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Chris Saou
Kriss Blade
Character information
  1. Alias
    Doc, Nightingale
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
    "Do no harm, Do know harm."
  4. Date of birth
    1988-12-08 (30 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Yakima, Washington
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English | Kurdish (Understood but barely spoken) | French (Attempting to learn) | Russian/Chernorussian (Attempting to learn)
  9. Relationship
    "Krystal" - His Blaser B97 rifle or "B95 Rifle/Blaze" | "Stinger" - His Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya or "VSS Vintorez"
  10. Family
    Elizibeth Lawton (Mother) & Tai Saou (Father)
  11. Religion
    Religious Freedom; respects all religions and their beliefs but does not believe in any higher or lower supernatural/out-of-the-ordinary power


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Weight
    88 kg
  3. Build
    Atheltic Build; slim with toned muscles
  4. Hair
    Brown, Average Length
  5. Eyes
    Dirt Brown
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    Natural Features:
    ~Birthmark in the shape of an hourglass going diagonally [top left to bottom right] of his upper chest
    ~Slightly squinted eyes
    ~Small mole on the left side of his neck
    ~Faded freckles on his cheekbone area

    Caduceus / Staff of Hermes [Left outer forearm in black and blue ink] [EDIT: The skin over the tattoo has been ripped a bit from him scratching at it violently]
    "Do no harm, Do know harm" [In Times New Roman font, printed across his upper back in black ink]

    Scars/Permanent Injuries:
    ~Mildly burnt tissue [Right upper cheek. Caused by his mother holding him over the flames of a bunsen burner as punishment at the age of 11]
    ~Despite a sharp object being used, a well-carved out fox can be found on his left inner forearm. [4/17/2018]
    ~Another carved out fox tattoo of a more tribal art style is seen on his right inner forearm [4/19/2018]
    ~The word "Fox" can be seen carved along the sides of his neck [4/19/2018]
    ~Over his left eye and the central part of his left cheek is partially melted, crimson red & charred skin tissue from torture by the Svoboda Brigada [4/22/2018]
    ~A near-death experience with the CDF forces caused his voice to turn raspy and low

    Mental Features:
    ~Borderless Personality/Eccentric. Makes random, sometimes extremely inappropriate jokes at times. Has no filter, cusses like a sailor. [OLD]
    ~Soft-Hearted. Loves trying to see the positives in things, but only to those he deems worthy of it. [OLD]

    ~Introverted. Keeps to himself but has a lot to say when in the moment.
    ~Intermittent Explosive Disorder (or I.E.D). His personality had been reverted back to his early days of fighting in the Y.P.G as a Combat Medical Specialist.
    ~Low-key Cannibalistic Behavior
    ~Constant need to maim, torture or kill. Bloodshed at any point, but does not express this publicly

    Medical: Chris has extensive knowledge in the medical field in all sorts of categories. Neurosurgery, Normal Surgery, Trauma Surgery, Basic to Advanced First AID, CPR, etc. After his time away from the province of Chernarus, he's picked up much more than what he originally knew. He's perfected the old medical practices of blood letting and use of leeches. He's even gone as far as using plant life and common herbs to make medicine for people in need without having to scavenge much. Pretty much, he's become also a chemist with much knowledge in that field.
  8. Equipment
    ~Black on gold analog-digital military wristwatch worn on his left inner wrist.
    ~King Will 8mm green carbon fiber black ring worn on his right ring finger.

    Survival Equipment [Top to Bottom]
    ~SecPro MICH ACH Ballistic Helmet Level IIIA [For protection purposes in unknown, public or hostile areas]
    ~ZSh-3 Pilot Helmet
    ~Black militarized baseball hat
    ~Gerson N95 Molded Particulate Respirator [Almost always worn to signify medical stance, but spares are kept]
    ~Full GP-5 Gasmask [Kept for emergency situations, especially during surgeries or life-threatening medical emergencies]
    ~Polarized Smith Optics Frontman Tactical Sunglasses

