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Emmi Beck
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Morale
    "Be scared and do it anyway"
  3. Date of birth
    1994-10-05 (24 years old)
  4. Place of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    German & English
  8. Family
    Since she was 14 she had no contact.
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    165 cm
  2. Weight
    53 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Brown curly
  5. Eyes
  6. Role
    broken "I dont take shit" bitch



Emmi Beck was born and raised in Germany till she was 14 years old. She was born to alcoholic parents and she got told that she was an unwanted kid almost everyday. Her mother stayed with Emmi's father but the relationship of her parents was full of violence. Not a day went by without them fighting and screaming. Not a day went by without Emmi being scared.

She first ran away when she was 9 years old. The police brought her back and did not see how helpless she was. That night, her mother beat her until she was almost unconscious. Her father only complained about the noise but did not help her.
She ran away often after this but was always brought back.
When she was 14 years old, she ran away again and for good and never saw her mother and father again.
Emmi had saved some money, not much but enough to survive for a week or two on the streets.
The first 4 weeks or so,  she slept at some friends house's till their parents kicked her out.
Her first night on the street, she did not sleep but got to know a lot of shady people.
First everyone treated her like a kid but after some time, people seemed to forget how old she actually was.
She started to drink. It made her feel good. She started to take some drugs and tried out everything that she was able to get.
At some point, maybe around one year living on the the streets, she realised how naive she had been and that she had become nothing but a dirty junkie.
She started to steal in shops as she needed money. Her "friends" on the street told her she "owes them now" after they got her everything she needed for so long. Stealing in shops and begging on the street for money was not a big enough source of income. She and her friends started to break into small houses, stealing everything they could carry to sell it again.
It was 2015 when she reached the lowest point in her life.
To feed her addiction she started to sell her body.
For one year she was satisfying old and dirty fuckers who treated her like the trash she was.
After she got badly beaten up by a guy in his car who did not want to pay her for her services, she found herself laying in a hospital bed.
As much as she wanted to leave to get her hands on drugs again, she knew that this situation might help her to start something new.
Two streetworkers slowly made contact to her while she was recovering in the hospital.
After 2 weeks of talking to her, they had her sign in for a rehab program.
The day she was released from the hospital, the streetworker brought her to a safe location outside of Hamburg.
The rehab program should last 6 month, including group therapy sessions and physical workout. 
Obviously, being not the only one on this program, she got to know the people living with her. Going through the same rough time as others, people can get very close. Emmi fell in a love with a girl called Christina. She did not tell her about her feelings as she was afraid of getting rejected like she was rejected all her life. Chris, like Emmi called her, and her became very close friends. 
After maybe 5 weeks they told each other that they are now good and there would be no need for therapy and rehab anymore.
Deep down Emmi knew that all she wanted was to be free.
Free, together with Chris. 
Chris told Emmi about her grandmother who lived in South Zagoria at the time. She was sure about her grandma would help them both to get on their feet again, obviously with money. Their idea was to fly there to start a new life again, together! Maybe to start a bar. Both have been very naive but they actually did it. Chris contacted her grandma and Emmi and her booked some tickets after they got some money from the old lady. They planned to stay the first week in a town called Chernogorsk.
Once landed they decided to have a drink in the nearest bar to honour their new life.
Just one.
The party lasted about 3 days. 
Chris found someone who sold her some cocaine and both decided that it was a good idea to snort just little.
Just enough to celebrate that their are clean. 
They never made it to the old lady.
Emmi stayed with a fucked up local guy she met in the bar.
The sex was good and he always had some drugs to take.
Chris stayed with the owner of the bar and started working for him behind the bar and spreading her legs for everyone who paid enough.
If they had no money, they could pay her with drugs. 
The guy Emmi stayed with was actually in love with her.
He wanted to start a new life with her, without drugs.
She did not care.
She cared about Chris but knew she could not save her.
After around 4 month everything started to change.
Strange things happenend in and around the town.
Military troops moved in and soon she saw some disturbing pictures in the TV.
Vlad, the guy she stayed with, the guy who swore to protect her, killed himself as the first wave of those monsters arrived on town. 
Emmi stayed in the apartment for at least two weeks, eating and drinking what was left, the body of Vlad in the bedroom rotting.
All drugs left she used in the first week.
In the second week she went through very bad withdrawal symptoms.
She vomited, fainted and was shaking all over her body for at least 3 days.
All she wanted was to get better, with or without drugs but she was much more afraid of what was going on outside.
Everyday she was peaking through the window, looking at those things, not knowing what was going on.
For some days in the very beginning, she thought she got insane, thought she had a horror trip, until she realised that this is the new world. 
Emmi realised she could not stay in the apartment for any longer.
With some of her personal stuff in a bag, she went out of town, trying to avoid the creatures she had seen killing people.
She was lucky not to face a creature while sneaking to a nearby forest up the hill outside of the town.
Her hands shaky, her body sweaty. 
She decided to never take any drugs again.
For now.



It is very simple:

There a things that have to be done to survive. „Things“, that can mean nothing and everything and everything in between. 

I learned very early how to get what I want and what I need. I had to learn this stuff and I actually had to learn it the hard way. 

Of course you have to be careful and you have to be smart. Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win. This is how it is these days, more than ever. 

I've met Jiri some weeks ago. He is an angry guy with a soft spot. He kinda has the same mindset as I have : I don't care what people say and I don't give a damn about their laws.

He is a arrogant prick who can be very funny and smart. I think that describes him the best. You need people like him these days.

First I used him simply to survive. Now we are working together as a team and our team is getting bigger and better.

Stress is caused by giving a fuck so let's celebrate this shit!



Don't care what people say. Don't give a damn about their laws.

I am doing what I want to do and I am having fun doing it.

Friends are the only family needed.

I am my problem and also my solution.





  • Fight her addiction
  • Find a home to stay
  • Gather information about different groups and people to use it for her own safety und survival
  • Find her friend Chris





Roughly 6 month ago Jiri left.

For good.

It was bad and ugly.

Honestly, he should go to hell though... but on the other hand, I do miss him.

I dont even know what went wrong and when... I dont know if it is my fault, but I guess it is... like it always is.

All the others are gone too... well, I left them. I could not look them into their eyes.

Now I am on my own again and while I kinda miss Jiri, it also feels good to only have to look after myself.







Cute, love this character page!

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Thank you @Ron for the help! xxx

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I finally got around to reading this page after I told you I would like 2 weeks ago... Man, she's seen some shit. Honestly, she seems like she's going to be a hell of a character to run into. Nice work

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You and I are twins T_T

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@Terra I have added your character to this guide

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14 minutes ago, WesternRP said:

@Terra I have added your character to this guide

Thank you! <3

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Just now, Terra said:

Thank you! <3

<3 :D

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