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Havel Novotny
Character information
  1. Mental
    Fuck everything.
  2. Morale
    Who cares?
  3. Date of birth
    1998-01-08 (20 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Kirovograd, Chernarus.
  5. Nationality
    White, Chernarussian.
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    English, Chernarussian, Russian.
  8. Relationship
    [Married] Annabelle Novotny https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-6083/
  9. Family
    Andrej Novotny (father, ceased), Ester Novotny (mother, dead).
  10. Religion
    Agnostic, feels as if God doesn't exist.


  1. Height
    178 cm
  2. Weight
    82 kg
  3. Build
    Toned but not overly strong.
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Affiliation



Havel lost all hope in his country 2-3 years ago. You see... where the death penalty can thrive, only pain can emerge. Havel had left for his small part time job one day, only to return to police tape around his house. He was told to stay away from the scene of the crime. Confusion, then anger, then hatred filled his blood to the brim. Havel was left in the dark, uncertain of what had happened. He was later brought into a station where he was informed that his mother had been killed, multiple stab wounds to the abdomen. His father, found on the ground at the scene of the crime with a knife in his hands. A knife he'd never carried before in his life. When forensic analysis came back, the only details they could find were the DNA of his father, whoever did this was smart, killing Havel's mother and framing his father. Havel would rage, repeatedly hit the wall in anger. His father was sentenced to death, the evidence seeming certain to point at his father doing the deed, his mother struggling to beat him back. 

When the day of the infection hit, he was busy reworking his job.


Havel is a blunt, often quite assertive man. He likes to joke and have fun, but when it gets down to it he's one of the most blunt people you'll meet. If you're being a cunt, he's not afraid to tell you straight to your face. He can often be quite headstrong because of that. He's not afraid to tell somebody exactly what he thinks about them, especially if he doesn't like them. He's not one to sugar coat anything really, believing that ignorance and naivety go hand in hand. He despises ignorance, and hates people who needlessly take advantage of others, especially family members. He's not particularly nationalistic, but he does retain some pride in his Chernarussian genes.

In recent times he has honed down his abrasive personality, largely due to the influence of Anna. He's not quite ready to blow his top straight away, but he will still attack those who disrespect him, even more so those that threaten or disrespect Anna. In recent times he has managed to keep his cool because of her influence, but the second she raises her voice he's off the chain. She's probably one of the few reasons he hasn't been killed yet.


wS8sBJS.png   KrnpKVT.png   jtFd2am.png

IiRhdt7.png   6gUBUVs.png


Thoughts towards these people:

Annabelle Kramer: Smart, sexy and the love of his life. Where would he be without her today? Probably dead in a ditch. This girl gave him everything, and unlike most other guys he was the one to show her how to stand on her own two feet, to blossom as a young, beautiful woman. Most people see a shy, innocent girl and treat her that way; They treat her like she needs a caretaker or a strong man to protect her. No. She needed somebody to help her grow, to be more confident and Havel did just that. She's a young, beautiful woman who's confidence continues to grow. This is why the two of them are inseparable, even at their lowest times.

Shelby Seashore:

Calandra Vlcek:

Rain Valentine:

Markus Letter:




Colt Valentine:






When Anna and Havel first met, Havel was part of a group called The Red Letter. It was a group of hostile people, generally just there to cause havoc. They weren't relentless, they weren't without cause, but their pain was one that people knew nothing off, many were ignorant to their pain. Eventually the group came to South Zagoria, where The Red Letter met San Valentino, a group of friendly people running a pub. It was from this group that Havel met Anna, at the time a shy, quiet mouse of a girl. A bookworm lost in an apocalypse. When Havel first spoke to her, the pair of them seemed fairly skeptical of each other. It was from her though, that Havel learned just how lonely a bookworm can get. She was cute, granted, but everybody in San Valentino seemed to treat her like that constantly. People would want her instantly, just because she was cute, but they never got to know the true Anna. Havel  was one of the few people that actually spoke to her, conversed with her rather than confessing his 'love' to her 2 days in. People were treating her like an item rather than a woman.

After spending a couple of weeks together, the two of them grew closer and closer together. Havel seemed to grow her confidence. He was blunt with her, sometimes brutal with the truth. He's fairly certain he's made her cry a couple of times, but that's kinda the point. She needed tough love, somebody to mold her. Though, alongside that Havel began to subject her to the darker sides to humanity. See, deep down Havel was still a cold blooded killer at his core. He wasn't a psychopath, but he had no qualms with doing what needed to be done. Anna first saw this side when she was trapped in a house, almost held captive. Havel had arrived just in time, but instead of just shooting the man, Havel went for the leg shot before smashing the man's face off a banister. It was at that moment that Anna realised just how violent Havel could be at his worst moments. The funny thing... it helped grow her even more. She wasn't afraid, she knew his anger was only targeted, it wasn't reckless, ruthless, off the leash. He was a dog with a leash, he knew to control his aggression. This only built her trust in him. 

Eventually Havel's old group, The Red Letter began to dissolve. Havel was left stranded, alone in an area of the world he knew little about. The first person he went to was Anna, who had more or less invited him along with the Valentines. The two of them, by this point, had been spending most nights together away from their respective groups, concealing this bond they had been forming. Most of the Valentines didn't know about them, and they continued to conceal it after Havel joined them until it got to a point where they just didn't give one. it wasn't until shortly after that Anna received a call from Dorian, her old 'friend' who wasn't actually her friend. He ended up taking her away, leaving Havel a mere clue for where she was. He was toying with them, and in that time Havel went to the Valentines for help saving her. They had other priorities and gave nobody towards his cause, they prioritised another individual. Havel rounded up who he could, and eventually found her. Havel's anger was deep, he felt betrayed and for once it wasn't a betrayal he felt towards himself. After a blazing argument with Jaxon Valentine, Havel and Anna left the valentines to spend the next month together, alone. Havel continued to help her sprout her flowers, to blossom into a young, beautiful woman. She became more confident, independent, everything Havel had wanted for her and it only bolstered their love and affection for one another.

And then disaster hit. Havel had gone out one day, gathering supplies as he now remembers it when he was attacked by 3 unknown men. He was knocked unconscious, beaten whilst down and only awoke a few days later. By the time Anna had found Havel, it was on the east coast and Havel wasn't himself. The blows to his head had caused him to develop a temporary form of amnesia where a block of his memory was erased, he couldn't remember her at all. He remembers the look on her face, the sheer distraught as she realised the man she loved had forgotten her entirely. Despite Colt Valentine dragging her away, she came back. She worked hard to restore his memory, using everything she could to bring back the Havel she knew. Slowly as time went on, Havel started remembering more and more, realising that all of what she was saying was the truth. When Havel had most of his memories back, it didn't take him long to realise this was the woman of his dreams. He proposed to her a few weeks later, knowing full well this was the only woman for him. The two were so... different, but like complementary pieces of a jigsaw they fit so well together. They were perfect for one another.





Havel No-Nut

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Havel nut many time, faka you 2 time @Elmo. :P 


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