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Jason North
Character information
  1. Alias
    Mason, North, Trucker
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1993-09-26 (26 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Sweden, Stockholm
  6. Nationality
    American (Father's side) / Swedish (Mother's side)
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Swedish - english
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    George North (Father - deceased) Annika Forsberg (mother - Deceased)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Build
    Athletic figure
  3. Hair
    Short brown hair
  4. Eyes
    Blue colour
  5. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  6. Features
    broken nose
    scar on left cheek
    viking serpent half sleeve tattoo
    Wolf bite scar right arm
    Scar under left eye
  7. Equipment
    - Worn out Journal
    - Bottle of Oxycodone
  8. Occupation
    Past - Mechanic ||| Present - Survivor
  9. Affiliation
    Black Roses
  10. Role
    Hunter | Wannabe doctor











Jason North was born in northern Sweden as the only child in his family, he was born in 1993, an easy time for an innocent baby to be born with two caring parents, or at least for the starters. Jason as a baby would always be playful around his parents, and when he didn't get like he wanted, well just like any baby he would, of course, start screaming. He grew up easily with friends and family around him. Making quite the impression on his classmates during his early kindergarten days, somedays he was mischevious doing things that the teachers were not very fond of, and sometimes he was the teacher's pet. The teachers found him to be quite special and thus grew fond of him and really only saw his mischievousness as a mere prank and play.
 During his primary school days things got a bit heavier for Jason, with having trouble when it came to math and other classmates, to him he still saw school as a playground, often pranking his classmates during classes and even the teachers. However these teachers were not too fond of his games, his parents received calls from the school multiple times for being a nuisance, but the teachers had the deal with him all through primary class, many times being put in the corner for his overdoing of his games. He made some friends, that seemed to, however, enjoy his little games but was most of the times
seperated from these classmates due to bringing them down to his level of mischievousness all up until the age of 9 in which he moved from primary school to secondary school, this was the days of when he was slowly starting to become a teen, and started slowly understanding his little mischievous was not meant during class, but still the problems with educations followed with him, and even grew bigger as he struggled to keep following the classes. He was mostly getting bored and thus set out with his games with his classmates more and more.

At the age of 11 he would have graduated to advanced stage of school, hitting puberty and finding interest in more other things than just his pranks, but due to the difficulties and how the school teachers saw his pranks and games more as an issue he was sent off from his ordinary class, and thusly put into a special class for those needing a little bit of extra help.
There he met his later to be best friend Max, Max and Jason quickly became good friends finding more common interest for every day, such things included with fire, skipping class and shoplifting, of course, Jason was still at a very young age and saw nothing wrong with this. However, the older he got the more he started to understand and in honesty enjoy the things he did, often getting in trouble with the teachers as well as finding his parents upset with him after school, Jason brushed it off as nothing. One day Max came to class a normal morning and told Jason that they should skip class since Max had something he wanted to show him. Jason, of course, agreed to his closest and only friend and headed out, there Max pulled out what happened to be a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, telling Jason that he stole it from his dad and they should start smoking but keeping it quiet from the adults. Of course, it wasn't long after that their primary teacher found out after they came indoors with the stench of the cigarettes, this infuriated his parents once they found out. Telling him that Max was a bad influence and that he no longer is allowed to be friends with him, and as a retaliation, Jason went at night to his fathers jacket, stealing a pack of cigarettes and then headed home to Max who was certainly waiting for him just outside as they had
agreed'd to meet that night before school ended that day. They went around talking, planning out their future together and how they would become the worst two guys in Stockholm one day.


Little did they certainly know that it wasn't too long after that their journey of such dreams would start, however, what they didn't plan out was the wrong turn they made towards their dreams. At the age of 15, Max and Jason went out one afternoon after class to hit the town and just hang out, there they met another kid that Max had known for awhile, this man happened to become a close friend to Jason and even a mentor, an older kid, Thomas who had just turned eighteen. Thomas was quick to notice Jason and told both of them that if they wanted to hang out with Thomas and his friends, they had to do something, and they told them that there was a woman's football match and that the girls there were all very beautiful. So Thomas told them that if they managed to snap some pictures of these women football players, they could hang out with them. Max and Jason with little to no regret nodded and was given the camera and they were quickly off, sneaking towards the dressing room and sneaking in to snap a couple of pictures, everything went fine until one of the women spotted them. With quick feet the two boys ran off laughing in a rush of adrenaline and made their way back to Thomas, who cheered them up and as a reward of doing such a good job, he invited them to his place where Max and Jason would soon be introduced to cannabis, Thomas rolled one up and gave the rolled up joint to the two to try out. Without much else, the two kids had just gotten high for the first time, in which both Jason and Max enjoyed the taste and feel they got. Thomas was then quick to let them in on another little thing, telling them that if they took a couple of grams to school and sold it to other students, they could keep 20% of the money they earned, and the rest would go to Thomas. The both nodded and he gave them a quick lesson on how to sell it.

