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Fae Williams
Character information
  1. Alias
    The Grey Lady, Woman in Black
  2. Mental
    Depressed. Pessimistic.
  3. Morale
    Extremely Low.
  4. Date of birth
    1988-12-01 (30 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Gorka, Chernarus
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English/Chernarussian/Sign Language
  9. Relationship
    Kazimir Yazov
  10. Family
    Aneta Vítková (Mother, Deceased), James Williams (Father, Deceased), Jesse Williams (Younger Brother, Deceased)


  1. Height
    160 cm
  2. Weight
    68 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Long, brunette, tied in a braid/ponytail/bun
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    - Sleeve tattoo on her left arm

    - Missing left ring finger and pinkie, missing right pinkie [HEALED]
    - "The Killers Say Hello" carved into her left arm [SCARRED]
    - Gunshot wound to her right thigh [HEALED]
    - Chunk of her left ear missing, due to Saviour attack. [HEALED]
    - Broken index and middle finger on left hand [HEALING]
    - 'F' carved into her right forearm [HEALING/SCARRED]
    - Missing fingernail on her left middle finger
    - Puncture wound on her left foot, stitches between her toes [HEALING]
  8. Equipment
    Personal Equipment:
    - Small Journal
    - Radio
    - Silver hipflask given to her by Casey. Filled with Vodka.
    - Handfull of strawberry candies given to her by Robbie
    - Personal passports (English and Chernarussian)
    - Several family photos

    - M4
    - Black hoodie/jacket/shirt
    - Black jeans
    - Military boots
    - Bulletproof vest
    - Nailed Baseball bat/Sledgehammer
    - Black ushanka
    - Tactical goggles/Aviators
  9. Occupation
    Police, Armed Response.
  10. Affiliation
    Black Roses
  11. Role


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"Death doesn't discriminate,
Between the sinners and the saints.
It takes and it takes and it takes

Fae Williams was born in Gorka, Chernarus to an English father and a Chernarussian mother. Her father moved them to England shortly after her birth, though the family did take regular trips back to Gorka to visit extended family. Fae always looked forward to these trips, excited to visit her country of birth.

At the age of 22, Fae joined a local police force. Her trips to Chernarus became rare, unable to properly secure time away from her career. The work kept her too busy, no matter how much she longed to return. She became known as a sharp, quick-witted individual, with a strong personality. Some found her difficult to work with at times, but those who got close enough could see she could be light-hearted and fun.

When her father died, Fae demanded leave to take her mother and younger brother to Chernarus. Now 28 years old, Fae was just as excited as she had been when travelling as a child. However, this trip wouldn't be anything like those she'd enjoyed in her youth. Her family was caught in the outbreak, forcing them to take shelter in their home in Gorka. Not one for sitting around, Fae approached the local police, explaining she was an officer in the UK and offered any aid. The Gorka police reluctantly agreed, desperate for any help they could get. Several civilians had already armed themselves, ignoring the police instructions to remain indoors.

Fae, the police, and the brave citizens of Gorka fought tooth and nail against the infected. Despite their efforts, too many fell to the savage attacks, and the few survivors were forced to retreat to the roof of the police station. With limited ammo and supplies, Fae and the others watched in horror as the infected tore their way through Gorka. Officers had to hold her back as the hoard reached her families home, all she could do was watch, struggling against their grip. It was useless, her family had perished.

4a51d5f9162a3fc13d7453146170391e.jpg.5d29faa71ed4b45bdd899c4ffef92ae0.jpg                                        image.png.c4cb1358190ebf39d2cfe50512d5e020.png      

Fae Aesthetic Board.

"And we keep living anyway.
We rise and we fall,
And we break,
And we make our mistakes"

Fae wound up in Stary Sobor, renamed to 'Tortuga'. There she found work as a security guard for a local trading post. The work was dull but safe. The town was protected by the black fangs, no one dared to overstep their mark for fear of brutal torture, or even death. There, she met her husband, David, and in time, she joined the Black Fangs herself. It was never something she wanted to do, but she put her own morals on the back burner to help protect those she cared about.

Eventually, the guilt became too much, and Fae broke from the Fangs to pursue her own ideas. She helped set up a trading post in Vybor, leading a group known as the King's Men. It was her way of trying to help those that had nothing, to try to get some kind of normality back to Chernarus. It backfired. The camp was repeatedly attacked, civilians died and Fae felt personally responsible. Moving the trading post to Pogorevka, to be closer to allies, she hoped that would deter the attackers. However, the loss of one of her senior members shattered the King's Men into pieces, and the town was abandoned soon after moving. Feeling responsible for her friend's death, Fae went into hiding for some time, avoiding the people she had once been desperate to protect. Most presumed she was dead.

