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Johan Lindberg
Character information
  1. Alias
    Shield Actual
  2. Mental
    Semper parati
  3. Morale
    Currently Unstable
  4. Date of birth
    1994-02-12 (26 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Stockholm, Sweden
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Swedish, English and some German.
  9. Relationship
    Emily Strandhelm
  10. Family
    Kerstin (Mother) and Tomas (Father)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    183 cm
  2. Weight
    89 kg
  3. Build
    Tall and Muscular
  4. Hair
    Dark Blonde
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Equipment
    Weapons: M4/AK5D, GLOCK 19 and Combat Knife.

    Clothes: Combat boots, Green tactical shirt, Cargo pants, Hunting backpack, Cap and Bandana.
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation
    Nordic Battlegroup
  10. Role









Johan Mikael Lindberg is MEDEVAC pilot that works for the Swedish air force. Lindberg comes from Stockholm, Sweden. His reason for coming to Chernarussia is because he came here as a Nordic Battlegroup pilot and is now stuck here after running out of fuel. His main objective is looking for one of his crewmember Anders which he believes survived after camp Nordic Star got over ran by infected . Johan is humble person which will try his best try help out people which are in a need of help.




Johan was born on the 12 of february in 1994 without any problems on the hospital Karolinska universitetssjukhuset in Stockholm. Johan is what you would call lucky, he grew up in the luxurious parts of Stockholm with parents that treated him like a diamond, his parents were high academics and had a strong political view from the left so he automatically took of their traits. In the early stages of his life he was just like normal child which loved being with his friends and relaxing. When Johan became 16 he started upper secondary high school where he started meeting new friends which weren’t people from the inner city so he had preconceptions that they were just a bunch of rednecks which were therefore just dumb and racist. This is the idea he had got by his parents because that is what they always called people that wasn't from Stockholm. The so called rednecks started breaking through to Johan and he simply couldn’t hate them because the stereotypes cleary weren’t true. One of the people that broke through the barrier was Anders which played a huge role in to who Johan would become as a adult.


Johan slowly but surely started leaving behind his old friends and only hanged out with Anders. Both of these boys had such a different upbringing but they became instreable. Johan and Anders did everything together and so they continued through school. They both graduated in 2011 and they had both discussed what they were going to do after they finished School. Johan had plans to continue and study on university because both his parents were high academics so everyone expected him follow the same path. Anders on the other hand had a complete different plan, he had plans to join the army. Johan thought that it sounded stupid at first and had the image that the army was just a bunch of stupid killers which was a waste of taxpayers money. Anders was one persistent fucker which refused let his friend think this was the truth. After weeks of arguing and fighting Anders broke through that barrier of Johan once again and made Johan promise that he would at least do basic training with him before he made up his mind. Johans parents loved him for whatever he was gonna do in life but joining the army came a bit as a shock. When johan made the decision he was 18 and therefore a adult so they had no say in the matter. Johan had always been their little diamond which never went against them so it took a long time for them to accept it. Johan and Anders both started their basic training (GMU) which was gonna take 3 months to complete. Even up until the start Johan was skeptical to the hole thing and never expected that this is was going to be were he as a person got rebuilt and became something more than just the narrow minded snob. After around the first 2 weeks Johan was hooked and he absolutely loved everything about it, the comradery and problem solving they had to overcome together as a group. Johan showed early that he was a natural born leader which loved being the center of attention and succeeding as the commander.


Once the 3 months was over Johan realised that he had found his calling in life. When he came home he was a completey new person and his parents had thought that his ‘pace’ of his had blown over but to there surprise once again it was far from over… He told his parents that the first thing he did after finishing basic training he had applied to become a helicopter pilot in the air force. Johan was laughing while his father was yelling at him and his mother acted like she just had lost her little boy, luckily he was able to calm them down after a couple of hours of arguing. He tried spending some time with his family trying explain why he had made his choice in life. Just like Anders broke through Johans barrier he now succeeded with his own family, they didn’t like his choice in life but they wanted their son to be happy so they accepted it in the end. Johan continued and did 3 months to prepare to become a officer, this wasn't much different for Johan because he had acted like a leader during basic training. After this he went on to start learning how to become a helicopter pilot. This wasn’t something that was simple and took 42 months to complete and by the end of the course only one third of the students were left. Johan was immensely proud of himself for being able to complete the course. During the training he accumulated 200 hours of flight time and learned everything there is to know about helicopter 16 (UH-60M) and how to operate it. During the training he got the nickname angrybird for always flying aggressive and pushing things to the limit. By the end of the training he was like kid before christmas night that just wanted to start flying in real action. He continued a couple more months in Sweden were he got trained to fly MEDEVAC. As a MEDEVAC pilot you transported injured soldiers and it was considered a very dangerous job. One of the reason why he wanted to become a MEDEVAC pilot is because his good friend Anders was a combat medic so they were both hoping to be able to work together.


One day he finally received the call he has been waiting for, he was getting shipped out to Afghanistan, Mazar E sharif to the German camp Marmal were they worked for the Nato lead group ISAF. So on December of 2016 he was sent down there by plane. They group he would work in was called Swedish Air Element ISAF UH-60 and went under the callsign ICEPAC or PECEN. He fly multiple successful missions where Johans and his crew members was able to save human lives. By the end of the tour all his crew members had survived without taking any serious damage. Once he came home he spent most of his time doing absolutely nothing, he was very exhausted after the time in Afghanistan. He found a girl named Emily which he ended up getting together with. At first it wasn’t serious but Johan just couldn’t resist her. They ended up getting engaged and they were happy but Johan still felt  like something was missing from his life, he missed his brothers and achieving the impossible.




Johan got the call in early june that he was getting sent to Chernarus and would be working for the EU lead Nordic Battlegroup. His journey started in Gothenburg, Sweden were he and a lot of soldier transported over towards Takistan. Once on sight in Takistan it didn’t take long until he and everyone else started the journey towards Chernarus. Johan who was a pilot was tasked with transporting equipment and soldier towards the city Belozersk, but due to heavy civil unrest, they were forced to move camp north away from everything.

He and the rest of his crew were working day and night due to heavy amount of injuries among both soldier and civilians. After just a week they had suffered 6 casualties which had lowered morale amongst the soldiers in the camp. It was during the worst moment when the disease started spreading, It took Johan and rest of the people around him by surprise, many soldier refused to shoot the infected human thinking that they could be saved but these people didn’t survive for long. Johan who was skilled Pilot was not able to get the Helicopter up running due to fuel getting so scarce.

The situation turned more dire by the second, they were both running low och food and ammunition and the people were starting to turn against each other. Like many others Johan knew that staying in Camp Nordic star would lead to his own death but at the same time he was not willing to leave behind all these people. With the camp lackin command and structure he and his friends decided to taking a leading role.

At first it was looking promising but with food and ammunition running low everyone knew that they were eventually was going to forced to start scavenging just to survive. Staying in a large group would prove difficult so Johan made the decision to split in to  11 plattons that would scavenge the land but still keep in contact with each other via radio. 





@dimitri - Dimitri Abakuov

@Shanoby - Kristen Klein

@Heathen - Kjartan Andersson 

@Nelson - Bucky Brooks 

@Mrsunny - Alex Johansson 











Find a group to join [ACHIVED]

Find his friend Anders and return home [ONGOING]

Find Swedish Nordic battlegroup forces [ACHIVED] 

Continue his wrok as a peacekkeper [ACHIVED]

Setup secret stashes around the Chernarussia [ACHIVED]



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Someone's preparing for 0.63. :)

Hell yea! 

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