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Iosif Krill
Character information
  1. Alias
    Patient 1
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    2003-07-30 (16 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Novaya Petrovka/Sinistok
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Mother-Nikita Krill Father- Ivan Krill Both Murdered
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    164 cm
  2. Weight
    50 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
    Hazel Coloured
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Features
    -Minor cuts and lashes on side of face

    Bruised Knees and Elbows
  8. Equipment
    -Casual civilian clothing

    -Average backpack
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role





Like most children raised in Chernarus, they are either Farmers, Fishermen, Hunters or working on the markets,for Iosif things where a little bit different because being classed as a farmer was a pet peeve that many people seemed to ignore. Being raised up and living in Sinistok for most families there, meant having a dutiful and loyal heart to the farming life however this was not by choice, but by force. When they got outnumbered by the infected on the date of the outbreak, all that pride that people seemed to keep up their noses magically disappeared. Before the outbreak, Adventure was Iosif's life, he lived for it. It kept him content and away from the stress of work and also his parents that restricted freedom when they could.

Iosif never went to school, he never had an education and barely had any friends other than the local farmers that he thought where freaks, he was neutral in that aspect. Being alone was better for him however as time went on he was starting to feel betrayed in a way that people who he felt he should have close relationships with where not making the effort, however really it was him and his negative attitude. Eventually he became defensive and very disobedient to what people would tell him, especially his parents. His family cared for him and he loved his parents more than anyone in the world but he was so used to taking his anger out on them that they became unsure and started to become overprotective, hence why they restricted his freedom.



At the time of the outbreak Iosif was 14 and you can imagine what happened, of course there was no messing around, people grabbed their belongings and tried to make their way to the border but obviously that did not work due to military forces which meant it was down to every one to fend themselves. At the time Iosif was not in Sinistok when people began to evacuate themselves which made him panic and end up rushing back into the infected and abandoned town which was a big mistake, his family where not there , all that was left was a photo left of Iosif outside on a fence, blood stained and dirty.

When you have ran around for hours on your own adventure you forget about your health, especially when you are as young as 14. Iosif was starving on his arrival to the infected Sinistok and everything was taken meaning that looking for food wasn't an option. Luckily, being a Chernarussian he knew his basics of gathering his own sources such as food and tools.

There was a local lake nearby to Sinistok that Iosif used to visit every now and then, some said it was good luck to fish there because the lake was blessed years ago for religious persons.

He did not believe this at the time, all he was interested in was getting the fish to cook and survive on, he had his mind set straight and knew where he was headed with what was going off, but this was

the sort of mentality that he was used to, being alone, doing his own thing and succeeding in it.

Meanwhile, what Iosif did not notice was he was being watched, not by something to be afraid of, roughly 400 meters away from the lake up on a hill, across a stretch of fields his father and mother

scouted over the lake with binoculars, rifles in hand.All they could see was the figure of a boy sat at the lake, crafted rod in hand.


The two parents where in shock, Iosif’s father Ivan took out an old polaroid and instructed that him and Iosif’s mother get closer as they was unsure whether the figure was one of the infected or an actual person. What they didn’t realise was that trouble was literally just inches away,  Ivan lifted the camera towards the lake to see if he could get a better sight through the viewfinder, his finger was resting above the main capture button. All of a sudden Ivan’s wife let out a traumatizing scream and before Ivan could even blink, the stock of a gun cracks him in the back of the head, his finger hits the capture button and the final sound of a polaroid taking an image, was the last they both heard.


The scream was heard from the lake, Iosif spins his head in horror, to see his parents only meters away dropping to the floor, and men in black outfits running up the hill into a northern tree line. They did not notice him at the lake so luckily he was able to make a great escape.


A few days later Iosif returned to the scene, his mother and father lay on the ground motionless, faces pale and lips blue. He dropped to his knees in front of his deceased parents and sat still, staring for a few minutes, before bursting into a loud scream.

The polaroid camera lay in the wet dirt from rain the night before. The photo slipping out the bottom, of a young chernarussian boy, making his way...


Months Later...

Since the time Iosif discovered the bodies of his parents a lot had changed behavior wise however not much changed regarding Iosif's actions. He seemed to be stuck in a loop after realizing that the first methods of survival he used within the first few days of the initial outbreak worked pretty well which meant that he would continue doing the same thing over and over until something changed, his life became a quote from Einstein. This entire process consisted of apple picking, fishing, stealing and bribery, of course it was easy due to his age which became handy. Stealing from other people became a habit because there where camps all over the country in some pretty obvious places and with Iosif's knowledge of the country it wasn't a problem. Not much happened for months and months on end other than the same thing, repeated over and over again. That was until mid April there was an incident.


It was mid April and Iosif's routine was the same as usual, he was scouting from the top of a large hill west over an area called Polesovo, a town to the North east of hometown Sinistok. There was a crossroad in the town that contained a food supply for a local group of survivors, they had brought the food in by an old worn out cart that looked like it was about to collapse on itself any minute. Before anything, Iosif heard a suspicious noise from behind him distant away but he ignored it any continued to look over the town. 4 men and a woman with a child in her arms emerged from outside one of the residential housing. They began to lift up the cart as it crumbled to bits but Iosif could not see from the distance so he began leaning forward and squinting his eyes until the noise from a second ago came back, but louder. It sounded vicious and mean and Iosif knew exactly what it was.






Its not as bad as you think it is

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