So school went as usual however with the two dealing out drugs to other classmates, but thankfully they were never found out, they quickly developed their interest in dealing, as well as taking money from other students, threatening them and doing more and more mischievous things. Jason was quite lucky when it came to that, but Max was not so much. Max was found out just a few weeks before the end of advanced school and was immediate without any warnings expelled. Jason took this news to Thomas who told him that it didn't matter, Jason was soon to graduate advanced school and head up on the ladder to senior high school, where he would continue his little dealership, but Thomas also wanted him to do these jobs on the street, and offered him a bigger cut of the total amount that he had received before.

Jason took in on senior high school shortly after his graduation and chose to take the road to become a mechanic in the interest of one day having his own workshop and the finest car in Sweden. Jason would end up losing contact with Max as his bigger responsibility to Thomas grew and him being busy with school, however, they still met and kept somewhat in touch. But Jason would soon realise that Thomas was becoming more and more dangerous, telling Jason about people wanting to get to him for owing money and also for stealing their business, but as Thomas had become Jason's closest and trusted friend as well as his mentor he quickly agreed to help him any way possible, and thus he was entrusted with a 1911 pistol, kept by Thomas, the gun is completely untraceable and the perfect crime tool.

Jason would get deeper into this horrible life, failing school and his parents, the principal noticed something was not right with Jason and quickly took him in for a meeting, having found out nothing but that Jason was using cannabis on his own and thus was sent for a urinal test which showed positive and he was then sent for a fine by the police and as well expelled from the school. But Jason's criminal life did not end there, as he grew older and started getting into some more heavier drugs as pills and cocaine.

Thomas own gang grew larger and they had started to take reign over the street in drug deals, Thomas became well known to the police, as was Jason. Having been sighted with Thomas and other affiliates as well as being busted by the police, however Jason mind was clever still and managed to get out of the heavier types of busts from the police, he was mostly fined and put to rehab where he quickly made use of the patients to get more customers, even some of the workers.

During this timeline of Jason life, he was usually out with those he worked with and his friends, one night they went to a club in the middle of central Stockholm, Thomas paid for their booth and a couple of bottles for each and one of them, the group laughed, joked around and partied all night long. There was one thing that was going through Jason's mind, however, a female waitress, in fact, one of his old classmates that he had known for a long time, one that he had considered a friend and one who he lost contact with after he was expelled. The way he looked at her quickly got her to notice him, and towards the end of the night. At the end of their party, Jason's friends were all either too drunk, too high or just went home. Jason remained however at the bar, waiting for that one girl he had his eyes on. When she finally came up to end her shift, he was swift to talk to her once more just like in the past at school, they ended up walking together, following her home and just by the door, they shared their first intimate moments, in which he spent the night at her place.

The upcoming days of his life were spent with her during his free time, he still kept his business life locked in, not wanting it to ruin anything, it went on for some time, before he came clean to her. And as long as he never got caught, she would accept him, she confessed that she had feelings for him in the past and that thanks to seeing him again, they had crept up on her once more, and she loved him, just as much as he loved her. He promised her that once he knew a better way, he would stop all of this, to give it up and focus on them alone. He never really spoke to anyone about it, not even his best friend.



One day, however, was a complete turn around for Jason, as he came to the meeting house of Thomas out in the forest, there Thomas had called all his people, Johnny, Robbie, Felix, Jason, and Max. And he explained how someone in the group was a snitch, an informant. The others gaze darted around to the others and Thomas looked to Felix and Robbie, pointing at Jason's childhood and best friend, Max. The two quickly went and gave him a quick beating and then held him down on his knees, where Thomas explained and showed evidence that the snitch was indeed Max. Jason was infuriated by this, his best friend betrayed what they had built. And Thomas used this to his advantage, quickly going to Jason and whispering to him that he has to do one thing, and then his road to the bigger money would be set, and he pointed at Max, telling Jason to do one thing he never thought he would have to do. And that was to put a bullet in his best friend. After a few seconds of Jason's stare at his terrified and beaten up best friend, he gave Thomas a nod, and pulled out his gun and put it against Max's head. Jason stared his ex-best friend in the eyes, and then pulled the trigger, putting a bullet in Max's head and ending his life.

