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Eduard Zitnik
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1990-02-13 (28 years old)



Growing up in the slums of South Zagoria, Eduard was used to not having much to his name. The cruelty of being born in to poverty took it's toll on a child growing up. Eduard decided this wasn't the life from him, and actively set out on a path to right his life and to fight for a decent way of living. With a friend of his, he partook in several armed robberies of small shops and stores, managing to build up a small sum of pocket change. As he was planning a large heist with his friend, a man who would become his mentor introduced him to a different way of life. A way of activism. A way of fighting for equality for all. This lead from political protests, all the way to joining the Chedaki. In the civil war, Eduard fought hard, but as we all know, the Chedaki was eventually defeated and his mentor was killed. Eduard, suffering hard from the loss went in to hiding, preaching the ways of socialism when he could, until he met the SSZAF.


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