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Drahoslav Kucaj
Mr Smoking Dog
Character information
  1. Alias
    starý muž or Kazmir
  2. Mental
    Trying to stay focused
  3. Morale
    bratři always comes first
  4. Date of birth
    1980-05-14 (40 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Chernaya Polana
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Chernarussian, Russian and broken English
  9. Relationship
    Natalya Kucaj (dead)
  10. Family
    Father: Pravoslav Kucaj (dead). Mother: Kristýna Kucaj (dead). Daughter: Lexa Kucaj (missing). Uncle: Jaroslav (dead)
  11. Religion
    Orthodox Christian


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Weight
    90 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    turning grey
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Features
    Tattoed in tattooed his wife and child's name on his shoulder.
    He got a fox tattoed in, on his back.
    He has a tattoo saying Osvoboďte černaruské lidi od jeho (Free the Cherarussian people) on his back as well.

    He got few scars on his arms as well on his chest
    He got one long scar on his back
  8. Equipment
    C.L.F uniform as well as civilian clothing
    bulletproof vest in his backpack
    a mask to cover his face with
    an old hat
    badass glasses
    hunting or military boots.

    Akm or an Ak 47, sometimes a hunting rifle
    hunting knife

    Neckless with a cross
    His old journal
    Lighter and a pack of cigarettes
    Picture of him and his family
    Button Pin that has the chernarussian flag
  9. Occupation
    Guerrilla fighter for the front
  10. Affiliation
    Chernarus Liberation Front [CLF]
  11. Role


Chapter 1: Drahoslav youth



Ahoj to whoever reads this, my name is Drahoslav Kucaj or as most people know by as starý muž and Kazmir. If you come across this old journal of mine and you know who I am, and we are on good terms then dobře you can read. If ne, and you are a dirty foreign dog pig, you can fuck yourself in ass že jo?. I was born in 1980 to a proud and pure-blooded Chernarussian family under the soviet union in the small town known as Cernaya Polana. We had it tough time there, there was barely any Chernarussian due to the city being so close to the Russian border. Most Ruskis living there weren't very fond of us due to my family's pride and so on. My mother, Kristýna, worked in a part-time job in one of the bars near Novodmitrovsk, where she barely made any money at all do to who she was. My father, Pravoslav, worked on the docks in Svetlojarsk full time but still barely made any money at all compared to his Ruski colleagues.


One late evening my mother came stumbling home, looking completely  beaten-up, my father came rushing to the door to help my mother in. Helping her sit down, my father asked what happened, my mother explained that three really drunk Russian pigs tried to rape her at the bar. When my father heard about that he went into the basement, took out a hidden pistol, and without a single word, he went out in the early night. After a short while, my father came home stumbling in. My mother let out a  loud scream that woke me up, when I went into the living room to investigate. There I saw my crying mother next to my father that was bleeding heavily. I  was just around 8 years back then, and I still remember to this day my father lying on the floor in front of us bleeding out. He refused to go to the hospital and get treated. He explained with a slight smile on his face that he got his revenge. If the doctor finds out what happened, he would probably be sent to the gulag and suffer a much worse fate, then death itself.


Years later, around 1991, the soviet union's rain over Chernarus was finally over, we finally got our independence. Even tho everything seemed good,  Chernarus was in turmoil people who still wanted to support the Soviet regime was fighting the newly formed Chernarussian government they called themselves ChDKZ. Due to the still substantial population of ethnic Russians up in the north, ChDKZ was very active there and was a significant threat to us. One day mother and I came home late in the evening, we saw that our house had been broken into. When we went into the house things were missing, we saw the ChDKZ symbol that has been spray-painted on the wall. My mother dropped everything in her hands and quickly grabbed her phone and went into the other room. A short while after she came out told me to grab my things because we were moving out. I who as 11 at the time was little confused but didn't question it after all knew the symbol, and what it meant. 20 minutes after waiting a car pulled up and out came my old uncle Jaroslav, when he entered our home and saw the ChDKZ symbol. He frowned and then spat on it "kurwa disgusting piece of shits" he said, my mother looking worried but at the same time, mad told me to get my things packed up in the car and wait there. After waiting for a while, my mother and uncle came out with the rest of the luggage. When my mother entered the car, she told me we are going to stay with my uncle in Dubrovka for a very long time.



Chapter 2: Becoming a true man




Eight years past since we moved. I was 18, but I was about to turn 19, I was still living with my uncle and mother in Dubrovka. Through the eight years, my uncle taught or what some people said trained me to navigate and hunt in throughout the forests, due to my uncle's profession as a hunter and a woodcutter. I asked him once why he wanted me to do all this shit, he really never gave me a straight answer, so I never bothered to ask him again, but I guess he wanted me to work in the the profession. Even if I was kinda young at the time, I felt that I needed to help my family, so I started to work as a part-time bartender and as weapon manufacture worker before I was 19.


