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Lawrence Kelsey
Character information
  1. Alias
    Big Loz
  2. Mental
    Calm, collected and determined
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1986-05-26 (33 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Leeds, England
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
    White with a decent suntan
  8. Languages
    English, Old Yorkshire
  9. Relationship
    Single ;)
  10. Family
    Tommy Kelsey - Brother
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    190 cm
  2. Weight
    91 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  7. Features
    Slightly wonky nose from a few past bar fights.
    Natural suntanned skin
    Tattoos on upper right arm, down the right side of his back and on the left side of his chest.

    Dislikes police and other law enforcement officials, will try to hide face from any Chernarussian Police to avoid being recognised as a criminal.

    Has a sort temper when someone is taking the piss and quick to resort to threats and violence.

    Little to no regard for rules and the law, will lie steal and cheat for personal and company benefit.

    Shows signs of Psychopathy with little empathy or remorse. Would only feel guilty after wronging family or close friends within the company.
  8. Equipment
    Suit and Flat Cap
    Pretty much any weapon he can grab
    An infinite supply of menthol cigarettes
    A gold-plated Zippo lighter engraved with the initials LK
  9. Occupation
    Pub Landlord/Gangster
  10. Affiliation
    The White Roses
  11. Role


The Beginning


Lawrence Kelsey. Business man, Entrepreneur, Gangster. Just a few labels that had been used to describe Lawrence, the eldest of 2 brothers born in the North of England. From a young age, Lawrence knew the 3 things he wanted in life: wealth, power, and respect. He started working towards his goals at school, stealing cigarettes and booze from corner stores then selling them on for pure profit. He was smart with his money always putting a good deal aside to build up to bigger things. Leaving school at 15 Lawrence was keen to make bigger money. He stopped shoplifting for chump change and began looking for bigger targets. He started to prey on drunk targets on nights out, his favorite technique would be to hand around an ATM and catching people pin numbers then stealing their wallets and emptying their bank account. He could easily make a few thousand on one night of work a week. Still putting half his money aside for when he was old enough to make some real money he was living the dream for a 16-year-old.


By the age of 19 when his brother was 16 Lawrence and Tommy set their goals. They would buy a pub to serve as a front. Over the years Lawrence had stashed nearly £10,000 in cash. They knew they would need around 10 times this amount to buy a pub and bribe the right people to not ask questions about how two young men could afford their own business outright. Stealing hard cash would be the ideal target since they would not have any stolen goods to fence meaning they would lose a cut. They started looking at potential marks and soon realised that to take all the cash from one place would be far too risky. Their first idea was to hit off-licenses and corner shops on a Friday night when their takings in the till would be highest. They stole two double barreled shotguns from a local farm and sawed them off. The first store they hit would appear to be a big success taking nearly £3000 in just a few minutes but the police hunted hard for them with dogs and helicopters meaning they had to ditch the guns and cash in a sewer so when they were searched they had nothing linking them to the crime scene.


A few months of planning left them back at square one. The brothers decided to chill out and spend a night at an unlicensed boxing match in Birmingham. They knew the fights were fixed so never bet but the rush of seeing a bare knuckle fight was always good to clear one's mind. When the headline fight ended with a KO in the 7th round at odds of 10 to 1 a sudden inspiration struck Lawrence. One bet and they could turn their £10,000 into the £100,000 they needed. With Lawrence using his charm and Tommy's shotgun diplomacy methods they made a few friends and found out the outcome of the next fight. It was perfect, they fight was to end in the 9th round with odds of 11 to 1. They placed their bets and quickly disappeared from Birmingham before anyone could ask who the fuck they were.


The King of the Leeds


At the age of 20 Lawrence purchased the Penny Hedge pub in Leeds. This was the beginning of 10 years over which the Kelsey brothers would build their criminal empire to control most of the drug trade and extortion over West Yorkshire. Most small businesses would pay protection to the Kelsey brothers and their gang or be victims of criminal damage and violent attacks, other gangs were forced out of the area or allowed to operate under the strict rules of the Kelsey's and paid large amounts in tribute to them. Many in the underworld referred to Lawrence as the King of Leeds and Tommy as the fresh prince and they lived a lifestyle to reflect this. Their friends were made wealthy while anyone who stood in their way was met with medieval brutality. They bribed and blackmailed the authorities to stay out of their way meaning they avoided prison for the most part. Lawrence served his first term after a bar fight 23. The court couldn't ignore the fact that he caused serious harm to two individuals using a brass knuckle, although they used their influence to get the sentence far lower than it should have been Lawrence still had to spend 6 months in a maximum security prison. Although he was respected and feared by most other inmates and treated as close to royalty as you can inside he was driven insane by the lack of freedom. Upon his release he decided to be far more careful in the future, he never wanted to be caged like an animal again.




In 2017 the brothers sourced a new supplier of Heroin in South Zagoria, when they paid half up front for a large shipment they never received Lawrence and Tommy headed to the country to deal with the problem personally. They found their vengeance on the gang that conned them but also found themselves in the Chernarussain prison awaiting trial and expecting life sentences for murder. That's if they made it to trial. Many of their fellow inmates were friends with the people they murdered to earn their place in prison and life was hard for two English men speaking no Chernarussian surrounded by enemies trapped in a maximum security island prison. The golden years of the Kelsey brothers would appear to be over for good and they would most likely both be dead in a few months. Getting into frequent fights with the guards got them plenty of time in solitary where the other inmates couldn't touch them. Lawrence knew his best chance was to try to get extradited to serve his sentence in an English prison when he faced trial so he just needed to survive till then. The beatings he took while inside caused another problem for Lawrence though, he found himself hospitalized 7 times within a month been given morphine on every occasion. Without realising he developed a dependency on Morphine and suffered from withdrawal when he wasn't given regular doses.


The Outbreak


Shortly before the Tommy and Lawrence were due on trial the Outbreak hit Chernarus. In the chaos that followed the brothers escaped prison and found themselves in the world we see today. Lawrence still had 3 goals in life: wealth, power, and respect. Wealth was a peculiar concept in the new world but he knew if he wanted something he could go and take it with no law to stand in his way anymore. He planned to rebuild his gang and reputation in Chernarus by any means necessary and get back to the luxurious life he lived before it all went to shit.

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oh gee someone feels Legend inspired. Good character 10/10 hope to meet you IG

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