    Torso/Body Region:
    ~Blue First Responder Paramedic Jacket (and/or) Black M65 World War II-era Jacket
    (or during rain storms)
    ~Black Raincoat
    ~TACVASEN tactical hard knuckle full finger combat gloves
    ~Medium Sized Adenna Night Angel 4 mil Nitrile Powder-free exam gloves [Used in cases where basic or emergency medical assistance is needed. These are also kept in their own box. Box carries 100 pairs]

    Legs/Lower Body Region:
    ~Black Cargo Pants
    ~Black Slacks
    ~Security Police Army Combat Leather Boots Generation II [7" combat knife stuffed in the boot for personal protection and utility use]

    Medical Equipment:
    ~A surplus of bandages, saline solution, blood test kits, an operational portable defibrillator, cleaning alcohol and disinfectant for cleaning areas; prepping them for surgeries or during life-threatening medical emergencies only.
    ~Sphygmomanometer (Portable, handheld blood pressure monitor)
    ~Various small vials carrying vaccines kept in a preserved portable cooler.
    1. Tetanus
    2. Common Flu
    3. Hepatitis A & B
    4. Yellow Fever

    ~Small hardback black leather journal used for basic note-taking as well as logging all radio frequencies he's been given.
    ~Black and Red ink pen.
    ~2 photos of his Y.P.G Unit back in the Kurdistan Region of Syria.
    ~A small, red mp3 players with headphones attached but able to produce sound through the small speaker in the back. These are kept in a 2005-era waterproof case.
    ~A bronze compass modified to keep his contact lenses in and the contact lens solution. Because of this, the compass no longer functions like a compass.

    Special Items:
    ~His Blaser B97 over-and-under double rifle (or B95) that he keeps close to him. The receiver had been carefully shined, buffed and sprayed with a nice layer of chrome. An engraving of a fox chasing after ducks in a swamp-like area had been engraved onto both sides of it evenly. Since he had no real boyfriend/girlfriend relationship with anyone else, he calls his rifle "Krystal". The reason for such a specific name is basing it off of the video game character 'Krystal' from Star Fox. Krystal in Star Fox is shown to be very harmless and rather innocent looking but after some time is shown to possess more traits than meets the eye. One notable trait is how she speaks. Few words were spoken but each has a deeper and more powerful meaning which in reference to the rifle, "only 2 shots but each shot packs a punch behind it."

    ~His Vintovka Snayperskaya Spetsialnaya (or VSS Vintorez) that he also keeps very close to him. There are no distinguishing features of the rifle itself, everything is pretty much stock except for a bit more shining and deeper cleaning. Though, a common theme with Chris, he had etched a small fox in a sort of tribal art style. With previous experience of this particular rifle when he was deployed as infantry in the Y.P.G, he has a certain bond with this rifle more than "Krystal". In this case, he's named it "Kitty." A bit of backstory behind this was that Chris was and still is into BDSM, that following into Master/Pet play in which he was a "Master" for a "Kitty". This "Kitty" of his he kept dear to him before she had been diagnosed with Stage 2 Lung Cancer and after many attempts of trying to cure her, she underwent surgery in which she did not wake up from. Therefore, in memory of the only real relationship he had, his rifle is named after Kitty.
  9. Occupation
    E.M.T - Yakima, Washington [2009-2011] | Y.P.G Infantryman - Kurdistan, Syria [2012-2015] | Y.P.G T-72 Crewman [2014-2015] | Y.P.G Combat Medical Specialist [2013-2017]
  10. Affiliation
    Y.P.G (People's Protection Unit) | The Syndicate
  11. Role
    Combat Medical Specialist | Emergency Medical Specialist | Trauma Surgeon | Ameature Researcher


From The Abyss
Chris Saou's Story

The Young Days
Chris Saou was born on December 8th of 1994. He was brought into the world by his parents Elizabeth Saou and Tai Saou, but they were far from ready to have a child as he was not planned. Before they had him, they struggled financially which ended up having their lives revolve around a small studio apartment in a ghetto neighborhood in their town of Yakima, Washington. Chris had troubles growing up, most of the issues were caused by the constant verbal and physical abuse of his parents. They simply did not know how to properly raise or punish a child as they learned from their parents, not to mention the constant weight of stress and bottled up emotions they had did not help his case either when it came down to it. From age 7 to around the age of 13, Chris received the constant abuse in very extreme forms. He was held down and choked, beaten with the metal buckle of a belt, he even had large wooden chairs thrown at him and lit matches pressed against his tongue. This is the life Chris had to deal with for quite some time.

