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Willie Roads
Character information
  1. Alias
    Chilly Willy
  2. Morale
    High Spirited
  3. Date of birth
    1980-02-29 (40 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Eugene, Oregon
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Relationship
  9. Family


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    77 kg
  3. Build
    Medium shape
  4. Hair
    Long length, Black brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Features
    Long hair down past shoulders.
  8. Occupation
  9. Affiliation
  10. Role


Willie Roads was born in Eugene, Oregon. He grew up with hippie parents who embraced the culture. They lived in a combine with many other families that believed in living off the land and just being themselves. Once Willy turned 25 he decided to venture out and explore a bit further down south. Him a few of his friends from the combine ended up jumping on a train at a local station and freighthopping until they reached California. During his ride he met a man named Charlie. Charlie talked about how he hasn’t ever had a job and has just been exploring the US and being free. He taught Willy the ways of being a drifter and tricks that he would need to survive and be successful at it.

Once Willy reached California he started exploring and would do small jobs in order to get some money to buy a few things he would need. He settled down a bit in Venice beach and adapted well to the beachy stoner vibes. After a few years in California he decided to visit the east coast so he made the journey to Florida. After drifting around the east coast for a couple years, he decided that it was time to venture into new land and start new adventures on a different part of the world. Willy decided to work the docks around Ft. Lauderdale for a few weeks to save up and get a ticket to start him off on his journey. He decided to start in Russia and drift his way down to Australia. Once Willy reached his quota for the necessary funds he needed, he took off and headed to Russia.

About 10 hours into the flight, the captain came on the speakers and announced there was a small hiccup with the plane and that they were landing shortly. Upon landing, Willie asked the stewardess where they were and she said that they landed in Chernarus Intl. airport. After exiting the plane Willie started noticing a lot of security and military presence in the airport. A few officers came to the group of people exiting the plane that Willie was on and ordered them to follow the signs and to start moving now. Willie took heed and followed the signs which lead him to a blocked off part of the airport. The military doctors were asking people questions and taking vitals of certain people but didn’t really give us much info. As a couple days passed, rumors started about an infection that was going on. Willie kept to himself during this time but managed to make friends with a couple people that he had met. After a couple weeks went by it appeared that the military that was once guarding the airport seemed to disappear. Willie followed some people that said they were going to get on a bus that was heading to the coast.

After months of spending his time on the coast alone, Willie wandered north along the coast road. While scavenging through houses he came across a radio. Having found a battery a few weeks back, he puts it in to see if he can hear anything. All he heard was static while flipping through channels. A few weeks went by and and from time to time while enjoying a meal, Willie would turn the radio on to see if he would hear anything. "Hey it's Kenneth, there is a hobo community in Berezino.", played through the radio. Willie turned his radio off and started to gather his stuff so he can make his way there in the morning. As he arrived in Berenzino, he noticed it was nothing but infected around. Willie started feeling like hope was lost, but as he came to the grave yard, he noticed a church. He decided to go in there and seek safe haven for the day. Upon entering the church, he noticed there were tents inside set up. Willie started to realize that there are people around and his hope to run into people was still alive. While setting up camp outside Berenzino, Willie turned his radio on once again. There was radio chatter coming in but it was staticy, but he did hear the words "pub ---- -- - Severograd". 

Upon his entrance in Severograd, Willie noticed tents set up and people walking around. The town was indeed populated and not just with the infected, real people. Willie walked up to the bar and meet Alexa and Eddie, the local bar owners. He also bumped into a man named Santa, who welcomed him and introduced him to a fellow hobo by the name of Kenneth. Kenneth embraced Willie and took him in, introduced him to his friends and welcomed him in like a brother. Willie had found a home, he started having friends and felt like he has a purpose now. 




Oh yes i love this, Thats the guy from Flaked right? I watch to much Netflix...

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4 hours ago, FieJaxon said:

Oh yes i love this, Thats the guy from Flaked right? I watch to much Netflix...

That’s right Jackie boy!

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Chill guy living the chill life ✌️

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