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Emeka Chukwudi
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1977-06-15 (42 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages



Emeka Chukwudi Kayode is a chemist from Gambia, from a young age he has followed the rules and worked hard. A model student Emeka was always top of his class and even impressed teachers with his knowledge at a young age. After finishing school he became the first member of his family to attend the University to Gambia to study Medicine and Allied Health Sciences, in hopes of becoming a chemist. A hard worker Emeka felt at home at college and was enjoying his time furthering guys education. Less than two months into his studies disaster stuck as Emeka's home village was ransacked by Gambian rebels killing everyone who would not join their cause. His parents, brother and 3 sisters were all killed in the massacre. Emeka immediately got the first bus home, sobbing the whole journey home. Emeka had always been a quite child and had looked to his siblings to look out for him at a younger age, even his brother provided financial support for him while he was at university. A teary eye'd Emeka buried his family beside countless others burying their loved ones amidst burning bodies and buildings in the destroyed village. Weeks later Emeka returned to the university, stricken by grief he had lost the will to pursue his goals. He spent his days lying in bed while the hours passed thinking about his family. All he wanted to do was to forget about everything and to not be alone with his thoughts, but he was shy never making any friends at the university instead concentrating on his work. He turned to alcohol and drugs. He bought from local dealers on campus grounds who were aware of his family tragedy and saw him as an easy target to get hooked on their drugs. Emeka now spent his days locked away in his dorm room getting high enough to forget everything that had happened in his past. Without financial support from his family Emeka quickly ran out of money for his drugs and offered to work with the dealers in producing them. These dealers had been criminals since their youth and had little knowledge in making drugs, Emeka quickly thought them his ways to make cheaper stronger drug. He was paid in drugs and soon his problem got so bad that the dealers figured he was a liability and had thought them enough that they had no use for him. Desperate for his next high Emeka pleaded with them that he would do anything to get some more. They realized his desperation and decided he could help traffic drugs to mainland Europe for them. This was where the real money was for their newer cheaper and stronger drug. Emeka agreed despite knowing the risks. The plan was simple, he would fly to Chernarus where there would be less security checking for drug traffickers then he would board a ship to Romania where he would hand the drugs over to the dealers European companions. He flew from the Gambia International Airport and has no problems getting the drugs passed security in either Gambia or Chernarus. He was to spend a day in a hotel in Elektrozavodsk before setting sail to Romania. Sat in a hotel room with a room full of drugs and experiencing withdrawal symptoms he decided to use the drugs he was supposed to be smuggling, knowing this meant certain death at the hands of his dealers. He did not care all he wanted was one last high. Emeka took enough drugs to kill most men and completely lost track of the days, strange noises from outside were a side effect of the drugs for him. He exited his room some time later the see the horrors of what occurred. He rushed to help a woman who had a cut on her arm, he tended to wound as best he could. She told him what had happened and that she had a group nearby. They went there and further explained what had happened while Emeka was in his room, he told them his story and they said they needed a doctor to treat the injured. Emeka accepted and was shown their supplies, all he saw was numerous ways to get high. Emeka was a drug addict and was only concerned with the next high, willing to put others health at risk to find it.


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