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Jakub Hosek
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1993-09-25 (26 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
    Chernarussian, English, Russian
  7. Family
    Borek Hošek [Father: Alive in Miroslavl], Irena Hošek [Mother: Alive in Miroslavl], Lukáš Hošek [Brother: Dead], Dušan Hošek [Brother: Alive in Miroslavl], Igor Hošek [Brother: Unknown], Hena Hošek [Sister: Alive in Miroslavl], Sona Hošek [Sister: Alive in Miroslavl]
  8. Religion


  1. Height
    188 cm
  2. Weight
    87 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    -Mole (Left Cheek) [SCARRED] - (Birth Mark)







    -Bullet graze (Left Leg) [Healing] - (Shot whilst breaching the Capital Building in Novigrad)

  7. Equipment
    -Black Beret - (On Duty Attire)
    -Black Balaclava - (On/Off Duty Attire)
    -Rader cap - (Off Duty Attire)
    -Gas mask - (On/Off Duty Attire)
    - Gorka Helmet - (On Duty Attire)

    Upper Body:
    -M65 Black Jacket - (On Duty Attire)
    -Bars Gorka Jacket - (On Duty Attire)
    -Red raincoat - (Off Duty Attire)
    -Green sweater - (Off Duty Attire)
    -Black Gloves - (On/Off Duty Attire)
    -Smersh Vest- (On/Off Duty Attire)
    -Smersh Butt Pack - (On/Off Duty Attire)

    Lower Body:
    -Black Cargo Pants - (On Duty Attire)
    -Bars Gorka Pants - (On Duty Attire)
    -Tracksuit bottoms - (Off Duty Attire)
    - Jeans - (Off Duty Attire)

    -Black Military Boots - (On/Off Duty Attire)
    -Trainers - (Off Duty Attire)

    -Hand held radio device


    Trained in using:
    -AK74 (and similar AK platforms)
    -CR75 (and similar eastern block pistols)
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation
    Černaruská Republika, Interior Ministry COBR State Security Directorate
  10. Role



Jakub was born in Miroslavl in 1993, to a hard working ‘Chernarussian’ family. His father was previously an officer in the USSR, apart of the 201st Motor Rifle Division that was based in Tajikistan. His father saw conflict in the Soviet-Afghan war, primarily being stationed within the Kunduz province. During Jakub’s fathers time in Tajikistan, he found love. A Russian woman that worked on the base as a cleaner dominantly. She would usually clean the officer’s barracks and mess halls, coming into close contact with Borek, Jakub’s father, often. When the Soviet-Afghan war ended in 1989, Borek returned to the 201st base in Tajikistan and gave in his papers to leave the Army. Shortly after leaving the army, Borek headed back to Miroslavl, Chernarus, his home city along with his fiancee Irena.


During Borek’s departure from Chernarus, it had changed a lot. People were more angry with the union and frequent protests occurred. In 1991, Chernarus gained its independence after brief conflict with the union. In 1993 Jakub was born, him being the 3rd child of his father. Jakub’s childhood was fairly normal, not much occurred. He went to school, caused trouble like most young males did and that was about it. Jakub was never great at the academics though and struggled immensely with his studies, him often being put down by his older siblings to why he was so stupid. Due to this Jakub grew up mainly as a shadow to his parents due to his older sibling Lukas, who ended up gaining top marks throughout his school life and got a place at Moscow University. Lukas departed Chernarus in the summer of 2009 to Moscow, to begin his university life but it was cut short. Along with a few others he was visiting the Red Square when the terrorist attacked by the Chedaki occured, blamed on the Nationalist Party at the time. The whole family was distraught and the war in South Zagoria made the situation worse. Jakub’s family knew people who suffered and from their point of view both sides were to blame. The Chedaki for starting the conflict and the Nationalist Party for supposedly bombing his brother. With the rise of the Strana Vzkříšení party, Jakub and his family found it hard to deal with the current governmental opinion but like good citizens they kept their mouth shut.


In 2011, 3 years after the end of the civil war within Chernarus Jakub decided to decided to join the National Guard/Interior Ministry of Chernarus. His first year consisted of being a police officer within his home district in Miroslavl. Jakub knew the area well and caught the eye of his superiors due to his determination and grit to make something of himself and most importantly impress his parents, they lost their golden child and Jakub wanted to fill that hole. During this year though Jakub didn’t participate in many serious operations, often only conducting residential patrols and traffic duty. Life within the Interior Ministry became dull and mundane, the same patrol every single day.


In 2013, however things changed as a promotion was up for grabs for Jakub or doing selection for OREL (Meaning Eagle), a branch of special police unit of the National Guard/Interior Ministry that specialised in riot police, or as a gendarmerie-like paramilitary force. The training was tough, much harder than joining the police force. It took a strain on Jakub’s mental state and at one point, quitting seemed like a good option but something struck inside of Jakub’s head and he continued to push on. After months of rigorous training Jakub earned his Black Beret and became one of the Black Berets, a traditional carried out by the Chernarussian OREL units similar to their old russian parent unit OMON. Clad in his body armour and blue/grey camouflage Jakub took to the streets straight away after his training to quell a protest by a far left communist group within Miroslavl. During the protest, things began to get out of controlled, the OREL officers slowly being overwhelmed by the sheer force of the protestors. As a fresh raw OREL officer Jakub did not perform well and slipped up. He failed to hold his ground with his riot shield, even though his size would suggest otherwise, and several volatile protesters made in through the OREL ranks and lashed out on some of the unarmoured personnel, media and civilians taking a breath behind the OREL ‘shield wall’. After the protest was eventually quelled, Jakub was heavily reprimanded and faced immediate exit from OREL if he didn’t sort himself out.  


