmus lived a rather peaceful childhood with his mother in the mountain cabin. Rasmus grew up to be a still rather well-educated person for the circumstances. His mother taught him a lot and the university in Alta provided most learning material that they needed.

The dangers of the world out there were not so apparent around the mountain cabin. Up in the mountains, you would almost never notice anything out of the ordinary. However, when going on trips to Alta, things always were very different. When Rasmus turned 18, Liv would take him to Alta to train how to move around a city in a safe way. To avoid the infected and be as little visible for anyone that meant harm. Rasmus slowly started to get the hang of this and started to enjoy the training. Rasmus was quite an adventurous person and liked to explore. There were always so many things he would see and find in Alta from the old world, that would spark his interests. Liv prevented that he would take back to many things to the mountain cabin.

Not all trips went well. One day, Rasmus and Liv went to Alta again. As usual they would go through the library to find new and interesting learning material, until they saw a bigger group of people moving around the university building. Rasmus and Liv could not get out without being seen, so they hid as best as they could and hoped to not get found. Luck was not on their side that day, because a couple of minutes later, footsteps could be heard coming closer to the library door. Rasmus and Liv never went unarmed towards Alta. Rasmus held one of the hunting rifles. However, Liv did not have anything in her hands right now. She left her rifle at the bags which were away from her hiding spot. The group of men suddenly opened the library doors and walked in. Rasmus could vaguely see that the men looked like they belonged to some sort of motor club. Most of them had clubs or baseball bats in their hands and a rifle on their back. They started to walk around in the library and unfortunately soon found Liv’s hiding spot. One of the men, took Liv by her arm, away from the hiding spot towards the middle of the room. It was very clear to Rasmus what these men wanted to do to Liv. He could not let that happen. He checked the rifle, lined up his shot and tried to hit one of the baseball bats. He fired and the shot was a success. A loud bang was heard, and all the men were completely surprised. The man that held Liv, let his grip go for a second. Liv took the chance and ran as quick as she could towards the exit. Rasmus bolted the rifle and shot a second round to the floor to scare the men of even more. He then ran after Liv as quick as he could. They successfully escaped and, in the end, they made it back safely towards the mountain cabin. This day was a very clear reminder for Rasmus that the peaceful life they live at the mountain cabin, was a different world than what was really happening out there.

When Rasmus turned 20, he started to make his trainings more intense. He would do workouts around the mountain cabin every two days and would practice shooting almost every day. He wanted to be prepared for any situation, although he realised that for some things you can just simply not prepare. Besides training, Rasmus interest in radio became stronger. When he was younger, you would always play around with the handheld transceiver. Now he was trying to set up a small radio antenna and system to support it. He learned a lot by trial and error. On trips to Alta, he would gather more supplies to continue his work. At some point he got it to work. He tested it together with Liv and it had a way bigger reach than the handheld transceivers that they used before.




Chapter 5

A couple of years later some strange radio signals came in every now and then. Rasmus was sitting behind his radio setup and would try to make sense of things. At some point a very clear signal came in. People talked about this place called Nyheim. It sounded almost like some utopia. Rasmus was very sceptical at first, but over the next weeks, more and more rumours of the place started to spread. In one of the broadcasts that Rasmus received, the coordinates of the place were given out. Rasmus then drew this out on a map and showed it to Liv. This Nyheim place was towards a direction that they had never travelled to before. Rasmus told Liv everything he heard about this place.

Ever since the disappearance of Henrik, Liv had always kept hope that she would someday still find him. The news of this new place brought hope back to the thought that Henrik might still be alive. After a long discussion with Rasmus, Liv decided to go towards Nyheim alone and would keep radio contact with Rasmus. She promised him that she would radio in every day on specific times. Rasmus was at first very against the idea of her going alone. He did not want to lose his mother, while he was just staying behind in the mountain cabin. Liv convinced him that it was better to do it this way. She did not want to take Rasmus with her in the endless search of Henrik. Besides, someone had to look over their things in the mountain cabin while she was gone. Saying goodbye was hard, but luckily, they could keep contact over the radio. Liv left the next morning.

The first couple days, everything went perfect. Liv would radio in at the appointed times and her trip went surprisingly well. After a couple of days Liv’s signal would become less strong. They were both aware of this and knew that she would soon be out of range. They appointed to have at least one last radio chat before she would go out of range. After the last chat, the radio remained silent for weeks.


Chapter 6

The radio silence remained for many more weeks and Rasmus started to worry a lot. He had no clue how his mother was doing and if she had even reached Nyheim. The idea that something might have happened to hear was almost unbearable. After two months, he could not hold it any longer. Rasmus packed everything he needed and took a map. On the map he drew the location out of where he thought Nyheim was located at. He started his journey to find his mother.

After travelling for a while, Rasmus was not sure if he was even still heading the right direction. The landmarks on the map still seemed to match what he was seeing around him, though he thought the time he would need to travel certain distances would have been less long.

After a while he entered the region which was, following what he heard on the radio, claimed as the state of Nyheim. During Rasmus’ travel, he would often try to still reach Liv over his handheld transceiver. Most of the time he had no luck and sometimes someone completely different would reply to him. One day he got into contact on the radio with a very vague man. The man was badly trying to tell him to not go to Nyheim. The signal was not clear and not everything the man said was understandable. However, some of the things, confirmed Rasmus’ initial worries about this place. This new news did not change his goal though. He still had to reach Nyheim.