Highschool Dilemma
High school was not very friendly to Chris since the start of his freshman year. Chris was never really taught much in elementary school or middle school due to his fear of returning home to being beaten. He had focused poorly on school-work because of this and high school was no different, in fact, it was worse. He had been introduced to the hardships of it with overwhelming amounts of work thrown his way and information he couldn't maintain the memory of, the sad truth of segregation and borderline discrimination between students of higher GPA and test scores to those who were not, and of course the students themselves. This was just high school as well, this was the icing on the cake of what he continued to receive when he was back home. Nothing seemed to change for the good for him, at least, not yet.
It was only a matter of time until he was involuntarily submitted into a mental health facility known as Two Rivers Landing after a few attempted and failed suicides in his home and inside of the high school he attended. There, he released information and gave evidence of the neglect in his home by his parents which led to his parents being investigated and finally convicted of child abuse. Chris then was moved to a small housing area known as Epic Youth Services or "C.R.C" which housed and cared for youth and teens until they are found a better home or at least until they are found to be mentally stable to be left alone. This was a great start for Chris, finally a place where he can safely rest his head and eat a full, healthy meal.

A New Beginning
With the new setting, Chris had been placed into, it was difficult for him to adjust at first but it came easier with time. Signs of improvement in his school work as well as his behavior began to show with time as well. One of the signs in improvement involved positive goals he wrote down in his black hardback notebook, a notebook given to him as a gift from the police officer that put his parents away in front of him. Most of his goals were getting himself involved with classes outside of his school which granted him certificates and training in which he could use to delve into the jobs he found interest in. One of these being a Paramedic. Nothing really stopped him, even the staff of the housing area he continued to reside in, from eventually finding a job that suited him, saving enough cash and attending the many small facilities that held these paid classes. Many of these, of course, were medical classes that had thoroughly taught you the basics and advanced aspects of First Aid, CPR, and more in the form of visuals as well as hands-on training.
It was found that Chris had hidden potential that was unlocked after having the burdens removed. He was a very fast learner and a good-natured person, at the age of 17 he gained positive recognition within the town of Yakima after being a hardworking volunteer for many volunteer groups such as Search and Rescue, Block Watch and more. Within these groups, he gained an extensive array of skills as well as contacts in which he could use as references to guarantee a spot for any job he wanted, as long as it was within reason of course. Though, he wasn't satisfied with himself. He felt like has not yet done enough for others or for him even after graduating high school with a 3.5 GPA, soon after also gaining his Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice, Psychology, Civil Engineering, and Chemistry at his local college known as the Yakima Valley College and Central Washington University at the age of 20.

The Y.P.G
At the age of 22, Chris had finally been working his dream job as an EMT. Pushing nearly 2 years after turning 22. Day after day he would be out in an ambulance or high up in the skies in a helicopter, regardless of where he was or what vehicle he was in, he still kept to his job. His job was to save as many lives as he could and help others as best he could. As of recent though, he felt a sense of emptiness, a particular void he felt the need to fill and due to how persistent and curious Chris was, he went ahead and did just that. The days where he had no calls to tend to, or at least wasn't invited to said calls, he spent most of his time doing a study of a group called the Y.P.G.
The Y.P.G is a Kurdish militia operating mainly in Syria and Iraq around the Kurdistan region. This particular militia works on freeing the people of Syria and Iraq from the oppressors such as ISIS and Turkey. Chris's interest in this group sparked after seeing U.S troops storm sand dunes and villages only to be blown up by an 8-year-old kid or have their heads pranced around on a pike. He was filled with this fire that just could not be extinguished, and it got worse the more news articles he read and videos he watched. After months of research on his spare time and stories he heard from current and ex-Y.P.G members, he decided it was time to make his move.
Chris had applied to the group through a private email service known as Protonmail. Think of it as a browser's Incognito mode but only for emails. He contacted them with his intentions, interests and more and awaited a response in which he received in no less than 4 days. The response that was sent to him was a questionnaire, many of them you'd see in a Burger King job application but some were more personal and even hit a bit too close to home. Regardless, he answered all questions he was able and awaited another response. It had been nearly 7 days since his questions had been sent, he was thinking of following up but decided to remain patient. He seemed to nearly lose interest before he was emailed with his response. The email read "Dem baş heval, we are happy to inform you that you've been accepted in fighting for us in Rojava after being reviewed thoroughly by our command. Below you will find a number to call after you land in Iraq and flights to land here safely and quickly. Welcome to the Y.P.G."