Jakub spent the next few years improving himself so that he would never fail again like he did on his first mission with OREL. Jakub did achieve something though and that was his Father’s respect, no longer was he in the shadow of his dead brother. Often during these peace years, Jakub met up with his younger sibling Igor, who joined the Chernarussian Defence Force in 2014 apart of the 93rd Brigade South Zagoria. They shared company and had good times over the years. Late 2016, only few months prior to the outbreak Jakub was approached by several advisors and unknown gentlemen from the higher reaches of the Interior Ministry. Jakub was highlighted by several higher ups to be put forward for COBR. A highly secretive and less well known special police unit compared to OREL. COBR is a highly specialised task force that maintains the highest levels of internal security within Chernarus, often being the ones that eliminate terrorists before their plans came to fruition. The training was grueling but Jakub over the years developed himself almost into an athlete, a very strong and fit male. His mental state also improved drastically since his youth too, mainly due to him finally gaining the respect of his parents. This aspects enabled him to progress through the training and progressed into the arms of COBR, assigned under Borivoj Kopriva, COBR Operations Chief for South Zagoria.


Immediately after assignment to COBR Jakub experienced some questionable ordeals. April 2017, Jakub along with three other COBR operatives were sent to investigate a small terrorist cell located in Bor, South Zagoria. Upon arriving in the town disguised as hikers they found nothing out of the ordinary. The only thing that stuck out was a local man attempting to run for election within the Oblast. His credentials and description was relayed back to command and the order was given to exterminate the man. No evidence was there to condemn this man but just the orders from above. On the man's regular morning walk, Jakub and his colleagues bagged the man and retreated with him to an undisclosed black site. They stayed there awaiting the arrival from an agent from the interior ministry. A man eventually arrived, a subordinate to Radek Kozlov. Maybe the mans political goals did not align with the president's party but it wasn't Jakubs place to question, he and his family learnt that many years ago. The hostage was soon terminated. July 2017, Jakub was rushed into action as instructed by the South Zagoria Branch Commander to immediately head to Kamensk Military Facility, something along the lines of civilians being rounded up from the nearby towns. Jakub and his team was sent there but it was too late and the chaos ensued. 



When the outbreak engulfed South Zagoria, Jakub was not on the front line to quell the infected unlike his brother Igor. Igor was announced KIA when evacuating civilians in Chernogorsk, Jakub only finding this out as he returned to be safety of Miroslavl along with several governmental officials he escorted there. As months past, the hard-line approach began more the appropriate option it seemed in Miroslavl. Those that did not follow ration guidelines or caused hassle within the safe walls Miroslavl soon found themselves expunged from existence. Times had changed and people had to change with it. Jakub morals were slowly drained away from him and he kept to following orders, maybe before they were questionable but now it didn't matter. Using hard force to protect the safety of others was necessary. Jakub still didn't fully support Kozlov, especially his political views, but he valued the president's approach to the outbreak.


2018, Jakub was deployed to just outside of Belozersk. He and others maintained watch on several BPR encampments and relayed their information back to CDF command that would end up dropping thousands of pounds of explosives on their positions. Jakub watched as villages burned but these people threatened the safety of the South and it was orders. Jakub ended up getting injured during his deployment in Belozersk as he took a round in his leg whilst breaching a known BPR safe house. In the summer of 2018, Jakub deployed to South Zagoria to observe the group known as Anarchy and gather intelligence about the state of the Oblast. However, his combat unit was redeployed back to Miroslavl where a series of terrorist attacks occurred. During the next few months Jakub and his team conducted counter insurgency missions within Miroslavl eradicating BPR sympathisers planning to strike out at local government and infrastructure.


In October 2018, Jakub was on leave within Novigrad when Rear Admiral Nespenov staged a coup against Kozlov attacking the Capital building aiming to kill Kozlov and his general staff. As Jakub was on leave, his unit was called into action and was first into the capital building when aiming to restore it to loyal governmental hands. Jakub was shot early on in the attack forcing himself to retreat to safety but Jakub lost good friends. Kozlov emerged later on in the day alive and the loyalists spirits were lifted and the coup was over. Soon after this Jakub went back to South Zagoria in an aim to gather more intelligence and conduct vital missions with his comrades, focusing on the current state of affairs in the Oblast and possible Russian SVR incursions.



Sval is very determined and excellent operative who follows orders tremendously well. He rarely speaks up against his superiors. Due to his past failings in OREL, he is very determined to constantly better himself and work extremely hard. He has seen many battlefield horrors during his time as COBR operative making him stern and fairly resilient to shell shock and stress in high intensity situations. Off the battlefield Sval loves to have a laugh with his fellow soldiers and have social time with them, he will always give advice to people when they ask for it, this making him valuable asset in the team apart from his skills on the field.  Lastly Sval loves his comrades and will rush to put himself in the line of fire to save his comrades.


- Jakub is a fairly religious man, attending his local church when he was young. He doesn't get to do that much these days but he carries prayer beads and a bible on himself at all times. 

- Petr enjoys an alcoholic beverage when possible. His favourite food is Svíčková na smetaně (marinated sirloin). 

- Enjoys spending downtime with his comrades from his COBR Unit.

- Very reserved man and only speaks to strangers when needed. He is often curious of survivors especially foreigners due to the events he has witnessed since the outbreak. 

- Was never a major supporter of Kozlov before the outbreak but since the outbreak occurred he has become an avid follower due to his approach to deal with the outbreak. He has seen the atrocities foreigners have committed in South Zagoria and the nationalist approach is a good one. 

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