Eventually he did. Arriving at the city, he was completely mind blown of what he saw. It seemed like this city was alive. Lots of people, smoking chimneys and what seemed to be some sort of law enforcement. There were working cars and it seemed like they were even constructing a railroad. There were just so many things that Rasmus thought never could have been true. On the surface everything seemed fine in this place. Rasmus was given his own apartment and got introduced to the city by one of his neighbours. His neighbour gave him a summary of everything that was going on in the city. Rasmus noticed that some of the things his neighbour mentioned, seemed a bit off. As if he did not tell everything he knew. Rasmus’ suspicion started to grow again. After the city tour, Rasmus went out to explore he place on his own. He hoped to find people that might have seen his mother around.

The city was a big place. If Liv was even here, it would be hard to find her. Rasmus tried to find her every day. He checked different city blocks and asked around if people had seen Liv. No one seemed to have seen here and most people were surprisingly unhelpful. Around the city, Rasmus found a lot of posters of other people that went missing. It seemed like his mother was not the only one that suddenly disappeared. One day he got to know of a certain underground movement. Rasmus was not really the person to undermine the law instantly, but his suspicion of this place grew with the day and he had to find out the reason for all these people disappearing. After a while he did manage to get into this underground movement. The people from this movement had secret meetings planned. Every time they would meet at a different location. Most of Rasmus’ questions were answered by these people. The truth about Nyheim and the things Rasmus’ feared were all true. There was a very big chance that his mother got involved with PLIKT in a bad way and that they either banished her or did terrible things to her. Rasmus’ anger started to grow and the best way to find out what really happened to Liv was to stay with this movement and form a hidden rebellion against the tyranny of the government of Nyheim.




Chapter 7

A long time had past since Rasmus entered Nyheim. The things that he did while being with the underground movement, were things that he would never imagine doing. Everything he did, he did to find out what really happened to the missing people. He could not accept that this government simply got rid of the people that would mention the old world. For years Rasmus tried to help the underground movement the best he could, to try and make more people aware of what PLIKT really was responsible for.

PLIKT started to become more aware of the existence of the rebellions as more and more protests and rallies started to happen. PLIKT ruled with a hard hand and tried to get rid of all these people that did not follow their ideas. Protests were shut down and more and more people disappeared. The underground movement started to worry and organised another meeting. This time, the meeting would not go well. PLIKT officials had infiltrated the rebellion and got to know the location of the meeting. Everyone that was found at the meeting was taken care of.

Rasmus was also there and was taken by PLIKT for questioning. Rasmus thought best thing to do in this situation was to not tell why he was really at the meeting. Instead he told the PLIKT official that he recently got involved with these people and was there for the first time. Rumours went that music would be played there and he was very into that, he said. The PLIKT official seemed to not have much time and accepted this story. Rasmus got banished from Nyheim right after the questioning.




Chapter 8

Luckily, Rasmus was not the only one that was banished. Some others were sent with him into the wilderness. They set up camp north of the city. Around the campfire they talked about their plans. One of the others mentioned that there have been many people before them that were banished. Rumours went that there were multiple small settlements right outside of the city, where other banished people were living. One of these places was described a bit vaguely. Rumours went that north west of the city, there was a group of rebels and outlaws that set up a place on top of a mountain.

The next day the small group of banished people would split up. Rasmus was on his own again. One thing stuck in his head from last night. This was the story of this small settlement on the mountain. He realised that if his mother was still out there, it would be a good idea to try and get to high grounds and see if he would get a good radio signal there. It was at least worth the try. And so, Rasmus went towards this settlement. Arriving there he was at first not taking in kindly. They questioned him and took away his stuff. After telling the people there why he came here and what happened to him in Nyheim, the tone shifted quite quickly. The people here seemed to really understand his situation. After the questioning was done, Rasmus was offered to stay here. As he had nowhere else to go, he decided to stay. He builds up quite some trust with the people living in Snøhaug. Some of them became very close friends.

On the morning of Christmas day 2070, a lot of people from Snøhaug were busy trying to help the rebellion movement to attack Nyheim. Almost all people living at the small settlement were out to try and fight. Rasmus stayed behind and controlled the radio communication. His old hobby came in quite handy in this situation. Unfortunately, the attack was not a success and vast amount of people were swiped away by PLIKT. Only a few people were left behind at Snøhaug. Rasmus decided to not let things go by this easily. It was, however, not a good idea to keep going now. Together with the remaining survivors, Rasmus tore down most of the equipment at Snøhaug and tried to make the place lay down for a while. They expected PLIKT to go out and search for them. Luckily this did not happen.

A year had passed, and things started to calm down again. More new people arrived at Snøhaug and it seemed like it was time again to rebuild.





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That is some epic stuff there, dear sir! With all the art, and music I can feel your vibe!

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Thank you! I tried my best to get the vibe alone across with images and the music. The story is really long since I put a lot of detail in it.

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That's my boss
Amazing backstory Basko, can't wait to finally roleplay with you!

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Great backstory pal! Well done my friend! 

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nice cp looks good /approved

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9 minutes ago, Cal said:

nice cp looks good /approved

Thank you for you approval moderator Cal

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