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Ragnar Voss
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Date of birth
    2017-11-28 (1 years old)


  1. Height
    197 cm
  2. Weight
    100 kg


Ragnar was born in a small town in the west of Norway. His home was caught between the mountains and a lake.
Growing up he spendt most of his days tending the goats and sheep, or fishing char and trout in the lakes around his home.
Every meal was another helping
of potatoes with either fish or mutton. During the fall he went hunting with his brothers for deer and fawns.
"There is no greater pleasure than killing an animal and then stuffing it up its own ass." his brother used
to say while they made sausages in the kitchen. It was part of the family business at the farm, and Ragnar used
to ride his bike delivering smoked sausages to the store down at the town. It wasn't much, but it helped the
family economy.
At home his grandmother tried to teach him to play piano during the evenings. His brothers showed no interest in
music and were more into helping grandad doing construction work. Both grew up to drive heavy machinery, digging
and blowing things up with tnt.
School wasn't horrible, minimal efforts got him by without too much hassle from either parents or the teachers.
At 18 he got called into the army, for one year conscription. Was lucky aswell, getting placed at the other end
of the country on the russian border. The start was rough with limited sleep and long marches every day.
But did not take long to adjust to the system. Made many many new friends from all over the country.
Favorite parts of the service was doing medical drills and shooting
his ag3 at the range. Summer, with no night and always sun. Mosquitos the size of small birds and bears roaming all
over the place.
Winter came and the sun went away for months. Snowdrifts higher than houses. The time on the border itself was
kinda boring. "With an eye on the east" was the motto, but the most exciting thing he saw on the russian side
was a single plowtruck during the winter. Best year of his life.
Army done, time for school again. Moved to the "big" city and started school to get into the petrolium industry.
Nothing had changed, so minimal efforts still worked. Drifted through the years at school and eventually
He had some good luck, and got a job at Oddfjell Drilling, where Martin, a friend from the army also worked.
Working normal office hours chained to a computer.
Work was mundain but it payed the bills and then some. But wanted to explore and see more. So when Martin asked
if he wanted to join for a trip to inspect some oil rigs off the coast of Chernarus he could not say no. The
trip was a welcome change. They arrived by plane and got coached to the coast and off they went on a supply ship.
Standards weren't same as in Norway, lots of army presence all the way from the airfield down to the docks.
Work on the rig went smoothly and it was time to go back to Chernarus.


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