Returning over a month later, Fae began wandering Chernarus, catching up with what she had missed. She had lost so many people, so many friends that hadn't made it in her absence. This now weighs heavily on her conscience, and she has put up walls to protect her now fragile morale. With each day, it becomes more obvious she will die here, the actions of her past seem to haunt every step she takes, and she has all but abandoned any noble cause she may have had. 

Joining the black fangs and anarchy on their rampage warped her morality, and seeing countless settlements fail crushed any hope she had that they would ever succeed. Now, she is out for herself, uncaring and cold as to what happens to those around her. The weak will die, and the strong will survive, alone. She no longer wastes her time getting to know others or vowing to protect them, she no longer cares who lives and dies. Instead, she watches the people around her struggle to survive with amusement, uncaring who attempts to squash them into the ground. She is not here to befriend, she is here to survive, and she will gladly sacrifice others to ensure her own safety. At least for now...

- Rock music
- Cats
- Motorbikes
- Coffee
- Alcohol (Preferably vodka)
- Cold weather/the rain
- The night sky

- Idiots
- Hot weather
- Ice Cream
- The colour pink
Small Spaces
- Heights


Rose Vardent
The Saviors
Isaiah 'Grachi'


Kazimir Yazov
Bobby Kalo 
Robbie Jackson
Jet Hershel

"And if there's a reason I'm still alive
When everyone who loves me has died,
I'm willing to wait for it..."