When I became 19 years old, my uncle who knew that I wanted to do something bigger and take revenge for my father and help our country and destroy the communist sympathisers that were still left in our country that were wreaking havoc on the innocent chernarussian civilian lives. So he told me that he wanted me to join the nationalist party known as NAPA, to be apart of something much bigger than myself so of course, I accepted the invitation. Working in NAPA was the smartest choice that I ever did, I even met the most beautiful woman named Natalya that I would later marry. Due to my working experience with bartending and weapon manufacturing. I helped them to get weapons and gather information about different sympathisers or rumours.


Near the end of 2008, I got married to my beautiful wife Natalya even if the tensions were high with ChDKZ and with the politics, we still decided to get married. We had a perfect thing going for us for a while but of course, when some good is happens something terrible will come to follow with it. My mother was murdered by a Russian man. Apparently, she went out in the early morning to buy food, but when she was on her way home she got approached by a Russian man who then attacked her, luckily there was an old chernarussian lady who saw everything,  that later told my uncle. When my uncle called me and told me what had happened, I was enraged. When I told my wife about it, she wanted to help, but she couldn't do anything because she was apparently pregnant, quick side note: I did not know about that until that day. After convincing her to step down, I called my uncle and also some of my bratřis to help me out and find that fucker. After a few days of searching one of my bratři found out that the man and his friends were in one of the bars in Berezinos. So me, my uncle and bratřis went  down in the late night to wait for him and his friends to get out. When they came out we jumped them as quick as possible and what can I say... it was  pretty bloody.



Chapter 3: The war against traitors




In 2009 big things started to happen. ChDKZ started to become more active with attacks and propaganda. In September, I think the ChDKZ leader named Gregory Loptev got apprehended due to his involvement to push a bloody disgusting uprising against the Chernarussian government and her people. I fought and I bleed, with my bratřis we killed tortured did whatever we could. We fought through the trees we sabotage Russian supplies we did whatever we could. At first, it seemed that we were winning but the further in we came into the war, the more I  started to see that we're losing men more and more, but nevertheless we continued fight with all our might. Then these fucking foreign blueberry NATO pigs came in and said that they would help us. Funniest shit that I ever fucking heard because they left shortly after and just made it worse for us.


The civil war ended around the 13th of January 2010. I remember when the day they gave the command on the radio to surrender. Me and my bratřis who was in middle of firefight were confused even if we knew that deep in our hearts that we were losing the war we still didn't believe it so we fought on until we were overrun by the ChDKZ forces. After a big explosion I was knocked unconscious, and woke up in prison cell. I was confused at first but then I understood that we lost the fight but I knew deep down that fight for freedom would never stop, and as long as NAPA was still around fighting for the people we would be fine and probably come for us one day. A few days later I was informed that we lost the war and  all members of NAPA are seen as terrorists, and Chernarus is now known as "The Chernarussian Socialist Republic", and guess what.. of course that disgusting snake of a man Gregori Lopotev was enlisted as the leader. Knowing that I would either go to prison for a lifetime or would be shot in the head, so tried escaping but to no avail. Somehow I was sentenced to prison labour. I wasn't sure if this was better then getting a bullet straight through the head.


It was tough, but I didn't give entirely in, the guards loved harassing us and make our life's a living hell. They would try to break ur spirit so it would be easier for them to handle us. If you wouldn't listen to their orders you could either get beaten to the brink of death or you would be put in a concrete room where you were isolated for as long as they saw fit. I was stuck there for almost six fucking years, and I almost lost my mind, but somehow I managed to survive. The year 2016, I finally was able to escape the prison with some Chernarussians that was still loyal to the old government. We escaped in the night with a helping hand thanks to on single chernarussian guard that was still secretly supporting the independence of Chernarus. With his help and a little bit of share luck we somehow escaped, but sadly we needed to leave one behind due to one of the tower guards saw us when we were about to leave. They shot him in the leg, we couldn’t to anything about it due the bullets that were  coming after us and so we had to leave him behind. Now free we decided to split up so it would be harder for them to find us. I didn't really know what to do or were to go, so after pondering for a little bit I decided to look for any of my family or NAPA or even any old CDF who was still loyal to independence.


 Three months after the escape, with no luck my hope stated to fade but I still didn’t give up. So I continued to look for a way to find my uncle and members of NAPA, I looked throughout south zagoria but to luck. Then  I began to hear rumours about militia who fought against the regime and apparently assassinated Loptev. So I tried to look for them instead for hope of finding my family or any old NAPA members but to no avail . My hope started to fade away again, so I decided to focus more on adapting to the new regime to stay hidden so I wouldn't stand out, that meant that I needed to get a fake ID that was very hard to get and find a job and that was even harder to get due to all the foreigner and ruskis that came into the country. Throughout 2016 I tried my best to stay quiet.  I finally got job in a small pub in the south where I waited for any signs of the militia or any NAPA members.