Jason stared at the body of his former best friend and headed out while the others took care of the body. As Jason came outside he fell to the ground and threw up, having never killed a person in his entire life, but Thomas was there to aid him. Helping him back up and taking him inside, the remaining people of the gang remained in the hideout for the rest of the night, drinking and doing what they enjoyed.


A few weeks passed and Jason had just turned 20 Jason was on his way home to his parents heading to his room to pack his things. He had just enough money to get himself his own apartment after being rewarded for taking care of Max and more of his work for Thomas. But just as he was about to leave, his father stopped him, infuriated with Jason as he gave him a slap and asked him where he was going, Jason not being prepared and completely ruined from the drugs from the prior night fell to the ground which revealed the pistol. His father shocked and even more infuriated tried to stop Jason and then call the police.  Jason, however, managed to grab his gun then grabbing his father and tossing him to the side just before he could head for the phone, however, his father fell back hitting his neck against a cupboard which ended badly for Jason's father putting him out. His mother came in to the hallway, finding her husband dead on the floor, and just before she would manage to scream, he went to her and quickly shut her up by putting a hand over her mouth, however, due to the rush and panic of Jason and the state he was in, he would not only hold her mouth but wrap an arm around her throat, holding tightly as he fell against the wall with her in front of him, as he slowly choked her out until she stopped fighting against. Jason stood up in shock and panic, and left the house and headed to his car, he drove off to the hideout, in which he'd meet Thomas. He rushed in to the house explaining to his mentor and friend what he had done but was quickly shut up by Thomas who told him nothing other than he had to leave the country. Before leaving his life behind, he grabbed his phone, calling the one he actually knew he could love, mentioning that he had done something, something that he couldn't return from, and that he had to leave. He mentioned how the police would knock on her door to question her, and that she couldn't say anything about what he had done or who he knew, tears rolled down his cheeks. But her calm voice and understanding helped him, she told him she'd be waiting for him to return one day and that she will always love him no matter what. Jason returned to Thomas, who still had very much respect for Jason as he was the man to not ask questions and was then sent to a remote airfield in which a plane was waiting for Jason to take him to a place where he would not have to worry about the problems he had just caused.


Jason left Sweden without little knowledge of where he was going until he landed at an airfield in a country known as Chernarus. His life soon made a turn and he decided to put his life on a twist, forgetting about his past and starting all new, getting a new life in a small town north in Chernarus, where Jason would return to what he one time had interest in and became a mechanic in a small workshop in the next town of where he lived. The owner of said workshop, Roman was a friend to Thomas back in the days, who had helped Jason since the day he arrived, getting him settled in as well as giving him the job, thankfully Jason received a position in which he only had to work on the cars and not having to speak with any customers, however for the necessity he would always keep a small dictionary in case he needed to say something. 

One night, however, he was met with gunshots from the town he lived in, as well as sirens from all around, people screaming and weird animalistic sounds as he thought at least. Jason threw himself out the bed and grabbed the pistol which he had dropped into the nightstand and headed outside to see people attacking each other, without another thought Jason decided to head out from the town, rushing to his car before one of the people jumped on Jason and pulled him to the ground, the man seemed sick with blood running from his mouth as he clawed at Jason and attempted to bite him. Jason struggled but finally managed to put the man down as he managed to reach for his gun and put a bullet in the man's head, Jason would then head for his car and head out. His panicked travels ended quickly as a truck meeting him on the road slammed into Jason's car, losing control and slamming into a tree nearby.





