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Joseph Green
Character information
  1. Mental
    On the edge.
  2. Morale
  3. Date of birth
    1999-05-31 (20 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Scotland, Glasgow
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Religion


  1. Height
    178 cm
  2. Weight
    72 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral




I was from Glasgow in Scotland, I spent almost all my life there until both of my older brothers, Andrew and Garret wanted to go to a university in Chernarus. My mother was so pleased that both of my brothers got accepted into university and started to pack all our belongings and move over immediately. I was only 18 at the time and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. All I knew was that I loved sports. I spent most days at the gym, or that's what I told my family, but instead I was training in boxing. My mother hated violence so I kept it a secret from everyone. I felt like I could of got somewhere with boxing, so I got my first fight. I won the fight but I had a black eye and my face was bruised and my family found out what I had been doing. I got in a fight with both of my brothers and I punched Garret and left the house for a few weeks. I had been hiding in an abandoned house just North of the town we moved to called Zelenogrosk .  I never left that house for over two weeks. I was left with nothing but spare time which I used to train even harder to try and make my family have faith in me. After the two weeks had past, I left that small, dark and enclosed house. The streets had a potent smell and there was no noise at all. I had no idea what had happened and I ran to the my families house. I ran into countless locals of the town, but they seemed brain dead and kept making the same groans. I made it to my house, but there was someone there eating a corpse lying in the corner of the living room. I shouted on my brothers, but no one replied. Everyone was gone, I was on my own. I tried to stop the person eating that corpse in case it was one of my family members, but it grabbed me and tried to bite me. I started to panic and I just kept hitting it until its brains were all over the floor. I was in shock and started to run and never looked back. This is where the search began for the people I had lost.

It had been a few months since the dead started to walk. I thought I was the only person left and that I was on my own. I set up a camp in some woods close to Altar Radio Station. I would only go out at night because I was scared in case I ran into someone, if there was anyone still alive. I scavenged all the smaller towns to avoid most of the dead because all I had was a knife and I couldn't do much with it at the time. I started to move into bigger towns each night until I got to a town called Staroye and everything changed. I met a man named Liam Hart, he wasn't very nice at first and threatened me multiple times but I just ignored him as he was the first person I had spoken to in months. Liam said my name was familiar and said he knew someone with the same last name as me. So I thought I would take the chance and go with him to meet this man he spoke of. We travelled all the way up to a town called Stary to meet this man. We waited in that town for a few hours until a mysterious black figure approached the town. We spoke to the black figure from a distance, then he started to come closer. His voice was easily recognisable. It was Andrew.   








Time to himself



















Bullet wound below his collar bone due to a stray bullet. 
Bullet wound on his lower left leg.
Bullet wound on the left side of his lower stomach.
Circle carved into his left wrist.




Black eye with a cut on his eyebrow. (Stitched with an eye patch)



Andrew Green- He is the oldest brother of the three. Not the smartest, but definitely the wise one of the three. He was studying in university and was in his first year. Andrew is the quiet one of the four Green's and he tends to keep his mouth shut unless someone is being disrespectful, then he will lose himself. Andrew is the nicest of the three and will treat people with respect unless they don't do the same back. When the outbreak hit, Andrew stayed at home for a while with Garret, but they got attacked by bandits. Andrew then met up with Joseph in Staroye with a friend named Liam.

Garrett Green- He is the brother that was born second. He is most definitely the smart one. He also went to university with Andrew, he was also in his first year. Garret has never been the fighting type and will always try and be the peace maker. He has a similar personality to Andrew, but he tends to try and help everyone he can even if that person has wronged him. When the outbreak came Garret went missing and was last with Andrew, but they got separated and has not been seen since.

Scott Green- He is the oldest of all the Green's, but he is the cousin and is treated like the runt of the pack as he had no one and was always angry with everyone. He even got jail time for stealing things when he turned eight-teen. Scott never had much friends and would normally bully people into things and would always make the wrong decisions. After we moved to Chernarus, Scott came with us and finally started to get his life straight. He got a job as a mechanic and soon settled down in his own place in Zelenogrosk. After the outbreak, Scott went up left and went to Mirosalvl. No one has heard about his whereabouts since then.






Jaxon Valentine
Elizabeth Smith
Rain Valentine
Alexa Valentine
Colt Valentine


Norah Dahl
Alex MacIntyre

Eddie Sorella
Noah Huntington
Kazimir Yazov
Fae Williams
Liam Hart





Find his cousin Scott.

Help the weak and helpless as much as possible.

Find all of his friends and family from San Valentino and Sanctuary.

Find a place to call home.

Learn how to do basic medical procedures.