- Fae enters Stary Sobor (Tortuga) and is hired as a security guard
- Meets the Black Fangs, is forcibly married to David Anderson in Stary church
- Continues working security for Falk's trading post
- Meets Oleg Volkov during trading
- Eventually leaves the trading post, joins the Black Fangs to be with her husband. Befriends several members.
- The Fangs disperse, Fae and Jak Onions create the King's Men and sets up a trading hub in Vybor Industrial alongside Anna Kovar
- After several attacks, the trading post is moved to Pogorevka, closer to Valentine's pub
- The King's Men starts to fall apart
- Oleg shoots himself in the head in front of her after Fae and Jak's jokes go too far
- Fae goes into hiding in the woods, abandons The King's Men 
- She returns to Eli's camp at Green Mountain, a stranger tells her Jak threw himself off Berezino Hospital due to guilt
- Meets Cullen Shae, who offers her a space in their group of mercenaries
- Fae doesn't stay, instead returns to David and the new 'Anarchists' 
- Cal and Rain are taken prisoner and tortured by Anarchy. Fae is helpless to watch her friends suffer.
- Anarchy disbands.
- David and Fae become closer with Havel, Anna, Rain, Cal, Markus and Gio after an incident with Colt Valentine
- They end up forming a small group hoping to help others gain their revenge on those who wronged them. (Animus)
- Unofficially adopts Robbie Jackson
- Fae is taken by cannibals, beaten, loses 3 fingers and is forced to eat her own flesh
- Meets Lev Volkov, Oleg's cousin, in the Hospital in Pavlovo whilst recovering from her injuries
- Lev discovers Fae is partly responsible for his cousin's death, threatens to kill her
- Fae goes after Lev to set the story right. Lev takes her hostage but gives himself up once David and Animus arrive. He becomes Fae's hostage.
- David and Fae are contacted to help  ex Black Fang, Hondo, find his daughter.
- Meika is found by Fae, who sits with the girl whilst she is taken care of by a doctor
- Fae gives Meika the teddy that once belonged to her younger brother
- Mason hand makes Fae new prosthetic fingers 
- Anarchy reforms
- Animus disbands
- Fae moves up to Stary Yar with Anarchy
- The Morettis move from Stary Yar to Lopatino
- Fae joins Anarchy
- She grows closer to Sal, one of the Morettis
- Louie marries Fae and Sal to create a bond between the Morettis and Anarchy
- Anarchy and the Morrettis disband
- Fae outs Cal as a cannibal
- Dan and Sal are forced to duel at Zub Castle. Dan shoots Sal.
- Fae believes Sal is dead. She attempts to shoot herself, Dan prevents it.
- She apologises to Calandra for outing her, attempting to make amends
- Fae returns to the castle, Sal appears, very much alive. She tries to talk him down from wanting to murder Dan.
- She meets with the remaining Moretti family, they want her help getting revenge, but she refuses. Instead choosing to do things her own way.
- Sets up a meeting between Sal and Dan, hoping the two can discuss the problem before any more blood is shed
- Louie and the others appear during the talk, Sal is forced to beat Dan almost to death
- Sal, Dan, Fae, David, Meika and Grey retreat to decide what to do next
- Meika is upset with Fae and Sal, she runs away and refuses to speak to them
- The group drop everything to try find her, instead finding Robbie and a note from Meika saying she wants nothing to do with them
- Riptide move to Vybor
- Fae breaks down emotionally, unable to deal with the stressful events of the past few days 
- Meika is taken by Joey Thompson, Fae is taken a hostage in the middle of the negotiations
- Meika returns, saved by Calvin & Morrettis. Though not without injury, she has had her tongue split, and cannot talk
- Fae takes Sal, Dan, Meika and Grey and hopes to set a camp up for them to retreat to
- Fae evesdrops on a conversation between Dan and Jimmy Fixer outside Vybor
- Dan and Sal are asked to attend a meeting at Green Mountain Summer Camp with Jimmy and the remaining Morettis . Tensions are high between Fae and the Morettis-
- Fae and Sal split
- Fae retreats to Rose's camp in Svetlojarsk and joins Sanctuary
- Nolan is taken seriously ill, and shoots himself on the shores of Svetlojarsk. Fae has a headstone made for him.
- Sal returns to deliver supplies and Fae asks him to stay. The two get back together.
- Fae leads an uprising against Rose after seeing how she uses her group members. With the help of the Black Roses she overthrows Rose and takes her place at the top.
- Fae creates Renaissance with Kazimir.
- Fae abandons Oasis to attempt to leave Chernarus
- Fae and Sal return to Chernarus after a long winter trek trying to get across the Russian border.
- Sal dies
- Fae finds Kazimir once again, attaching herself to him entirely.
- Fae joins Legacy
- Her ear is shot off during an incident with the Saviours, leaving her with a moon-shaped lobe.
- Fae and Kaz leave Legacy, roaming alone
- Attempting to enter an encampment, they are taken prisoner and offered a deal by the Sentinals. Impressed by their leadership and organisation, they agreed to join. They quickly left, realising the target that such a group brought.
- Fae becomes ill and she and Kazimir retreat to ensure she heals.
- Sick but stubborn, Fae leaves their safehouse to attempt to help in the scavenging of medical supplies and is injured in the process, giving her temporary amnesia
- A month later Fae stumbles upon a camp run by Kaz, and is shot during a hostile misunderstanding. She doesn't remember Kazimir at all. She is taken into the camp to recover.
- Kaz, realising it was her, attempts to regain her memories by leading her to various important locations. Slowly her memories come back to her, and she ends up remembering Kaz.
- Fae takes her place at his side, though not quite as eager to smile and laugh as she once was.
- Eden is captured by the Dead Batteries. Fae is annoyed at being caught up with the settlers.
- She meets Vlad again, the leader of the attack, and he offers her a place among the raiders. She highly considers it. 
- An argument between herself and Kazimir about Vlad's offer drives them apart, yet Fae agrees to stay in Eden for now. 
- Disappearing into the forest for an evening, Fae returns with her hands bloodied, clearly traumatized. Kazimir eventually figures out what she's done, and begs her to see a doctor. 
- Given comfort by the Dead Batteries. PTSD worsens.
- Fae takes Kaz and Robbie away from camp Eden due to Grachi threatening to kill her.
- Breaks Grachi's fingers and stabs him in the foot with a machete as he is taken by Kamenici
- Fae is given a black eye by Kamenici
- Meets Jet Hershel
- Learns that Robbie and Elly married to attempt to bring some peace between Fae and Grachi
- Reaches out to Grachi to offer a solution to their dispute - he refuses, attempting to start a lynch mob against Fae.
- She is left with a sour taste in her mouth about Grachi and the camp
- Reunited with Bobby Kalo
- Jet and Fae become close
- Observes how camp is failing, watches it attacked multiple times + Grachi swearing alliance to the Chedaki
- Helps Bobby take Grachi hostage, breaking his finger once again as they run him out of camp once and for all
- Joins The Black Roses alongside Jet 
- Is taken by the Toy Makers with Robbie and Jet. Robbie is forced to torture Fae as a punishment. She is severely wounded + traumatized by the ordeal
- Takes Jet and Robbie to a house to recover





:ph34r::ph34r:   good character 

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Jack the Ripper


Short, simple, and looks great. Also fucking LOVE the music. Welcome to the nightmare.

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Woah! I'm not even on there..! I kid, l love the graphics and effort you've put into it! 

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Fantastic Character page! 😮  keep it up!

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Thank you @Watchman❤️



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