Jason then woke up his head pounding and his leg bleeding, making his way out of the car and stumbled through the forest, as he came up to a town, he went through the road finding nothing but disaster, blood, and corpses and at the end of the road, he saw a couple of the rotters. However hearing a shout as he looked to the left and saw a girl standing on the porch of a house, with a man running out to get her and pull her inside, as he shouted at Jason and waved him towards them, Jason looked to the group of rotters and took his chance and headed to the man and the house, in which was then closed off and barricaded, Jason fell to the floor panting heavily as he looked towards the girl and a woman who sat and hugged eachother in the corner, the man held a rifle aimed at Jason. As Jason responded by putting his hands up. The man then noticed the bleeding leg and spoke to his wife in the Chernorussian language, the man then kneeled down in front of Jason, as he received bandages and some gauze. The man aided Jason's leg and allowed him to stay with them until it was healed. Though things weren't going as planned and the food was running out, the rotters remained around the house, waiting Jason and the family out, one morning Jason woke up to the screams and gunshot, running out to find the girl being pulled by one of the Rotters, Jason pulled his gun and took the two rotters closest to her out and then rushed to risk his life to save the girls life. However as he brought her inside he noticed the woman screaming and crying as the man just froze, the girl being passed out but also had a bite mark on her leg. Jason froze as well and tears welled up in his eyes much like the father and mother, he looked to them and held the daughter out for the woman who then took her daughter to the bedroom, the man spoke in English telling Jason that a bite mark means death. And Jason just remained silent staring at the wall as the man made his way to the room, Jason though stopped the man telling him that no father should go through such a thing and asked to do it himself. In which the father and mother agree, and he soon went into the bedroom and took care of their daughter. Jason waited for night to come, as he snuck out the back to bury the little girl not too far away from the house. The father and mother didn't speak much after that. Following the next morning, everything seemed a bit too quiet, Jason made it out to the living area and found the basement door unlocked and opened, the chernorussian man's rifle by the door aswell as a backpack, with a worried feeling he loaded his gun, and made it downstairs to the basement, only to find the man and wife leaning against eachother by the wall, the woman's wrists were bleeding, and the man had a knife in his chest, holding a picture of the family, Jason in silent mourned the two as they were reanimating slowly, and with two final bullets he ended their suffering, grabbing the picture which read the words "Thank you Jason." on the back of the picture, and thus he kept it on him, and grabbed the remaining things from the house, including a baseball bat, the backpack, and the mans rifle, he waited for the night and then left the building to continue his survival all alone.


"I left Chernarus some time
ago, after Riptide had came into contact and issues with other hostile groups. Some of ours stayed behind and some died, we found a new home. Somewhere I felt safe. However with the new home came new problems. I started running out of drugs, and the voices started appearing again, the images, the people. Nothing felt real anymore. I pushed through it for a couple of months, fighting, helping... Surviving, but in the end, when that bottle was empty. I knew what I had to face. I went out for some time, away from my new home to find something that could help me with my problems. After weeks and months of travelling through the new lands, battling the dead. I stumbled upon a group of four people. Three men and one woman. I stayed with them for a couple of days, but I shouldn't have. I should have just let them be, or taken them back to my home. But one night it was too late. I got into a argument with one of the people the leader, ended up slamming him against the head with a hammer, over and over again. Until blood poured out and he was dead, the other three panicked, and I shot the girl and one of the men. The last man tried to escape but failed. To which I grabbed a large rock and I bashed it against his head over and over. My hands were covered in blood, and not the dead ones blood. So I grabbed the girls bow and arrows and wrote a letter to my previous group, which I left at the front of their gate by shooting an arrow into the ground. I don't know when they found it as I left the second after. I explained in the note of what I did and that I couldn't stay anymore. My home was chernarus, I deserve to be there. So I packed my things, and anything I could find at the camp, and I left. Not looking back.

And now I return, to one day face my death in the barren lands of Chernarus. But maybe, I'll find myself there again
.... Maybe.













- Cigarettes

- Oxycodone

- Muscle Cars

- Honest people

- Music

- Rifles

- Hoodies

- Tattoo's

- Knives
- Forest
- Writing

-Animal meat




-The voices
-The visions

- Liars
- Traitors
- Cowardice
- Religion
- Polices
- Wolfs
- Bullies
- Rotters



Green = Trusted
Yellow = Neutral
Orange =Dislike
red = hated

Caleb and Luca Marshall



Caleb and Luca are the main married couple and leaders of our family, they were the ones who interviewed and adopted me to the family, the first two to actually trust me even though I told these people and the others what I had done in the past, they still took me in. And since then I've made it my goal to stay loyal to them and protect and help them in any way possible, that's what families are for. The two seem to be quite serious people which is good when they're the leaders, however Caleb has shown himself being a bit more on the fun side from time to time which I also like, but he's also shown his serious side which is also a good thing. I hope they will keep their trust in me.

During the tense day and the loss of our family member Victor, Caleb and Luca reassured that I had become one of the most loyal members of our family. It was nice to hear that. Not having heard it before, I've still got ways to improve and I wont let them down. I'd take a bullet for them anytime.





Eddie Sorella



Eddie was part of Tony Moretti's family in the past, and one of the few people that I talked to back then, Im glad to see him still around and part of this family. Though he doesnt seem to remember me, yet I remember him, however I can understand that as we didnt talk that much. He seems to be the type of man that has a bad side which he does not enjoy. He's been using drugs when I've met him and he shared a joint he found with me. it seems we have some common interests. I trust Eddie and I want to get to know him better than I did in the past.




