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Robin Snow
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Mostly stable
  3. Date of birth
    1995-04-02 (27 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Cabin in the woods
  5. Languages
    English (Self taught)
  6. Relationship
    Emilie Fair
  7. Family
    Luka Snow (dad) Esme Snow (mum)


  1. Height
    177 cm
  2. Weight
    79 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Short - Brown copper
  5. Eyes
    Blue eyes
  6. Alignment
    True Neutral
  7. Equipment
    Empty postcards, Compass, Notebook.
  8. Affiliation
    New Haven (OLD) Smoki Loki (NEW)
  9. Role
    The Magpie



wolf howling GIF





You know... growing up life always seemed so simple to me. Living day by day, following routine by routine. Having all you need around you to protect you as a child is all one needs to survive in this world... a familiar face. but ahhh... all that's changed now. But let's go back to the beginning. 


Life already started on a rocky road for me when I was young. At the age of 3, my mother passed away. at the time I never really understood the gravity of the situation. But as life went on it dawned on me. Since then, I had spent my whole life in the cabin out in the woods. Just me and my papa. I was taught everything that needed to be learnt. I used to think my dad just wanted me to be like him. But what I didn't know was that he was preparing me for when the time came that I left that forest and ventured out into the unknown. And by God it was unknown. I was taught how to hunt, how to fish, first aid and even learnt a few trades. Not a typical child's agenda I must say. But it was all I knew. Me and my dad would spend a lot of time together gathering food and reinforcing our cosy home. But it was not always like this. From time to time my dad would venture off into the big city, leaving me to look over the house. I always used to beg and plead to take me with him but he always said the same thing... " When the time comes, we'll go see the world together." Every time he went, he would be gone at most a few months. I always wondered what he did at that time. But luckily for me, I had all the tricks up my sleeve to run the place myself. The man of the house I used to call myself. Until I was the only man of the house.  


By the time I turned 24 my dad ventured out once again. But this time was different. It had been 2 winters since then and still no sign of him. With all the doubt in my mind, I still had faith he would return. So, I waited... and waited. Until one fateful night, whilst on my way back from collecting firewood, I caught sight of 2 men wandering the area. I had never seen them before so out of pure curiosity, I decided to follow. Only to find them enter my home... They forced open the door and stormed in. And to their pleasure, no one was home so they settled down and started eating the rations I had saved up. They were there for 3 whole days. I became hungry and parched. Out of desperation, I decided to try to sneak in on the 4th night to get food. However, as I was approaching the door a third man appeared. He came from behind covered my mouth and pulled me back into the brush. As he removed his hand from my mouth, I saw his face for the first time. A man not much older than me, but much more mature and he had this aura about him... like he had a lot of wisdom. He uttered "Those men are dangerous, stay back." He then proceeded to enter the house. 5 minutes later he left the house and brought me a loaf of bread. His passing words were "You don't need to worry about them anymore." Then carried on about his way.  


I overheard he was heading to the same city as my dad. After all this waiting I wasn't going to sit by any longer so I decided to follow him. After a few miles, he stopped in his tracks and turned straight towards me. He walks down and asks me about my story. As my father instructed, I told him the rehearsed answer. However, he didn't seem to buy it. But he didn't say anything of it. He was a many a very few words but you could tell he listened with intent. As morning came, I awoke to him packing up. without hesitation, I pleaded with him to take me with him just as I did to my father. Only this time with a stern look he nodded and proceeded onwards. We move from town to town gathering supplies. Or what was left of them anyways. I had never seen so many houses in one place before. As he utters for me to stay close, he draws out his knife and we walk into the house. But as he climbs up the stairs something caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. I thought I saw something move in the main room. I went to investigate but all there was silence. I was very uncomfortable and went to re-join my newly founded friend but as I turned... I could not have prepared myself for what I have seen. A woman about my age but something was different about her. Her skin was rotten, teeth decayed and let of these ominous moans. As we locked eyes before I knew it, she bolted right for me! I jumped backwards with all my might but tripped on the table leg. Crawling back faster and faster, she came right for me. She latched herself onto me as I tried to push her off. She was so strong. Her mouth, half-torn widened and as she was about to bite my arm, a knife drove straight through her skull. As her lifeless body piled onto me, I was left speechless. Until I saw who had come to my aid. He was stood over me with a sad look on his face and as I tried to thank him, he interrupted and said: "Don't try to be a lone wolf, we come as a pack and we strive to protect our family." Those words were... so true yet so comforting. I've never had a brother... I asked for his name and with a soft voice he replied "Kamau". It was an odd name but I didn't question it.  


Kamau was on his own until I came along. He said he was looking for his group. But for now, it was just me and him. I asked about the group he mentioned. He told me it was a place called New Haven. Looking to help the weak and protect their own. After 3 days we arrived in the city of Nyheim. This place was massive and I mean MASSIVE! Buildings that pierced the sky and in great numbers too. 1 day from there we reached a little settlement. This was the place kamau had mentioned previously 'New Haven'. He introduced me to his friends V, Richie and Ezra. They seemed like friendly folk and welcomed me into the group. This was the first time that I ever felt like part of a family. Although Kamau didn't seem too close to them I knew I could trust them. Kamau taught me new things just as my father had. How to hold a rifle, how to fire it and how to support my newfound home. As time went by, I became accustomed to how things ran here and vowed to protect it with all my might. New Haven might be out to do right... but that doesn't go for everyone else in this world. This is the story of how it all fell apart... 


