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Ricardo Van Dijk
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    2000-01-01 (23 years old)
  2. Ethnicity
  3. Languages
    Dutch, English


  1. Height
    195 cm


Ricardo Van Dijk is a Dutch guy at the age of 22. Before the apocalypse he was a hunter, his favorite weapon is a crossbow. His hobbies are: Fishing, riding his motorcycle, hunting and lockpicking.

When the outbreak started, Ricardo grabbed as many items as he could and went out of the city with his motorcycle as fast as he could. After driving his motorcycle for a view days he ran into a group of bandits that took his motorcycle and knocked him out. After he's gotten his conscious back again he noticed he was in a big truck with a bunch of other people tied up. After a remembering what just happened he asked what he was doing here. One of the bandits said shut up, you are coming to Nyheim to work at our camp.

After being on the truck for several hours, the bandits stopped to setup a camp for the night. The bandits unloaded all of the people and placed them on the ground. One of the bandits felt like having a drink, so they took out the vodka and all drank until they were drunk. Ricardo thought to himself this is my change and started to crawl to one of the passed out bandits. He grabbed his knife and gun, cut himself lose and fled with the truck. Before the bandits knew what happened he was long gone.

After driving for about two days the truck had little fuel left, so Ricardo decided to head to a nearby gas station to fuel up. Having little to no gas left he had no choice other than to choose the gas station closest to a nearby town. Little did he know some people were waiting for an easy robbery. Ricardo parked the truck and as soon as he got out three robbers were aiming their guns towards him, telling him to step away from the vehicle and hand over the keys. Ricardo didn't have any keys because he lock picked the truck so he told them he didn't have any keys. The robbers told him to lock pick the truck like he did before to get it started, after they filled the car with gas.
At this moment one of the robbers went out to scout ahead, when he saw a big horde of infected heading their way. While the robbers weren't looking, Ricardo grabbed his gun and shot one of the robbers and holding the other one at gun point. The third robber ran away in fear for the comming horde since they had surely heared the shot. The robber told Ricardo to let him go and run away while he still had the change. At this point the horde was so close they could smell the stinking bodies, so Ricardo shot the robber in both of his knees so the horde wouldn't go after him as he ran away.

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