One day near the end of 2016 an old man and a young little girl entered my bar, it was completely empty due to the holidays coming up and the freezing cold. I was a little bit confused when I saw the two, for some reason that little girl  looked very familiar. The old man sat down with little girl sitting next to him looking curiously around meanwhile the old man and ordered a drink. I remember him staring at me with a slight smile, and he said "Ahoj synovci, long time no see", when I heard that I dropped glass that was about to give him. That's when I realized it was my uncle Jaroslav, I was shocked to see him still alive, but before I asked him what happened to him everyone, I wondered who that little girl was. He said with even a bigger smile on his face, “can’t you recognize her?” he said,  it was my daughter when I heard that I didn't know how to react or what to say. After calming down a bit, I grabbed two drinks and a glass of milk for the little one. We sat down at a table and started to talk for hours on hours on end around three o'clock in the night we finally finished our conversation. Before he left, he told me about the militia. Apparently, he knew who they where he gave me a radio that when the time comes, they would  radio in on this frequency. He picked up my daughter, who was named Lexa, who was in a deep slumber, seeing that my uncle finally told me what happened to my wife. Apparently, the ChDKZ dragged her out and shot her straight in the head  in the streets. When I heard that I didn't even know what to say, I suspected that she may had been killed, but I still had my hopes up but of course these fucking distgusing traitors would find her and kill her, due to her relation with NAPA. He said he was sorry to inform me about it. I just nodded to him and said we said goodbye.  


Chapter 4: The end of the life we once knew




Forward two years, and we are in 2018 probably one of the worsts years if not for 2019 and 2020. The only two good things that came out of that year was me getting time to be with my daughter and telling her about the old war stories and how Chernarus was before. Also the militia known as the front finally contacted me. After joining the militia, I went through quick training, due to being pretty old napa member and fought in the civil war and had a lot of experience with fighting guerilla tactics and sabotage I made it through pretty quick, this later led me to be promoted to Svobodnik. So let start with negative shit, around October there was held a Referendum in Chernarus where the people could vote if we join the Russian Federation, or not, some fucking how the result were overwhelmingly positive and so Chernarus joined. That shit struck me right into the core of my heart, but I swear that the votes must've been fabricated. In late 2018 the three leaders of our militia got arrested on a mission to take out one of the Russian outposts near the border, it ended in a tragedy,  almost every militiamen who attacked died. So We were told that we had lost to many good men and the main three leaders were gone, so it led to the decision to pull back and await a better time. Also, there was a new infection that started to spread, but it was quickly contained, and people got vaccinated, but I never did take the vaccine because it was too big of a risk for me to get spotted.


2019 was an even more awful year than 2018. The flu that was contained came back even stronger than before, or at least it seemed like it, they made a new vaccine apparently, but I still didn't get it because of the same reasons as before and didn’t really trust the vaccine either. We who still were in the militia continued to stay low, I was still awaiting further instructions on what to do, but I feared that the front would never come back again. The rapid expansion of the infection throughout South Zagoria, Made me forced to close the pub because there were barely any customers at all. Because of this, I got to spend more time with my daughter and my uncle, but sadly with on income it was even harder to survive. After a few weeks, I noticed that my uncle was infected. I tried to take him to the hospital, but the hospitals were completely full, and so we needed to head back home again. Three weeks later he died, after grieving and I buried  him not to far away. Luckily my daughter was still alive and helped me to keep myself sane.


Alright 2020 what can I say the year of a lot of opportunities? Ne, it was also a year of losing a lot of things that were close to me. In early 2020 the outbreak seemed to calm down a bit, I finally got word that the front is coming back together to start working again. Thanks to the outbreak, it made it easier for us to operate more openly without being exposed. Around March, the infection began to pick up again, this led to military personnel setting up quarantine zones. With this direction, we changed our focus to help the safety to those who were loyal to Chernarus, Russian pigs became our second targets. During the chaos, I made the biggest mistake in my entire life, I sent my daughter away with some close trusted friends of mine to be scure doing all this shit. I didn’t really know why I did that, maybe  because I thought it would be much safer for her there with them than at home alone when I was away.  I noticed that the further into the year the worse became the infection, around the spring the outbreak got out of hand pretty much. The lack of information to masses created more fear and unrest, this escalated so much that in the end, the government could barely could contain it.


 This was our time to shine, we used the chaos to our advantage due to the Russians being occupied with containing infected and the civilians in the safe zones. Russians become much easier to targets and raid. This was a perfect start for our cause. Between all these raids and fighting tried to look for my daughter that I lost contact with for a while, but I was never able to find, even so, I still have hope that she is somewhere out there after all she is a robust little girl know how to survive….






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