It was a day like no other. The sun was peaking over the horizon. The air was brisk and slightly cold. I had just stoked the fire and prepared myself for the day. Until we heard something a bit unsettling. Hearing gunfire in the distance was quite normal but today was a lot more frequent and a lot closer. Me and Kamau were on guard for the whole day. By evening time 15 people showed up at our settlement. Now although we didn't turn down people, I felt very unsettled by their presence. They were all wearing blue armbands and were armed to the teeth. We knew this wasn't good. Our roles were to watch over this place but had now come the time to put ourselves into action. We enforced our rules and threatened to ban them from the area unless they calmed down. However, we later found out our actions may have been over the top and turned out to agitate them for we did not know who they were. Some time passed and we protected the houses they tried to sneak into. They finally left but it wasn't the last time. When all went quiet, they returned... They held everyone hostage and there was nothing we could do. There were too many. They took all our belongings and raided our stashes and now what was once seen as a safe zone was now labelled dangerous. New Haven lost the trust they built and they went into a spiral. We failed them... Kamau took it especially hard and disappeared for a whole day. The following morning, I felt nothing but guilt. I couldn't protect my family. With shame, I went up to V, Richie and Ezra and apologised to them. I also gave in my armband and suggested that I should go. There goes my chance... I am once again alone. It never normally bothered me this much but I just couldn't shake it. But to my horror that wasn't the lowest part of my day. After a small argument with V, Richie and Ezra telling me I should stay kamau appeared. But he wasn't the same. We turned but to our horror, we saw kamau kneeling in the middle of the road with a gun to his head. My mind went blank. I couldn't think, I began to sweat and begged god "please do not take my brother from me" WE ran towards him giving everything we had but as I got closer, grasping out to my big brother I heard the words that would forever be engraved into my head "You're a good kid Robin. But remember... Don't turn into a lone wolf just like I did." And with those final words, he pulled the trigger... 


I stood there in sheer horror at what had just happened. Everything went muffled. I started to breathe heavy and as Ezra tried to drag me away... everything went dark. I found myself awake the next day. With little hope, I prayed it was just a dream. I barged through the doors looking for Kamau, My BROTHER! But I only saw the group huddled around the fire with sad looks on their faces. At that moment I knew... Kamau was gone. I dropped to my knees and cried. Comforted by V, she told me everything will be okay "you still have us" she said "your family." She exclaimed that we had to give Kamau a burial, a proper send-off. After 3 hours everything was prepped. As I saw his body lying there, I remember the look on his face as clear as day. Instead of the sad, unpresent look on his face, I saw him peaceful for the first time. We gave speeches but I couldn't bring myself to say anything at the time. As I saw his face disappear beneath the dirt a new chapter in my life began. I muttered to myself- "We come as a pack and strive to protect our family" were the words that he had left for me. I turned to V but she already knew. I was given a rifle and 3 days' rations. I set off immediately towards the castle that the blue bands inhabited. IT WAS THEIR FAULT AND THEY ARE GOING TO PAY! Once I came upon the compound, I laid waste to five of them. Step by step, tear by tear... bullet by bullet. I was so different from the clueless boy in the forest I used to be. With Vengeance in my path, I was a reformed man. From that day on I used what my father and kamau taught me to never... NEVER let anyone take anything from you again. Whether it be the thugs who entered my home and took my food... or the blue bands who hurt my family and took my brother. I will not stop at anything until I persevere.  


A lot happened since then but I became almost numb to the loss and pain. Me and a couple of members of my new family moved to the south city where we pursued our own goals. We were met with continuous attacks from the gangsters. We lost more members of our family but we stood strong and protected what was ours. I can't tell how many people it was I've killed since I lost kamau. I wonder what he thinks... I wonder what my father thinks. Is this the man they wanted me to be, is this what they prepared me for? I don't know but I'm sure as hell not going to stop at anything until I get my answers. I moved on once again from the southern city to hunt down these gangsters that thought they could take what they want from me. It's funny. I had all the things anyone could want to survive but I still wasn't happy. It was the lowest I've ever been in my life. I spent weeks trying to get these gangsters, and I lost sight of who I was. Nothing made sense to me and nothing had any purpose. I was at a wit's end until one day I ran into a familiar face. It's almost as if God heard my prayers because on that day, I found V, Richie and Ezra once again. They welcomed me with open arms and treated me like family once again. Even with everything that's happened they still cared for me. I wasn't alone all this time... I had them. I swore to myself that I would become a better man.  

Now here I am. My name is Robin and I am one of the many survivors in Nyheim finding my way in life with a family to support me... I will make it in this world and I'm going to make sure I bring my family with me.  


     "Do not become a lone wolf, we come as a pack and we strive to protect our family." 






  • Find my dad (in progress)
  • Get revenge Kamau (Complete)
  • Make a friend (complete)
  • Help people in need (12 in progress)
  • Protect new family (in progress)
  • Set up a new nest (in progress)


















Love the story and the graphics. I never knew you had a brother! Id like to help find your Dad. Major awwws about what you said about @christinaEmilie! ? And rood...im not even an acquaintance...  ☹️ Oh ya you arent on my page ? oop.

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