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Dima Charkovsky
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1990-08-14 (29 years old)



SoonTM Dima Charkovsky, a young engineer from the mountainous area of Chernarus lived a good life before this infection hit the land. He worked in the big airfield and repaired light aircraft as they came in and left the land. He had a good life and lived in Vybor only a few kilometres from where he worked. Then the virus hit the lands. Planes stopped coming and going an people started getting infected. He was forced to leave his job as there was no planes to repair. He ran to the hills where he gathered skills that helped him survive in the wild with little means of support. He learnt to hunt, forage and fight for what he needed. One day he decided to find his family, he left the hills and travelled across Chernarus to the family home. He feared for the worse and that is just what he found. He managed to get to the house thought all the roadblocks and undead. As he opened the door he found both of his parents dead, but his bother Andrei was not there. He searched the house looking for stuff he could use, he found his Dad's old shotgun and a letter had been stuck to the fridge with a magnet, he tore the letter off. It was from his brother Andrei it read: "Dear Dima, I have left the house we were attacked by bandits and "Zombies" I escaped just in time but Mom and Dad are dead, come find me some day I have left for Black Forest and I will set-up camp. I have left Dad's old shotgun and a few supplies in the fridge (although there is no power they should be OK tinned food lasts for a long time). Come and find me and stay safe. Your Brother, Andrei," Dima thought back the tears and left the house headed for the Black Forest in search for his brother.


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