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David Gallo
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Optimistic, Concerned
  3. Date of birth
    1989-07-11 (30 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    New York
  5. Nationality
    United States
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    English, Italian
  8. Family
    Francesco Gallo [Brother]
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    178 cm
  2. Weight
    75 kg
  3. Build
    Regular / Muscular
  4. Hair
    Dark brown, curly
  5. Eyes
    Dark green
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Good
  7. Occupation
    Ex-Accountant, Mafia Fixer


When he was younger, David was one the the best of his class when it came to mathematics. His years living with his wealthy family taught him that money was everything when it came to surviving the the wild wild world out there, so he took a direct approach to it. He joined the New York University graduating and receiving a bachelor's degree in accounting, leading him to a very different life than his parents, that died the year he graduated, had. He knew why the Gallo family had that much money and power on their hands, the reason being the fact that his father dealt secretly with New York's organized crime, specially the ones related to his Italian-American descent, the Mafia. His father, Antônio Gallo, worked as a middleman for the Mafia in several cases of money exchange, weapon deals, kidnapping, etc... When he died of cancer the year that David graduated, Antônio left a note written in Italian for both his sons, saying:

"Kids, I'm deeply sorry about the pain I have caused in your lives. Know this: All I did was for your good. The deals I made, the hurt I inflicted, the deaths I caused. It was all for me to die knowing that you two, David and Francesco, were going to have everything you ever wished for. If you're reading this, I am far gone, and as such, I made arrangements to ensure your safety. I worked a deal with the Giovanelli family so that their best men would protect you both, and your mother, just in case. That's all, my children. It was a pleasure to see you grow, and I will watch over you from the heavens above. Never forget your father, and remember always: Family over everything".

David never liked the deals his father made, just as much as he didn't like the long periods of time that he spent out of home, risking his life for his family's well being. David even rejected Antônio's help to get him into the University, doing it all by himself. But now, it all looked different. All those sacrifices now had a meaning for him, but not enough to take him into that world of crime. He found meaning behind a desk, working as a Public Accountant, providing honest and hard worked money for himself. His brother, on the other hand, embraced the opportunity, and decided to follow his father's steps. The Giovanelli family helped him to learn the ways of the Mafia, leaving him in a privileged position over most other middleman and fixers. His reputation grew rapidly over the city, and soon enough, all around the USA, Central and South America, and some parts of Europe.

When David turned 25, his mother, Anna, died of a sudden heart attack. The loss struck him hard, just as much as it did to his brother. Francesco returned home after 4 years, and right after the funeral, he approached David with information he never knew. Francesco said that he decided to join crime because of one single reason, and that was to "discover who really killed Antônio". He figured out that their father didn't simply die of cancer, no, it was more complex than that. Antônio did in fact have lung cancer, but his death wasn't provoked by it, but by poison served by some unknown enemy of his. Francesco was close to knowing who this unknown enemy was, but he couldn't do it alone. He offered a position by his side to his brother, which David thought for days, until reaching back and accepting the deal. There was nothing else for him other than his father's legacy, and it was better to honor it than to sit behind a desk all day talking to strangers on the phone and stamping big piles of paper work.

Francesco taught him, and they both worked as brokers, middleman, fixers, or whatever you want to call it, for a long period of time. David grew stronger, and learned how to distinguish bad from evil. Evil was something unacceptable, and bad was what he had to become in order to fight it. When he was 27, they figured out who killed Antônio, and for their surprise, it was the head of the Giovanelli family, Thiago. The very people that ensured their safety for the past 7 years were working for the assassin that killed their father. "Why?" was the first question that came to mind when they confronted Thiago face to face, and the answer came in the simplest of forms: "I did not wish to kill him. Antônio was a great man, with great standards and principles. He was honorable, and I miss him as a friend. Your father asked me to poison him, and make it look like it was his cancer. He said that he got himself in trouble he couldn't get out of, and decided that it was better for you two both, and your mother, may she rest in peace, for him to die. He feared that whoever was after him, would go after you as well. He asked me to give out as much resources as I could to protect your family, and so I did. I'm sorry, but it is what happened".

The brothers's rage ceased, understanding the ultimate sacrifice his father made for their family. The big hunt was finally over, and they could now rest. After a few weeks thinking on the matter, they decided it was time to put the past aside, and follow through with the future, dismissing Giovanelli's soldiers. They were back in the business, known as the "Gallo Brothers". In 2017, a new deal arose in the streets, and they decided to make it their own. They were supposed to deliver a crate of smuggled weapons to several men in Chernarus. By the end of June, they arrived at the country, reaching for the crate the day after, and proceeding to the meeting point in the middle of Novigrad, in a dark alleyway. The deal occurred smoothly and just like the plan: A bunch of rifles and handguns for the Chernarussian, and a case filled with american dollars for the brothers.

Both of them returned to their apartment with the money on hands, and rested for the night. The next connection flight to the USA was a few days ahead, so they had to wait in the meanwhile. After four days, something unexpected happened. The Chernarussian Mafia raided the apartment. They were forced to run away, surviving the initial fight unharmed, with few shots being exchanged. They were out of ways out, since the Mafia would be looking for them in every entry and exit. A text message was delivered to their business phone, sent by a local number, saying: "I know what you did. You supplied our enemies, and now, you're going to die". The brothers had no idea that the people they were selling to were enemies of the Chernarussian Don, since they had a strict policy when it came to knowing why the buyer needs the product that refrained such knowledge. In any case, the time of talking was over, and all they could do now was try to survive the hunt, where they were now the prey.

And yet another problem appeared. A new disease was spreading fast trough the Northern area of the country, and it seemed dangerous enough through the radio to make the brothers flee. David and Francesco found themselves a car, and drove all the way to the countryside, securing a small empty cabin for themselves until the city became less infested with the Chernarussian Don's goons, and they could leave the god damn country at last, but they weren't expecting the disease to hit so hard, that it would destroy the goons, alongside the entire city, only making it worse for them both.

It was now time to survive together, putting all their skills to proof, but most importantly, they would do it as family.


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