Anastasia 'Nas' Carter


Nas was the second person who spoke her concerns about me being adopted to the family, yet I feel she's lightened up on her concerns, she seems to be innocent and kind at first, but getting on her bad side is not a good idea. She's a heavy hitter but she's also fun to mess with. After we exchanged our past with eachother personally I realised that we have quite a similar life in the old days, I think that is playing a big part of her trust in me, but at the same time, she might trust me less. So far she's shown a good and kind attitude towards me and seems to be accepting me into the family. Though I am still fighting her, one day.

Viggo 'Doc' Bjerke


Viggo is the first scandinavian person I've met since I returned, I make fun of him for being from norway and him vice-versa with me being swedish, which is a good thing. He's proved himself a good doctor/surgeon when helping out Caleb and Luca. I'd feel safe with him if I ever needed similar help. However recently he's shown himself unstable, having left his armband in Camp Hope and trying to take his life with drugs and alcohol. We managed to find him though and stabilize him, but I can't help but think about the next time he does it. He seems to be too far gone to be saved. Though I wish to get to know him better before that happens.

Poppy Reynolds


I have yet to get to know her better, Pretty sure we only got to introduction and exchanging a few words so far, but she seems like a kind and innocent person, Im curious why she was adopted to the family, she seems a bit different than most of us. Most of us tend to wear black or dark clothes, and masks. But she showed up in bright colours when I first met her. She definitely sticks out in the crowd.

I later got to know Poppy a bit more during an intense day when we went to find water for our family. She told me how she was adopted to our family. I also found out that she was an animal friend when I heard a hen not far from us, I was on my way to kill it and get food for us but she didnt want me to. I understood where she came from and I let the hen go. It's nice to see that people like that still exist. I just hope that no one takes advantage of her kind and innocent personality.

Jordan Holt


Jordan was the first person to show concern about me being adopted so quickly into their family. Which I can understand and respect, I'm still working on gaining his trust, but I dont think he trusts me. He's shown himself being quite nagging about things and bringing up a negative taste to my tongue as he speaks against most things. When attempting to lighten the mood when we had found Viggo he did throw me a punch, hit me right on the jaw. I haven't seen anyone raise a fist against another member of this group internally like that until then. The voices in my head has started worrying me about him. I do not trust him one bit.

Jordan killed our family member Victor. Sure it was a mercy kill, but Victor did not deserve it. Jordan will never be someone I trust. And I made him a promise, one I aim to keep. The man deserves every bit of bad things to come for him.


Casey Hall
Polly Parsson

James Carter


I havent spoken too much with James, but I can tell that he's a good man who's got a good heart, especially when it comes to our family. He seems to be honest and smart, most of the times calm. He's also got a fun side where he messes with his wife Nas from time to time, it's nice to see such a relationship in this world. I'd like to get to know him better, but I do trust the man.


Victor 'Jack' Novirov


I never got to know Jack the way I was hoping to, first time I met him he introduced me to his daughter. I saw the look Victor gave her, a look of a true guardian, although they were not related by blood, he saw her as his daughter, he wanted to protect her with his life. And he showed that when he stayed behind at camp Hope when the Vatos came to raid it. He earned my respect fast and that proved that he was a man I wanted to get to know.

However the time I met him after that I found out that he had failed her and himself. Telling our family about his daughters death, and the look of a guardian had faded, it ruined him together with what the Chedaki had done to him. Thus forcing him to insanity, and the man he was before that, was no longer around. He begged Jordan to take his life and although he didn't at first, he got his wish from Jordan later that day when we were attacked by wolves, Jordan shot him ending Victors life.

As much as I didnt know Victor, he was still part of our family, and when I saw him get shot, I felt the emotions of loosing a family member.

I'll always remember you and the way you protected your daughter, you didn't deserve to die, but you can rest easy now together with your daughter.

Rest in peace brother...




Yellow = Ongoing
Red = Failed
Green = Complete

Short term Goals:
Find a pen
Find out more about yellow armband gang
Meet with Jaxon Valentine

Long term Goals:
Get in contact with old associates
Keep his promise to Jordan Holt and fulfill it
Help and protect his newfound family (GenZ)

Find a new family
Find out what happened to Casey Hall
Get away from addiction to drugs (Failed)
Become a better person (Failed)

Help out Riptide with whatever he's asked of (Failed) 








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This is super, super well done! 🙂 

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I've read the dead section on Victor how many times, and everytime - it still brings the feels

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1 minute ago, SonOfWatchman said:

I've read the dead section on Victor how many times, and everytime - it still brings the feels

Thanks, Love you brother ❤️ 

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Thought i already praised the fuck outta this

Great job on this character page ! +1

Great Story and Graphics along with good attention to details 🙂

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Just recently met the guy but great char from what I currently got

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