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Dylan Godard
Character information
  1. Alias
    Dr. Godard | Dylan | Dr. Sexy | Atlas
  2. Date of birth
    1989-09-14 (33 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Toronto, Canada
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
  7. Relationship
    Tahani Ray
  8. Family
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    183 cm
  2. Weight
    69 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dark Brown
  5. Alignment
    Lawful Good
  6. Equipment
    - Surgical Kit
    - Stethoscope
    - Iphone 11
    - WHO Badge
  7. Occupation
    Cardiothoracic & Trauma Surgeon
  8. Affiliation
    World Health Organisation






Dylan Godard was born in Toronto, Canada. He lived with his parents, his father a lawyer and his mother, a bank owner. They were quite a wealthy family, with high upstanding people in the area they lived. After Dylan finished school, he decided he would take a career in medicine. Dylan decided to study abroad in the United Kingdom, landing a place in Cambridge University. After finishing medical school, he moved back home to Toronto and took a surgical residency spot at Toronto General Hospital. Residency life for Dylan was interesting, meeting his girlfriend and many friends while studying. As well as his girlfriend, he met a very good friend of his called Debbie. The three worked together trying to pull of master research work and playing the cards right to scrub in on the best surgeries. Debbie had a passion for cock, taking an interest in Urology, however soon switched to psychiatry after a death in the family.. Tahani, Dylan’s girlfriend went into paediatrics and Godard himself went into Cardiothoracic. After residency, they all began their roots for the future, moving into different departments. Dylan was heavily focused on cardiothoracic work, spending countless hours in the skills lab to become the best. A few years after finishing his fellowship and becoming an attending cardiothoracic surgeon, Dylan decided to start a 1-year fellowship in Trauma Surgery so he could work in the ER more with traumatic patients. He began his fellowship in 2019, at the beginning of the pandemic.




After getting halfway through, they decided to fast track the specialty due to the lack of hospital staff and Dylan showing competency in knowledge. During the pandemic, Dylan offered his help working on the AVM-FLA19 ward and ICU, treating critical patients in respiratory distress. The pandemic hit the hospital, the staff and Dylan hard. Dylan working long, draining shifts losing multiple patients a day. He continued working on the ward until the end of August 2021, when the World Health Organisation asked for volunteers to enter Norway and provide outreach to people in the area. The volunteers would be doctors from around the world. Because of Dylan’s work in Cardiothoracic and working on the ward for over a year, they selected him as the leader of this team, making him a certified World Health Organisation doctor. Dr. Godard, with the help of other volunteers, were taken to the city of Nyheim to begin their work with another private company for protection.




January 2022. Dr. Godard received a radio transmission from the World Health Organisation telling him that the region was too far gone for any sort of help to occur. After hearing this, he told the staff of Northwind about the situation. Some people decided to stay and continue their work, Dylan himself doing the same. After another week passed, people decided to leave, loosing motivation in what they all set out to do. Most survivors wanted to head to a safer area to find their family or a new life. Dylan, watching all the people leave decided to try find something new too. A new beginning where his skills were needed and that he could help. Assisted by Debbie Grey, his sidekick they left to the border trying to find anyone they could help or even a new place to stay. 
One night as Dylan and Debbie were staying in a cabin near a highway, Dylan was awoken to Dr Grey yelling at someone at the top of her lungs before a car sped off into the distance, pressingly with Debbie inside as there was no sign of the hero doctor. The last thing to be heard by Debbie was; 
'Keep pointing that thing at me and I'll stick this golf club up your arse!'

Dylan grabbed his equipment and tried to follow the car as far as he could. He eventually lost tracks over a few days. Not knowing where to go, he decided to head back to Nyheim, hoping to find any information on where Dr Grey was. Traveling through the forest he came across a fallen tree with a large lumberjack sat on it. He approached the man who offered him a place to stay for a couple of days to recover from the long trip he had been on.

