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Luke Krey
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    1994-03-26 (25 years old)
  3. Place of birth
    Dublin, Ireland.
  4. Nationality
  5. Ethnicity
  6. Languages
  7. Relationship
    Corrin Krey (Wife)
  8. Family
    Brodie (Brother)




Luke was born in Dublin Ireland . He had a brother name Brodie and was involved in a life of crime..

He was a gun smuggler, he earned enough cash to start a new life in a different country, he picked Chernarus.

A post civil war country about to enter the crime wave.

When he got there he found himself in more trouble than before and got back into the gun smuggling business.

He ended getting caught out by the police and sent to jail. When he was in jail he waited for the right time to escape during the outbreak, he took the opportunity to escape while there was a riot (that he, of course planned) he spent the majority of his time in the woods living a cabin.

That all changed when he came across the Black Fangs with their power he set up the town of Tortuga. 

While owning Tortuga one day the communists attacked, taking political prisoners and forcing Louie to negotiate with the tyrannical Cecil, he managed to sweet talk him (Probably 'cos he had a suicide vest on) but unfortunately he was shot by an unknown person, leaving him wounded and leaving his boys to attack the communists, winning the battle. Tortuga had fallen.

A few weeks later Louie made an alliance with the commies called the Commonwealth, he did a secret mission with some locals and he shot down a jet with a MANPAD assisting the BPR.

Luke felt that he never ever liked how things were dealt with in the Black Fangs or with Tortuga.  When he was drifting around South Zagoria he tried to farm but he couldn't quite fit in with that lifestyle.

One day his dearest of friends Dimitri Tarasov approached him ask ing for his help with the spreading of his personal anarcho-communist beliefs.

Dimitri then brought Luke around South Zagoria teaching him the ideology of Anarchy and how he should deal with things.

Luke secretly doesn't feel like he will fit in with the people at Anarchy but he will do anything to survive. 

Overtime Louie found himself a wife and he felt that he did not have to do bad things anymore to survive he decided that he would stop doing bad shit.

Overtime in Anarchy he committed crimes against the state and they marked him as a terrorist.

Louie ran around till he was captured Bila Ruka PD where they put him in prison.

During his time in prison he was broken out and tortured by CDF personal this encouraged Louie's hatred towards the CDF so he decided to take a plea deal against them.

Louie will now run around on parole trying to gather information for the police force they have treated him very well so he has taken a liking to them.

Louie eventually served his time with the police they eventually set him free.

After that, he bumped into some Irish lads he helped them do a few missions with them to help them get home. 

After that, he was walking around and he bumped into some religious folk... 

Louie decided overtime to become a mercenary for hire no matter who they are he will work for them for a price. 

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i thought such a legend deserved atleast 1 comment ❤️

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Best PVPER I know, and gearrper, and fail rper, and great rper ❤️

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New phone, who dis?

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