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Liam Hatch
Character information
  1. Alias
    The Regulator
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
    On edge
  4. Date of birth
    1989-12-07 (30 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Dutch
  9. Family
    Samantha Dans (Mother, Missing), Daniel Hatch (Father, Deceased) and Noah Hatch (Brother, missing)
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    74 kg
  3. Build
    Slim, athletic
  4. Eyes
  5. Features
    Scar across his left side of the stomach, going towards his back
  6. Equipment
    Black or Blue baseball cap
    Red facemask
    Black high cap. vest
    Firefighter Axe
    Black quilted jacket or black dyed shirt
    Blue Jeans
    Military boots
    Brown Gloves
  7. Occupation
    Pre-outbreak; Freelancer Security. Post-outbreak; Dealer of Justice, Regulator, Provider
  8. Role


'Some call me the Regulator, others call me the Dealer of Justice.. The rest don't even bother giving me a name. *Scoffs* Name's Liam Hatch... And I ain't no fucking saint' Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Liam Hatch was the second born of the family Hatch. His father Daniel was very traditional and strict, your typical; if you don't listen to me, there will be consequences type of dad. Often enough beating his two sons with whatever he could find close by. Seeing that Liam was the second born, he was the least favorite of the two. Liams brother Noah would try and stand up for his brother, but the father would just push him aside and continue the beating. The mother, Samantha Dans, would not dare to stop her husband. She was too afraid and felt powerless against the physique of Daniel. Living in through his rough childhood; both brothers would seek solace in different places. Noah would find it in the church, following the road towards Christianity. Liam however, chose the path of being a criminal. Liam would work his way up in the food chain, starting as the muscle in gangs and eventually becoming highly respected by the kingpins of the criminal world. The way Liam worked his way up, was different than most. The usual way of becoming respected in such groups would be by becoming known for your successes. Liam gained his respect by networking, talking to every single member individually, gaining their trust. He would always do favors for others and repay his debts on time; this way Liam would know everyone's background, their strengths and their weaknesses. To cover up for his criminal life; Liam would work as a freelancer in security for any company willing to hire him. This gave an alibi for Liam's absence. Daniel, being the traditional type he is, decided that Liam's way of progressing in the world wasn't good enough. He believed education and a better job than being security should be the way forward. A loving parent would sit his son down and have a constructive talk. Daniel thought differently, beating and shouting at your son is a better option. Liam had enough of his fathers abuse and decided to riot against him, picking up a wooden chair that was standing next to him and throwing it towards his father. Daniel saw this coming from a mile away, ducks and grabbed a kitchen knife from the counter. He then lunges forward, slicing into Liam stomach, leaving a nasty cut. Noah witnessing the brutality at hand, races to the cabinet where Daniel would keep his revolver. Noah opens the cabinet and tosses the gun to Liam. Liam catches it and fires three rounds. One in the head and two in his fathers chest. Shocked by this development, Samantha scurries away to the telephone and starts dialing 911. Full of adrenaline Liam puts the revolver in his jacket, grabs a the kitchen towel and holds it against his open wound. Liam then quickly looks around, noticing the situation hes in and dashes out of the house. Still bleeding and progressing what just happend, Liam runs across the street to one of his criminal friends house. Bashes open the door and screams for Kayleigh, a student nurse. Kayleigh picks up her medical supplies she had laying around and tries to patch up Liam's cut as best she could. With the lack of supplies and proper knowledge, she manages to barely close the wound and stitch it up. Liam being fully aware of the cops being called upon him, decided the lay low in his friends house for a few weeks. Barely sleeping and having flashbacks of what happend that day, Liam is looking for redemption for his actions. Troubled by what he has done, he remembers that Noah has the answer to all of this mess. Even though Liam never believed in a higher being, he needed answers. From that point forward Liam went to every church service on Sunday. Talking to his brother Noah, trying to figure out what to do next. Slowly starting to believe the words coming from Noah, Liam believed it was gods will to his actions he took against his father. Every single time Liam did something that someone else would consider evil, he would state his sins in the church. Following the road to Christianity, Liam would redeem his actions as the will of god. Staying low and trying to avoid the heat forever was no way of living. Considering his options, Liam realized that he still owed Ace and Ricky Phoenix a favor. The Phoenix brothers recently fled to country themselves to avoid the cops heat. Liam being the guy he is, always repays his debts. He jumped on the boat that departed after Ace and Ricky left. Leaving his brother Noah and his mother Samantha behind in America. After he arrived in Chernarus, he went about his own business the way he was used too. At first staying in the shadows and only speaking to the Phoenix brothers to retain any information about the country and its population. Who are the gangs around there, who is the scum around town and most importantly; what would be gods will. After the apocalypse hit, Liam lost sight of the Phoenix brothers. Being alone and having barely any knowledge of the people around him, Liam remained hidden. Scavenging supplies and spying on people was his life for a few months. Living this way Liam almost lost his mind. Not talking to anyone does that to a person. Looking for change, Liam bounced back to his former ways. The way he earned respect among his criminal friends. 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer' - Sun Tzu. The way Liam would survive, become friends with everyone and decide what gods will would be.


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