Nearly a year has past since Northwinds disbanded. Dylan now runs a small camp on the outside of Nyheim where himself, Debbie Grey and a few other survivors. In October 2022, Dylan ran into an associate of Pete. The man offered Dylan a job taking out bandits in the region. Dylan decided to help by being their doctor and hunting down hostilities in the region to help make it safer..

Over the time in the country Dylan began to lose people after people, from Northwinds to Pete's Paradise to Quinny's people. People dropping left right and center, people Dylan called his family and close friends. Eventually all taking a toll on his Mental Health. While working for Quinny, he hit his breaking point. Murdering people who did wrong became a new line of work, something he never though he would have to do. Dylan sheltered himself and his story from people, the only person who would ever want to talk to was Natalya. Dylan decided he wanted out. With Quinny now dating and happy, Dylan could not handle another loss which was bound to happen. Dylan decided to leave and move away with Krissie and his best friend Dr. Debbie Grey. 

Sadly, on the 11th of November 2022 was brutal murdered by a combination of cults. Dylan was shot multiple times, one time in the right sided of his chest, causing his lung to collapse and two times in his abdomen. All wounds caused cathastropic blood loss which was attempted to be stopped by Dr. Penelope Copperspoon and Anatoly. Unfortunately Dr. Godard lost too much blood and died from Hypovolemia. 

The godly man died on the 11th of November, 2022.

Dr. Copperspoon attempting to help Dr. Godard






Cold Weather








  ~ Strong   ~

  ~ Smart   ~

  ~ Flirty  ~

  ~ Protective   ~

  ~ Judgmental   ~

  ~ Snob   ~




Dr. Tilda Schwarz
Good Friend


Tilda Schwarz


Tilda and I met when she came to Toronto General Hospital on a research idea for a paper in Sexology. We met after I listened and was interested in one of her talks. I don't know why or how, but we just clicked and decided to work together on a paper regarding natural pain relief for cardiac patients. From here, we worked together and published a paper on natural pain relief eventually getting it published for use. Many critics criticised the practice however it held through. We did have a pretty sweet thing for each other which lead to places before she went back home to Germany to carry on her brilliant work. I'd say she came over here to rock my world, but she would enjoy that too much..

Dr. Debbie Grey
Good Friend


Debbie Grey


Debbie and I worked together in Toronto, doing surgical residency together and becoming a very good friend. Myself, my girlfriend and her always did things together, exploring places, going on holidays. Things changed when she switched from surgery to psych, she became distant but still remained friends. She became a tv star and wrote books on her work in psychiatry and I became the big shot surgeon so we never had all the time in the world to drink after work each night. She also had... a few husbands which occupied her too. Never knew why she went for such old men but I guess the three houses and a fucking yacht explain that. 
She is my sidekick in this new world and I must find her from these people who have kidnapped her!! 

Dr. Godric Fritz
Good Friend


Godric Fritz


I met Godric when posting the article that Tilda and I did. He is very skilled in his work on analyzing things. That's the reason I asked him to join Northwinds when I did to come and help in the situation. He and Tilda got very close, at first it got to me a bit. I liked Tilda a lot, but we left things on bad terms back in Toronto. It wasn't the best between us. But seeing them happy together, it annoyed me. But after a while, I got used to it. I like Fritz, he is a good man. Very nice indeed actually. I hope him and Tilda are somewhere safe now and enjoying each others company in this fucked new world..

Nikolai Dahl
Good Friend

Natalya Reznikova
That Chick


Caitlyn Jenner 
Bestie's Bitch

Dr. Luna Malin
Joe Nixon
Jonar Larsson
Ollie Ward








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A walking Godard

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wow he is handsome and cool and a doctor

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I am forced to say that "He is sexy"

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23 hours ago, Lettuce said:

yummy mummies iva GIF by Channel 7


21 hours ago, Dino said:

I am forced to say that "He is sexy"

You both know it well 

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my boyfriend

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a god in his own right

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Crying. Screaming. Puking.

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