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Artyom Tarkov
Character information
  1. Alias
    The Ukrainian I Mr Chernobyl
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
    High Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1993-07-22 (27 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Kiev, Ukraine
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English, Ukrainian, Chernarussian and Russian
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    Mother - Anna (Deceased) Father - Anton (Deceased) Love Interest - Maria Derkach (Deceased) Unborn Child (Deceased)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    187 cm
  2. Weight
    110 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Short Dark Hair with a Dark Beard
  5. Eyes
    Dark Blue
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    11/02/2016 - Scar on left eyebrow down his cheek from battle in Donbass
    23/04/2017 - Burn Marks on the right side of the chest from battle in Donbass.





Artyom Tarkov was born in the city of Kiev in Ukraine. His mother Anna was Ukrainian and his father Anton was also Ukrainian who worked at the now radioactive city of Pripyat. Artyom was born on the 27th of July in 1993 in the Feofaniya Clinical Hospital. At a young age, Artyom always enjoyed the stories his father told him about Ukraine, Pripyat and the Chernobyl Disaster however his mother would dislike the fact that her son found interest in a recent human disaster that impacted thousands of lives. He attended Kyiv International School and began to find an interest in history, military and cooking but alongside them he was also learning the English language and history of England and Russia. Artyom would usually get high marks in subjects such as Ukraine Language, History of Ukraine, Russia, England along with English Language and the Russian Language, but would usually fail when it came to Maths as he didn't find the subject to be at all interesting. Thankfully for Artyom, he managed to get himself a place in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv at a young age for a Cooking Course, Military Course alongside an English Course. He stayed at the University until he was twenty-one. Artyom didn't take long to get himself his own apartment not far from where his parents live and managed to get himself a driving license not long after. When it came to finding a job, Artyom was lucky enough to get a job as a cook in a local restaurant called Tolstiy & Tonkiy Restaurant. He continued to work at the restaurant while when he could take holidays, days off, Artyom would begin to visit the place where his father both lived and worked at...Pripyat...the power plant of Chernobyl. 



During his time away from work, Artyom would usually visit Chernobyl as a tourist. He was fascinated that his father used to work there before the disaster hit. He would usually look around and grab anything that could be seen as valuable from anything civilian to military. Whenever he found anything military grade he would give it to soldiers who watched the area and they would pay him quite well...he found a new job to do which nobody else wanted to do. Artyom would usually whenever given the chance speak to his father about the eventful day of the disaster and ask what it was like to experience it. His father would always tell him the same thing. "My son, that day was the darkest day in our countries history...nothing will ever be more devastating to Ukraine then that"



In April 2014, United Armed Forces of Novorossiya or NAF for short, began to cause chaos and terror in western Ukraine around the region of Donbass which is located west of Ukraine. Throughout the year, The NAF along with Militia's and with the backing of Russia caused chaos in the region. This led to the Ukrainian Government to declare war against the NAF and anyone who was aligned with them. Artyom Tarkov signed up for the Ukrainian Armed Forces in May 2014 and join the Ukrainian Armed Ground Forces. Artyom would be assigned to the battle known as the Battle of Yampil. The fighting was bloody and brutal but in the end, the Ukrainian Armed Forces would come out victorious. Over the next couple of years, Artyom along with his Ukrainian brothers would fight the NAF and their allies around the region of Donbass.In 2017, the fighting was getting worse as countless ceasefires failed and thousands of lives on both sides were lost. In January 2017, Artyom was stationed to the town of Avdiivka which would lead to the Battle of Avdiivka. This battle would last from January 29th to February 4th and was only stopped due to a ceasefire. However the Ukrainian Armed Forces had suffered around 10 casualties  and 70+ wounded. Artyom would escape the battle as one of the lucky soldiers who was not injured. Artyom would continue to server up until the end of 2017.



To Be Written...


Firearms:  Radiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.png

Survival: Radiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.png

Scavenge: Radiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.png

Medical: Radiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.png

Cooking: Radiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.png

Driving: Radiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.png

Hunting: Radiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.png

Talking: Radiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.pngRadiation.png.5e1e43c7d87de0d021dcf5be7632a9a6.png




AK Weapons

Gas Masks













Having to Shave

Guns Jamming

The Infected




                                                        Back Covered in Chernobyl Tattoo                                              Right Arm covered in Gas Mask Tattoos                       Ukrainian Trident and Flag Tattoo on Left Arm


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