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Damien Fields
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1977-06-07 (42 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Western Pennsylvania
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    81 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Features
    Scar in back of the head from glass shard, Pagan's M.C. tattoo covering back, 1%'er tattoo, Argo Nunya tattoo, Purple shiny detailed rock tattoo, Looks a little drugged out / pale / sickly
  8. Equipment
    Empty carton of Marlboros, Pagan's M.C. jacket, Keys to his Harley from the States, Baseball bat, Crowbar, Set of tools, Multiple bags of Pagan Purple, book of the Pagan's bylaws
  9. Affiliation
    The Pagan's Motorcycle Club


Damien Fields was born & raised in western Pennsylvania. His father was a President in the Pagan's western Pennsylvania chapter. As his father & mother were never too much around, he felt fairly unwanted and was confused in his childhood. Damien only had one friend during his childhood, Dustin McCoy. They were never easily socially accepted and were fairly hated. The other children were aware of Damien's parents actions. If there was a shooting, an arrest, all opinions pointed towards Damien's father. Damien dealt with harassment  and bullying due to the actions of his father. 

During Damien's teens, the harassment, blame, and absence of his parents never changed. He became more independent day by day. He obtained a job at a Pagan owned bar, and vouched for Dustin to be employed as well. This is when he began being involved in the Pagan's. Damien served drinks and cooked at this local bar. However, one night he came into full realization of what he gotten himself into. He was serving as any other normal night, however a strange man came in being extremely aggressive towards Damien and Dustin. Damien asked the man to leave, he refused and began threatening him. Damien, without thinking, called the police for public disturbance. In the back of the bar, a club members only section was located there. At that time, club members were doing blow in the back of the bar as Damien knocked on the club-members only section door questioning if he should call the police. The members refused, and Damien pointed out the man. All members stormed out the door, grabbed the man, and pulled him into the club members section of the bar. Damien resumed to bartending. A few hours later, they requested Damien and Dustin to come in. They came in and saw the man on the floor curled covered in blood crying. Damien's father grabbed him saying that this is what they caused and this is how the club works. Damien's father asked how they felt, they were unsure. The club members forced Damien and Dustin to beat the man more, and drive him out of town and leave him on the road. They did so. Damien and Dustin were then recruited as Prospects at age 19. 

Throughout the years, Damien committed crimes such as drug trafficking, arson, interrogation, assault, and drug manufacturing. Damien was influenced by fellow members during parties with drugs, and became addicted to Pagan Purple as the majority of the Pagan's have. In Damien's late 20s, he was recruited as a Patch Member. In his mid 30s, he became a Veteran of the club due to his father's influence on the club. However, the club suffered a crisis as war and tension between the Hells Angels rival club skyrocketed. Damien's father and the Vice President were assassinated during a ride to New York. A club vote was initiated, a man named Jimmy D became President, and Damien was voted as Vice President as an heir to his father. After his father's death, Damien was distraught and extremely upset. His addiction and consumption of  Pagan Purple grew significantly. 

As war with the Hells Angels became more and more deadly and with the increasing decrease and loss of territory, and Pagan's held an all chapters meeting to discuss of how to gain some firepower. Their Russian allies, the Night Wolves M.C had a supply of weapons & ammunition. The Pagan's had their supply of Pagan Purple. They both agreed that a trade between the two would benefit the both of them. Jimmy D, Damien, Dustin, their Sergeant at Arms Joe, Veteran members, Patch members, their main and a few Prospects said on an extremely large cargo ship that the Night Wolves sent from the Atlantic coast to a port on the Black Sea. The supply from the cargo ship as well as the Pagan's were transported to one of many secluded Night Wolves' weapons warehouses for the exchange. The select secluded warehouse was located in the country of Chernarus in the region of South Zagoria. They successfully exchanged and began partying in celebration. 

One night during partying, their current President Jimmy D began becoming aggressive towards a Patch Member of the Night Wolves. As the Night Wolves were offended as this was occurring on their turf and within their territory, they've discussed with Damien, Joe, and Dustin that there will be consequences if Jimmy D continues and the exchange would fail. The three tried discussing with Jimmy D, however received "Hey, I'm Jimmy D! We're the biggest fuckin' dogs in the valley.I shot someone in front of a cop! No one fucks with me!" Damien knew what had to be done. One night, the three gotten Jimmy D extremely drunk. Damien pointed towards Joe. Joe smacked Jimmy D extremely hard with a book of the Pagan's bylaws. The three brought out their books of the Pagan's bylaws and beat Jimmy D to death with the books.

- WIP / In-discussion for the next part of what happens next for the club, of which would involve Damien -




An Aryan god.

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