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Pavel Petrov
groovy chow
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
    Nuetral. Fleeting moments of happiness.
  3. Date of birth
    1990-01-08 (29 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Chernarus, Chernogorsk. South Zagorian Oblast
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    Chernarussian (Russian/Czech), Russian, English
  8. Relationship
    Tatiana Petrokov
  9. Family
    Mother "Anastazie" (dead), Father "Novak", Blood Brother "Borris Petrokov" (Bound by blood transfusion)
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    75 kg
  3. Build
    Lean. Mesomorph.
  4. Hair
    Black. Messy, short hair swept to the left. Knife shaved beard lays on his face
  5. Eyes
    Brown eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    Left Arm-

    -A beautiful woman with the name "Anastazie" under it surrounded by intricate flower designs and a large Orthodox cross sleeved on his arm


    -A thief star is worn under both his shoulders (For respect earned in Bratva)


    -A Cathedral with intricate clouds and smaller details cover the top of his back (From first joining NAPA)


    -Scars cover his right leg, bite marks from an unknown animal
    -A scar closely resembling a bullet hole on his left foot
    -Scars line the left side of his face. From his mouth to his hair line above his ear, three long streaks cut across his face
    -One of the scars crosses up his left eye lightly
    -His left ear is scarred and mangled
    -A small burn scar along his right side
    -Injured left hand, burn and fragmentation scars line along his forearm
  8. Equipment
    -Blue jeans that fit nicely
    -Green military sweater
    -Smersh SPOSN
    -AKM rifle (Three point sling)
    -Police baton
    -A 70L rifle backpack
    -A leg strap with IFAK

    RP Items
    -Pack of cigarettes (Brand Petra)
    -A travel kit including shaving kit and hygiene items
    -A Czech VZ57 bayonet knife
    -A old journal containing items ranging from old photos from his days in NAPA to UN documents containing information about the outbreak
  9. Occupation
    Smuggler (Pre-Outbreak)
  10. Affiliation
    NAPA, Depot Rangers, Pavel/Borris Duo
  11. Role
    NAPA (Intelligence), Slovak (Smuggler), Bratva (Enforcer), Riptide (Trusted Council Member. Fighter)




The day the world ended wasn't a joke to Pavel. But he felt as if he was ready for it. Life as he knew it fell apart around him, but yet he couldn't bring himself to understand it. Days flew past, turning to months. Seasons changed and life carried on. A past buried along with the rest of the world. 


Pavel is currently back in South Zagoria


Moving from group to group, he found his place in assisting those that needed it most. From a group of shipwrecked survivors to Chernarussian and Russian gangs, he's seen first hand what the world has come to. Pavel lived in Chernagorsk his entire life, never leaving Chernarus. Being born in the Chernogorsk hospital in 1990, Pavel lived a decent life in the apartments that laced the city of Chernogorsk. When Pavel turned 18, two bloody events unfolded that would change him as a character. The country fell into civil war, being torn apart from the inside as countries such as Russia and the United States became involved. Pavel's Mother and Father were found on the receiving end of a ChDKZ execution. Losing both his parents, Pavel evaded the conflict and eventually found himself within NAPA.


His job inside the rebel group led to him becoming a smuggler, obtaining knowledge and equipment across the borders. He became friends with many of the rebel combatants through his years within the group. While in NAPA, he grew a distaste for foreign military. Specifically growing a hatred for the Russian Federation. He saw little conflict, and eventually left NAPA towards the end of the war as they were wrapping up loose ends. Pavel continued his career as a smuggler, taking up jobs selling equipment left from the war with his old crew.



When the outbreak hit, and it hit hard, Pavel was outside of South Zagoria. The worst was already past when he returned to find his home destroyed and his city in ruins. The world he knew was suddenly changed right before his eyes. Civilian unrest and riots created chaos throughout Chernarus as people rose up against the CDF troops trying to maintain peace through oppressive means.


After the initial outbreak, South Zagoria became somewhat dead. With human survivors falling to the disease quickly, military powers quickly took interest in the area as being ground zero. Military powers, such as NATO/UN and Russian forces, took up positions within South Zagoria. Pavel found himself caught in a growing struggle for power that would eventually lead to war.


After an encounter with an apartment complex full of infected, he became lightly injured and fled from the area. That's when he stumbled into the UN camp in Chernogorsk, where he eventually met up with a man of many talents.








Borris soon became Pavel's greatest friend, being able to trust him with his very life. Being born alongside his sister in Yaroslavl, Russia, Borris was a tank crew commander of tank ten, part of the 141st tank brigade - 19th motor rifles prior to meeting Pavel at the Chernogorsk UN camp. Upon meeting Pavel, his first words to him were "Do you have a smoke to spare?" which ignited a companionship that is rare to come across these days. Borris has been with Pavel since the beginning with Pavel seeing him as a brother despite his Russian origins. Borris would risk his own life to save Pavel multiple times.


-Borris looking over Pavel after the confrontation306706428_DayZBorris2.thumb.jpg.53f8dad7c894269ad6c8a190d0efb750.jpg

Months into the outbreak, Pavel, along with Borris and a friend named Gil, were placed on the receiving end of betrayal by one of their own, resulting in a near death experience for Pavel. Becoming separated upon their escape, Borris found Pavel and, while being badly beaten himself, dragged him to a house far off in the countryside where he could perform medical on him to the best of his ability. Borris succeeded in saving pavel's life by luckily sharing the same blood and becoming blood brothers.


