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Daniel Brickiness
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1993-02-22 (30 years old)
  3. Place of birth
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages



Daniel Brickiness “OB” is a six foot and one inch man with a athletic build. Dan got the name OB back when he was in high school and it just seemed to stick. Growing up in school he had a background that was fairly troubled always getting into small scraps in school and out of school wasn’t much better. After he finished school he went to his local college to do a course of public services but after two years decided he wanted to join up to the army to build on himself and get some discipline that he needed to grow into a fully functioning adult. After passing his basic training he deployed to Cyprus and spent two years training recruits on the local airbases, meeting a woman in Cyprus OB decided to settle down and have his first child which was a healthy young boy. After two years of being together the marriage seemed to go stale and after a unhealthy divorce when his wife took everything he had he decided to make a move that he thought would be good for himself and decided to go to the polar opposite of warm sun and move to Norway. OB had always been a fan of the mountains and woods plus the heat in Cyprus was just overwhelmingly hot. Joining a local hunting club he found a cabin that was able to be rented out to overseas hunters who hunted seasonally. He used his money from when he left the army to buy the Cabin and refit it into a nice little lodge, being a four bedroom lodge he was able to rent it out to three couples while he was also still able to live there as a live in caretaker/owner. After getting a small glimpse of the life in Norway this is where he chose to settle and take up the peaceful life in the woods. After a couple of months living in the woods doing hiking tours and snowmobile tours, there was a lockdown called in his local time due to a mass sickness spreading. Thinking this was just another nothing viral outbreak stocking up was the best option to avoid running out of crucial supplies. Isolating in the woods was his best idea of how to stay protected from the virus and the weird events that was coming with the virus. After months of isolation the date by his best estimate was September 20th when he ran out of supplies and was forced to head into the larger towns as his local town looked run down and destroyed. Not knowing what exactly has happened its a worrying time to be alive.


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