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Olivia Moore
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1993-10-03 (29 years old)
  2. Place of birth
    New York, United States
  3. Nationality
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Languages
    English, Polish
  6. Religion


  1. Height
    175 cm
  2. Weight
    61 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Dark Brown/Long
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    Large birthmark on the right side of her neck in a shape of a bird | Small tattoo of a daisy on her wrist | Always wears a silver necklace with a cross around her neck


Olivia Moore was born in New York, US. In the early 80s, her parents migrated to the states in search of a better life, something better than what the communist puppet state of Poland could provide them at the time. They settled down in Greenpoint, an up-and-coming Polish neighborhood at the time. Her father became a carpenter, working jobs in construction in the city, while her mother helped out the community and the Church.

Once Olivia was born, they moved into a larger, 3-bedroom apartment near the Catholic church they attended. As she grew up, she learned both English and Polish, and was quite the inquisitive thing, always poking around where she shouldn't. At the age of 5, she was blessed with a younger sister, Ellie. They were inseparable, thick as thieves.

Then, 2008 came around. The market crashed, and people started losing their jobs. Including her father. For months, he was unable to find a job. Soon, they were forced to move out of their apartment and scale down to a quite run-down one-bedroom apartment. She and her sister would huddle during the cold winter nights to brace for the cold when they'd cut their gas. When her sister was fast asleep, she'd overhear her parents arguing, more and more every day. Her father could not hold down a job and eventually turned to the bottle for any respite. Things didn't get any better when her mother found out he had another woman. When she tried to leave him, he got violent, but at the age of 16, Olivia was more capable. She grabbed the cast iron pan from their kitchen, an old remnant they'd had for years, and knocked out her father before things could escalate any further.

She didn't look at the blood pooling under her father's head, nor the pale look on her mother's bruised face. She took her younger sister by the hand while her mother grabbed the bags she prepared earlier, and they left that night.

They found themselves traveling from shelter to shelter, sleeping on couches, sometimes in their car. Her mother, unable to cope with what had happened became an unresponsive shell of herself. It was down to Olivia to feed her, clean her and at the same time provide for her younger sister, who was still too young to comprehend what exactly was going on. And Olivia did not want to put that burden on her.

Eventually, Olivia ended up selling the car they'd been living out of and renting a beat-up old trailer outside of the city. It had the gas, running water, and someplace to sleep, which was definitely better than the wreck they'd been living in thus far. With whatever money she had left, she sent Ellie to school, made sure her mother had food and water and left for the day.

Eventually, money started running dry. She knew her mother wouldn't do anything, and Ellie was still too young. All the minimal-wage jobs that were hiring kept rejecting her, perhaps it was her lack of a High School degree. After one of those failed interviews, she noticed a piece of paper fluttering on the pavement. Once she picked it up, she saw a woman adorning the front cover, bright purple lights around her. Medina's. When she got back to the trailer, she looked herself over in the mirror, touching her face and gingerly. Maybe she wasn't a beauty, but she could definitely pull in some clientele.

The next day, she got on the bus heading to the Financial District of Manhattan. Olivia sat there on the bus, clutching a flyer. After all, what did she have to lose?

She pushed open the door. A foggy cloud of smoke greeted her. She proceeded down the steps and into the establishment, where a sparse few clients were smoking shisha, brazenly watching the dancer on stage. She approached the bar, but before she could ask for the owner, a Middle-Eastern woman approached her. She was smoking out of those long, cigarette holders, her eyes half-lidded, clearly scanning her up and down. Before Olivia could get a word in, she tapped her with the cigarette holder and motioned to follow her.

Things went fast after that. She became a service girl, worked the tables, made sure the men wouldn't get too rowdy, and if they did, she was the one to inform the bouncer to get them out. Money was decent, Medina was a fair boss. However, as time passed, she'd overhear the conversations of the wealthy man, about stocks, the market, and trends. For the right price, that information could fetch some nice money. She began to talk to the man more, wrapped them around her finger so they'd spill a little bit more of their secrets. It worked, a bit too well at that. She'd extract the information and then sell it to the highest bidder.

Year by year, she was able to save more and more money, getting Ellie through school and taking care of her mother. However, as the AVM-FLA-19 virus broke out, establishments were forced to close. She stayed home with her mother and sister, occasionally going out for groceries. However, her mother got sick. She was rushed to the hospital, but they weren't allowed to visit her. 3 days later, a doctor came out of the hospital to tell them their mother has passed. Just like that.

Olivia and Ellie weren't even allowed to grieve, as tensions kept mounting. From what she was seeing, and from the information she had gathered while working at Medina's, things weren't going to improve either.

She knew she had to get her sister out of there. Not just the city, but out of the country. Something told her so. She looked at the earliest possible flights to get them out of there. Norway, a few hours from now. She already heard rumors about countries closing their borders, so she didn't hesitate when she bought the tickets. She grabbed her little sister, who has been trusting her sister all her life, without hesitation.

They landed in Oslo, where Olivia had managed to make a deal for a beat-up old car. And then, they drove. She had a place in mind, up North. Somewhere secluded, away from the city. Somewhere, where they could survive on their own means. Eventually, they ended up in a small Norwegian town. They were both hungry, starving really. Olivia took Ellie to a little diner that still seemed to be open. While they ordered and ate, a man, around 60 years old was eyeing them from by the fireplace nearby. He approached them, speaking Norwegian at first, and then switching to English once he realized they did not speak the language. His eyes were kind and warm, and he had overheard the sisters talking about having nowhere to go and looking over the map.

He offered them shelter at his cabin, not far from the town. While caution would normally advise against such a decision, the sisters were exhausted from traveling for days, and respite seemed too good to pass on. They took the old man, Bjorn up on their offer.

As days went by, he began teaching them the basics of survival out there in the wilderness. He'd take them into the woods, and point out the things that were good to eat, and things that were poisonous. He showed them how to shoot from a bow, and how to hunt. And while neither was precisely good at it, they slowly learned.

Then, Oslo fell. The internet went dark. They'd go up into town once every few days to get the basic supplies. On one of their runs, Ellie stayed back and Olivia went with Bjorn. As they drove through town, they could see something was off. Windows of establishments were shattered, and what's worse, there was no one in sight. They spotted a straggling man in front of them. Bjorn exited the vehicle to ask if the man was alright. But as soon as he turned, what they saw, it was not human.

Before Bjorn could turn around and run to the vehicle, the thing was already on top of him, tearing into his flesh. Olivia never moved once. Never budged. She could not tear her eyes away from the scene. She was helpless. After what felt like hours, the thing turned in her direction. She snapped out of her state, got behind the wheel, and drove back as quickly as she could toward Ellie.

The car skidded into the driveway, and she ran out calling for her sister. But she was nowhere in sight. Signs of a struggle could be seen all throughout the house. She frantically began searching, calling for her, but no answer. Olivia then made her way to Bjorn's desk. At the very top lay a map, with an area circled with a large, black sharpie. Next to it, in big bold letters, she could read "Nyheim." It was the only lead she had to follow.

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Amazing backstory! It was like reading a good book! See you in game ??

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