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Glenn Wickstrom
Character information
  1. Alias
    The Mackerel, Jörmungandr
  2. Mental
    Not yet insane
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1996-02-12 (23 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Göteborg, Sweden
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Swedish, English, Norwegian and some Danish.
  9. Relationship
    Filippa Peterson (Deceased)
  10. Family
    Presumed deceased
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    184 cm
  2. Weight
    87 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    Hungry/Sobor: Angry, quick changes in mood and dosen't talk much

    Drunk/Full: Happy, extremely social, friendly and generous.
  7. Equipment
    Gear: Fishing rod, fish, snus, glock 19 and FAL

    Clothes: Plate carrier, Hunting pants, M65 Jacket, Boonie hat.
  8. Occupation
    Fisher, Trader, Spokesperson
  9. Affiliation
    The Mountain Men
  10. Role



Glenn Wickstrom is Fisherman that comes from second largest city in Sweden called Göteborg. Multiple generation of his family has been fisherman so it only came natural that he would follow the footsteps. He worked both offshore and at the famous place called Fiskekyrkan as a salesman for a short time. Later in Glenns life he got his own fishing trawler which was very successful. Later in Glenns life he thought with his new boat that he and his experienced crew would take a longer tour this seasons near Chernarussia but oh boy did he regret not just keeping to his normal route…


Glenn was born on 12 of february 1996, on the hospital Sahlgrenska in Gothenburg. He was quite the normal boy when growing up, he tended not to stick out so he had a childhood were he never got into fights. He followed the lead of other his hole childhood and this continued in to his teenage years. He finished college as a engineer at the age of 19 and did what everyone else wanted to do. Everyone wanted to do to do basic military training so he followed the flow and did the same. He spent 3 months in army but realised quickly that this wasn’t his future. It was funny running around in forest and shooting but he felt like the ocean was his home. He wanted to follow his family tradition so he started working on his father fishing trawler. He had since his youth spent a lot of weeks on the boat since his childhood but he had never been paid to work on the boat before. He was a natural talent and became liked by the hole crew on the boat. He spent a couple of years working on the boat and saved up money, he had a dream one day to own his own fishing ship. After around 4 years he had saved up enough so he could pay 35% of the boats cost the rest he would borrow from a bank. He got a beautiful fishing trawler that he named Gladen just like his grandfather's boat which exploded on a allied naval mine during world war 2. After buying the boat he got all the equipment and crew which he selected with care. When hiring the crew members he wanted people that had high morale and people that wouldn’t easily get angry at each other. The first seasons went great and they had got good catches and made a lot of money which he tended to use to spoil his crew members. Glenn was a humble man that loved making other people happy which often led to him having sometimes difficulties times to say no. Both Glenn and his crew had decided to do a longer trip were they would fish off the coast of Chernorussia. The first week went great and they had great weather but all of a sudden it’s switched in a few seconds, there was no warning so it came as a complete shock for everyone. Everyone tried hiding in the deck but the waves were a lot bigger than the boat and everyone realised that they were in great danger. Glenn tried contacting the local coast guard and sent out SOS messages but got no response. Everyone was panicking because they knew that they all would most likely perish that day. Everyone put on their survival suits and they were forced to abandon ship, they had the life rafts which was better than nothing. The held on to the life raft as good as possible but after just around 2 hours they had lost two people. Glenn was starting to feel tired for fighting so long but he refused to give up but after another couple of hours he had lost all strength and accepted his fate.


He woke up on the beach on his back coughing up sea water and felt the sun in his face. He was confused and didn’t know at first if he was in heaven so he pinched himself and it hurt. He stood up and started looking around at his surrounding. He was close to a road but there was no houses around. He thought the best thing to do was just wait near the road until a car came by. While he was waiting he undressed his wet clothing so he wouldn’t get hypothermia. A couple of hours went by and it was starting to get dark so he put on his clothes and headed alongs the road until he came to a city with a name he couldn’t pronounce. He went in to the town and started screaming for people for help but got no response so he started looking around in the houses. From the looks of it hadn’t been abandoned for a long time which confused him. He didn’t wanna burglar a house but eventually he found a house with a open door so he walked in, he found some fresh bread and food in fridge which wasn’t on but it had still been kept cooled. After eating he fell asleep again but got a awoken in middle of the night by a large banging scream outside. He looked out of the window and spotted a women on the ground getting attacked by a man. Glenn grabbed the first thing he could find which was shovel, he ran out and hit the man on the head but he barely even reacted to the blow to the head. Glenn swung again even harder this time and the man just continued so he put all his force and finally the man stopped moving, he pushed away the man from the women which was screaming in pain. He noticed that the man had beating eating on her arm which freaked him out at first but he realised that this women wouldn’t survive without getting her wound banged. He put her on the bed in the house which he had used during the night, he poured some vodka on the wound and then bandged her, she had gone in to such a shock that she had passed out but she still had a steady pulse. He watched over her and after a few hours she woke up but she was acting extremely strange. She had eyes that simply didn’t look human, the women started going towards him so he tried making contact with her but got no response. He backed out of the house but she just kept following him so he decided he would run away. He ran up the street and starting smelling something horrible, he looked around the corner and saw a human which was decapitated in half that was crawling around, he than realised that this was not some normal sickness that was spreading around. He broke in to a house and armed himself with the equipment he could find which ended up being a kitchen knife and a Makarov pistol. Glenn set out as a goal that he would make it home alive, the only thing on his mind is his family.


A lonesome Glenn walked the roads of Novy Sobor trying his best selling fish and making small talk with the other residents but often ended with him getting yelled at. Glenn who had always loved interacting with other people started feeling worse day by day. Glenn first goal which was to return to his family had been destroyed when he realised that he wasn’t getting away from these tainted lands, to put it plain he lacked a purpose in life to motivate him continue living. One day when driving around some people he meet Ted which would later become a dear friend to Glenn. Ted asked kindly if he could be driven to military base and it being Glenn he simply couldn’t refuse. Ted and Glenn spoke and they immediately became very good friends. Once they arrived he dropped of Ted and gave his radio frequency so they could meet up later. After a while Glenn made contact and drove to Teds locations. To Glenns surprise when he arrived there was multiple people there. Everyone paid their attention at some strange people talking about using nuclear weapon to destroy Anarchy which made Glenn laugh. Once the strange men had left Ted introduced two men by the name of Charlie and Kirby. After getting to know everyone Charlie pitched the idea about the mountain men. Glenn disliked the fact they would be staying around mountains and far away from open oceans but he was willing to compromise. He needed a purpose in life and now he had one, defend the people around him and fight for a rightful cause.


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