When Pavel came through, Borris was by his side to help him through the pain. Borris was not only a brother, but became a guardian angel that day to Pavel. Upon healing to a movable status, they linked back up with Gil.

Now Pavel and Borris run The Riptide Remnants.

Borris is currently at The Depot





Gil is a man who believed he was born in America, but found his original birth place was within Novigrad. He believed coming to South Zagoria would allow him to find his thought-to-be dead mother, but he only found himself trapped within this nightmare.

Gil was an oddball in Pavel's eyes. Gil was both serious but odd at the same time, catching Pavel off guard at certain times. Regardless, Pavel quickly grew fond of Gil, considering him a close friend and someone that he can trust. Pavel admires his ability to enjoy the little things in life, usually always seeing Gil listening to his walkman. Gil and Pavel enjoy sharing moments of peace together listening to the western music Gil has compiled.

Gil is a trusted member of The Riptide remnants.

Gil is currently at The Depot





Taryn Allegheny is a head strong camp leader that's proven time and time again that she cares only for the conditions of those closest. She's risked her life countless times to save some of the most lost of souls. She found herself in Chernarus after the boat she was aboard crashed, stranding her right in the middle of ground zero.

Taryn has impacted Pavel heavily, showing him that complete strangers can still care for others. She's revived Pavel's faith in humanity multiple times by forcing herself into the worst of it to save whoever she possibly could. She's proven to Pavel that she's trustworthy, and a great friend to him.

Taryn was killed by Nationalists. Pavel blames himself for her death.




Weiss was a German jet pilot that conducted missions in Area of Operations such as Syria and Afghanistan. He flew a Tornado IDS he named "Creeping Death" and in its cockpit is where he truly felt at home. After running a failed fire mission in Chernarus, Weiss found himself parachuting into the dense foliage below. Waking up days later, he found himself trapped within Chernarus just like everyone else.

Pavel and Joakim have attained a close friendship, Pavel viewing him as a trusted friend. Joakim has strange tendencies and Pavel sometimes jokes that he is a machine built for war. Nonetheless, Pavel sees potential in Joakim, and believes he will eventually become a people person.

Joakim is a trusted member of The Riptide Remnants

Joakim Weiss is currently at The Depot





"Мы боимся того, чего хотим больше всего."

Tatiana Petrokov is the sister of Pavels closest friend currently, Borris. Being raised by her brother and mother, she relied heavily on Borris. He is the entire reason that she came to Chernarus. When she stopped receiving letters from Borris, she feared for the worst. Setting out to find him, she eventually found herself stumbling into Chernarus.

Tatiana quickly caught the interest of Pavel, the fabled sister of his closest ally. Soon enough, Pavel found peace in her presence. Tatiana became a romantic interest to Pavel and their interactions became more intimate. She is his escape from this harsh reality, but an escape that he fears more than anything. The thought of her ending up like the rest of them is a burden Pavel will have to carry. He has a deep and genuine care for her, and is willing to lay his life on the line. 

Tatiana is currently at The Depot

Her and Pavel are currently in a relationship. His feelings for her are strong. Originally scared of becoming too attached, Pavel is now afraid to leave her side. She is the closest person to Pavel, knowing more about his past than anyone else. 








The outbreak was not Pavel's first run in with the Bratva, but it would be his most prominent time spent with them. Pavel and Borris assisted with Bratva operations within South Zagoria, getting mixed into the mafia like structure and drama that came with it. Obtaining the trusted rank as an enforcer within Bratva, Pavel was willing to commit to their cause as long as it meant a better living for him and Borris. Which it did for only a short while.

Pavel became close allies with the Left Hand of Bratva, a woman by the name of Natalya. Natalya showed Pavel that strength is what is needed to survive the coming days.


The Riptide Collective


The Riptide Collective is a group of stranded survivors who crashed in a boat upon Chernarus. Borris was the first to come across them as they took him into their camp to care for him. Soon enough The Riptide became a family that both Pavel and Borris were welcomed into. It took no time for Pavel to adjust to his new setting, even becoming close friends with the group leader Taryn. Taryn was a head strong woman who cared only for the conditions of those that are closest to her. She's shown Pavel that there are still people that can care for complete strangers during these times. 






-Pavel is a self-sufficient realist. He has seen the harsh reality of the world and does not allow that to hinder his ability to act-

-Calm when in the face of danger-

-A man of few words, Pavel prefers brevity and clarity to extemporizing-

-His curt demeanor is easily misconstrued as rudeness-




-Tatiana Petrokov-

-Eastern designed equipment-

-Calm and collected individuals-

-His home country-

-Growing taste in western music-

-Drugs, specifically marijuana-


-Official military powers, both CDF and NATO/CSTO-

-Hot headed individuals-

-The infection-

-His past-

-The Miroslavl bombing-





Ensure the safety of his people -COMPLETED-


Hunt down any information about the plague -COMPLETED-


Exit South Zagoria to safety -COMPLETED-


Establish a new camp outside South Zagoria -COMPLETED-


Assist in the defense of Chernarus  -ONGOING-


Find forgiveness for his role in the Miroslavl bombing -ONGOING-




-Graphics made by Taryn


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