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Casey Price
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    2001-04-20 (21 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Languages
    english french
  7. Family
    Ella Stafford


  1. Height
    176 cm
  2. Weight
    58 kg
  3. Hair
    dark brown
  4. Eyes
  5. Equipment
    red glasses from her sister , with her sister pink teddy bear
  6. Occupation


Casey has always had a fairly calm life. She lived with her mother alone. She also has a sister her name is Ella but had been separated when she was only 2 years old. She had always lived in the desire to see her, mourning the emptiness that her created to live far from her. She had found her through social networks and immediately she was talking to each other as if they had always been together. At 16, Ella had experienced some difficult time which pushed her to leave her father's house to join Casey at their mother's. Casey had made the happiest girl in the world and it was said that they would never be apart again. She followed her sister Ella in everything she did to never lose sight of her. When her sister joined the military, Casey also joined. They were not on the other hand in the same "faction". When the virus struck, she was in the streets to enforce the rules of containment and ensure security because everyone was panicked in the face of this danger that no one knew before. Her sister went on a mission, but never returned. The army said they had lost all contact with them. No radio signal. Panicking to lose his sister again, without knowing what is happening, Casey will do anything to find her. It was after a few years that she succeeded contacted Ella, who gave her coordinate. Her sister is in danger, she must find her in Nyvheim, she will find a way to get there and will be ready for any eventuality. At the last news, her sister Ella was talking about a war  .                  


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PART 1: Arriving at Nyheim in the north of the region, Casey traveled through forests, swimming across rivers in extremely cold conditions. She went to the coordinates given by her sister Ella but the place was deserted. She will decide to return to explore the north of Nyheim. She then came across a small community who welcomed her without asking too many questions. Casey will begin to help them resupply themselves with food and will become a resident of New Haven after acquiring her new home which she shares with this charming Dimitri. Her goal remains to find her sister, she hopes to find some answers from the citizens.

   PART 2 : Someone told  Casey that her sister Ella as been executed by  insurectionnist   , she do not know how to feel about it she was so happy to find her sister  finally  but she now realise that she will never have the chance to see her again . She will slowly get into depression  hopefully she can be happy again 

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PART 3:  A lot of things have change since her sister died..  The man that she tought was there for her left her alone dealing with all this pain alone. But Casey do be strong . She did for sure  started to drink alchool to make her emotions go away . She have been able to met quite a few people along her way . You could finally hear her laugh again . She never stop on the fishing and she is now making deliveries for many different community , people say she make the best fish and they want more . She did realise quite a few things ,  as she was now an anarchist like her sister used to , Casey decided  to get all of this  , she didnt wanted to end up dead like Ella did ..  War is not something that Casey want , she want no ennemy. She manage to leave in good therms so she can at least continue to do the thing she like in peace . She met that man Austin Yeller , dont disturb them if you see them on the roof as the sun rise ,  they are slowly starting to be really close ..

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Part 4 :  After sasha died  , everything went crazy , she didnt knew who to trust anymore who is lying who is telling the truth . Jack , Menece , simon .. WHO?  She got some news from menece she learned that if her sister Ella is dead it is cause of Anarchist , they lied to her after all that time. He said that her sister was not the same she used to be before the outbreak saying that all of this change people. She would have wanted him dead but she is not a killer  she refused  to change . She walked back at her fishing cabin wrotes her last goodbye. On the edge of the ice  on the ocean border she gave one more look at that beautifull view , she take her sword that her father gave her , she would have whisper : I will soon be with you sister  , then she gave her last breath. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1280782231?filter=highlights&sort=time

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