Start of Something New
Chris's first day in Iraq and Syria was a shit sandwich he took a bite out of that he couldn't properly chew and nearly spat out. Day 1 involved running for nearly 12 miles after having a black cover thrown over his face, being driven to what they called the Safehouse. Smuggled across Syrian borders to reach the actual base of operations which started his recruit training. The training would have been the worst since it was based off what the Russian Spetsnaz do. Chris moved up quite a bit in a short amount of time, a big accomplishment and bridge to this being that he and a few others had finished in the top 5 in a training Y.P.G called "Cerberus". Cerberus was a highly extensive training course of 30 days that involved the use of live ammunition, numerous nights without sleep, and moderate to critical risk of injuries and even death. But Chris and his fellow comrades made it out with moderate bruising, small cuts and headaches from sleep deprivation.
At the age of 28, he managed to join an armoured battalion as a T-72 Main Battle Tank crewman and a Humvee M2 Browning gunner. Though, his main role in the Y.P.G was as a squad leader and a combat surgeon/medic for the 17th Infantry Battalion. He job was to provide his unit with top-notch medical assistance when needed but also to coordinate plans for attacks. Speaking of a plan, he had one that he was looking over. This one was new to him, to the Y.P.G in general as it had never been done. His command had received intel of a high priority target known as General Salih Zeki Çolak located in an area charted as South Zagoria who had been responsible for the attacks on many Y.P.G outposts and F.O.B's and now was apparently the chance to get payback for what he had done.

Welcome to South Zagoria
May 6th, 2017. A hot day it was as Chris and his small unit of 7 men prepared for what they thought seemed a little out of the ordinary, but they did not question their command as mostly all missions proved to be a success since Chris had properly joined during the winter season of 2012. They went out light with 9mm and .45 caliber pistols, no insignias, and no uniforms. The minute they departed, they soon found that it would be a lengthy trip. Taking nearly a month and a half, give or take, to reach their destination, but what they found on the way there was a bit frightening. Something they had not heard of before on this sort of level.
Nearing the month of July, they had been hearing the word "Virus" a lot revolving around the area in which they were traveling to. This struck doubts and fear into his combat-hardened men but they proceeded with their mission. Just a few days before the CDF had begun to properly close off roads and turn back cars, they had managed to find their way towards the shoreline city of South Zagoria, a large city-like area known as Elektrozavodsk. There, they remained hidden for quite some time, only to be struck days later by what they thought to be a rumor. Chris had witnessed firsthand this.. mutation. This virus. All but one who had run off and himself had been gruesomely attacked by the flesh eaters after they retreated into the northern forests to hide out. He fled to the west and then towards the south, only to hide in the valleys near a town called Myshkino, seeing if this would all just pass over.
He could not count the days properly, he was alone and stuck in shock from the fear of these things he could not bear to witness himself. Through time, just as he adjusted from his parents to a serene setting, he managed to overcome his fear of these things and instead began doing research. Conducting controlled experiments all over South Zagoria from the military bases down to the outer islands, seeing what could have caused this and possibly... hopefully, find a cure.

[After getting himself accustomed to things going on]

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