- Joseph meets Liam Hart in Staroye who helps reunite him with Andrew.
- Liam introduces them to a friend of his called Grey.
- Grey gets Joseph and Andrew to join Viridian and they both became close friends with the leader of Viridian, Eddie.
- Joseph and Eddie become close and they then meet another group of like minded people. The Valentines.
- Viridian takes the town Pulkovo as their home.
- The Valentines and Viridian become closer. Then the The Valentines move into Pulkovo.
- Viridian disbands and joins The Valentines as Eddie falls for Alexa Valentine.
- Joseph starts to become close to Jaxon and Rain Valentine.
- People start to notice Joseph likes Rain.
- The Valentines start a bar ran by Eddie and a medical facility called The White Raven ran by Tivian.
- Joseph becomes leader of the security along side Jack Castle.
- Joseph becomes a council member.
- He meets a group of people ran by a woman named Dr. Faith.
- A heated argument happens between Joseph and Jaxon and Colt Valentine, which then caused the three of them to fall 
- Anarchy becomes a problem and starts to cause issues with the bar.
- A shooting happens in Pulkovo and Rain gets shot. This brings Rain and Joseph closer.
- Jaxon gets torn up by infected and we all met Beth who would soon become a close friend to The Valentines.
- Eddie and Alexa start to fall away from the group and start their own bar in Severograd.
- Joseph takes Rain on a date.
- After the date he got news from Andrew that Garret might be alive somewhere up North.
- Joseph and Andrew go missing for a month as they were searching for Garret.
- The month passes and they have had no news about Garret. They decide to go back to Chernarus.
- They arrive back and everyone from The Valentines had fell away.
- Eddie and Alexa get married.
- He finds out Jaxon never told Rain where he was going. Rain started seeing Markus Letter.
- Joseph and Andrew left The Valentines.
- They got into trouble with some people called The High Rollers. They decided to join them as they had nowhere else to go.
- The Coalition started.
- Joseph took a bullet while fighting against Anarchy and he was forced to go into hiding.
- The Coalition lost the war against Anarchy.
- He is forced to kill a man named Yassen because The High Rollers think they will get good with Anarchy. 
- He then gives Anarchy Yassen's head.
- Eventually he left The High Rollers because he didn't want to be forced to take another life.
- Alexa gets killed by Boris.
- Joseph and Andrew find their cousin Scott who had been hiding down at the coast.
- All three of them meet Liam and live at his settlement for a little while.
- They meet Grey at the settlement. Joseph and Grey become good friends.
- Scott gets into trouble with others who live at the settlement and they decide to leave.
- Scott leaves a note saying "Sorry". No one has seen him since then.
- Andrew goes to look for him.
- Joseph meets a man named Dragan. He gets close with the rest of his group.
- Joseph starts to become more consistent with his boxing and practises in his spare time.
- The leader of the group (Sanctuary), Dr Rose Vardent gets shot by a member of The Pack.
- Rose makes a deal with The Pack that the shooter has to do everything we want to repay her.
- Joseph and Kazimir (Rose's fiance), turn Chris, the shooter, into their pet dog named Marley.
- They set up a hospital in Svetlo.
- Joseph proves he can fight by beating Kazimir, Dragan, Chris and Bob in a fight.
- Dragan lets him join the security team.
- Everyone other than Dragan starts to notice Rose treating all of us like shit, they all decide to go against her.
- Rose finds out then she disappears with Dragan.
- Renaissance was created hoping to become a better version of Sanctuary.
- Joseph leaves to have time to himself and reflect on his recent actions.
- After about a month he returns to the Renaissance home in Sinistok to find everyone gone.
- Loses all his friends after the attack on Sinistok.
- Joseph and Andrew get captured by some Russians while travelling North.
- They did what they had to so they could survive, but that cost Joseph his right ring finger and pinkie.
- Joseph makes his way towards Novigrad, looking for Garrett, again.
- He finds Garrett hiding out with a group of survivors from Miroslavl, in the outskirts of Novigrad.
- The two brothers help these survivors find a place to call home.
- Joseph leaves Garrett and heads back towards Chernarus.
- Joseph radios Garrett to come to Chernarus with him to help him with his plans.
- Joseph forms Thistle.
- Disbands Thistle. New plans come into the rotation.






Nice Character Dude! Bellamy is sick!

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Love your RP, Nice Char!

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Nice new graphics ;). He should be a graphic designer whoever did them...

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2 minutes ago, DrMax said:

Nice new graphics ;). He should be a graphic designer whoever did them...

Yeah he definitely should be ;) 

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shebabes ❤️

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Just now, Watchman said:

shebabes ❤️

Your a babe ❤️

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