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Austin Maverick
Character information
  1. Mental
  2. Morale
    Calm and at peace
  3. Date of birth
    1996-02-27 (23 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    New Jersey
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
    English, Russian, Chernarussian
  8. Family
    Buck(deceased) , Lee(deceased)
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    70 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    messy brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Features
    Quite a few burns covering his back
    Various circular scars from bullet wounds
    Whip lashes on his lower back
    Scar on the right side of his neck
  7. Equipment
    Usually can be seen in his blue t shirt and black hat
    Carries around a few of his old tools used for interrogation
    A polariod of his brother and father
  8. Occupation
    Employee of Anarchy
  9. Affiliation
  10. Role
    Underboss of Louie and Dimitri


//edited to update with the non memey group.

   Austin Maverick grew up on a small town in south central Jersey to his father Lee. His mother had left them shortly after his birth due to issues with his father. Lived a somewhat normal life up until his teenage years, when he really started to notice that something wasn't quite right. Growing up with his brother Buck they thought it was interesting that he would constantly take multiple week long business trips and return looking ragged, but with fresh cash to supply the family with gifts and comfort. Eventually when they were teens Lee took both his sons on a hunting trip and during that time he explained how he made his money for the family. 

   Turns out that lee had been using connections gained through his own extended family to traffic small arms and some ak's into the country and sell them off to local contacts who got rid of them to gangs across the tri state area. While this came as a shock, when he offered Buck and Austin an in on the family business Austin immediately accepted looking for the adventure of traveling across the world  and the thrill of making money this way. However Buck decided he just wanted to go to college and be the responsible one. While disappointed his father supported him and throughout the next years Austin began making his business trips with his father while Buck continued his schooling. These trips consisted of visiting multiple different countries to from Ukraine, to southern Russia , and Chernarus. Austin learned many things along on these trips, and saw a few things as well. 

  Eventually Lee started to resent the fact that Buck thought he was to good to get in on the family business and started insisting that he at least come along for a few trips. He had a couple big deals getting setup on the North end of Chernarus and he wanted extra backup there from people he could completely trust. Buck denying at first, was eventually convinced by Austin with stories on how things usually always go well and ideas of what he could do with the extra money.  He gave in at one point.

Together they took what they would not know was their last trip out of the country and went to the meet. They took a small biplane to the meeting location, landing and meeting with their contacts. The deal was going smooth until mechanical sounds were heard through the trees and multiple large military trucks were driving down the hill towards the meet. First assuming that they were betrayed his father and brother ran back to the plane in an attempt to start it up, but the separatists they were dealing with stopped them pointing guns at them and demanding them to get up against the truck. They complied with their hands in the air, Buck yelling about how he knew this kind of thing would happen. Meanwhile the trucks were pulling up and when the Separatists started seeing Russian military uniforms they began opening fire on the trucks. As it turns out the Russian military had pushing up against the border of Chernarus and guarding it, and the plane had been picked up on the radar, these were the men assigned to investigate if someone was attempting to smuggle people across the border. 

A firefight ensued between the separatists and Russians, with heavy losses on from the separatists, the Mavericks were forgotten, and Lee yelled for them to get in the truck  as he jumped in turning the key in the ignition and driving off. As they were driving some of the separatists turned and began opening fire on the truck that was their escape.  Bullets shattered the windows and pinged off the back , but they managed to speed up and get away. Everything seemed fine until Austin heard his father groaning in pain holding his side. He had caught two bullets in his lower chest and was holding them down tightly attempting to staunch the bleeding while still driving. Austin and Buck tried to get him to stop so they could try to do something but their father pushed them off continuing driving and getting them completely out of the area. This was the decision that likely finalized his death as by the time he stopped and allowed Buck and Austin to help he lost so much blood that he was completely weak. Buck set out on getting him some shelter in the woods as Austin made his way into town looking for any kind of Doctor or medical supplies he could get his hands on.  Knowing his way around the North of the country a bit he made his way to Sinistok to find it completely evacuated. No cars driving, no one walking around, just silent. He started knocking on doors and when he didn't get any responses from the first 5 houses, he went back, broke a window, and forced his way into the house. He started doing this for multiple houses looking for first aid kits, alcohol, antibiotics ,etc.

In one of the houses after gathering some small supplies he was searching a closet when he heard a noise behind him and a man came charging in screaming at the top of his lungs. Austin tried to yell that he was just trying to help his father but the man was aggressive attempting to shove Austin to the ground Austin fell as the full weight of the man fell on him. It was at this point he noticed that the man's skin was pale, his face bloody, and that the man was attempting to use his teeth and bite at him. Using one hand to push the mans face away he pulled put his boot knife and viciously jabbed it multiple times into the man . However to his amazement the man kept coming like he didn't feel the pain, and with one final effort he jammed the blade into the side of the mans temple and he fell limp. Standing up and running outside he saw more figures running up to his house from far away. Apparently he had made quite a bit of noise and this man wasn't an isolated incident.  He ran off back to the woods where Buck and Lee were to find Buck sitting next to a fire, and a blanket fully covering Lee.

They mourned, grieved, and buried their father but eventually necessity pushed them back into the towns and they focused on the only thing that mattered now, each others survival. Things went well for a while, avoiding the Russian soldiers which dropped out of the sky from large planes, and the rest of the country, they scrounged and scavenged their way to live. Seeing many things during this time everything was going somewhat well until one day while walking on a lone road in the North Eastern part of this country something unfortunate happened. While walking down a road, just as they reached the curve, a truck pulled around it and stopped directly in front of them, with scuffling sounds behind them they saw a few men running out of the trees with rifles pointed at them. More hopped out of the truck and what seemed to be their leader walked forwards to Austin and Buck.

He explained that he was the Captain of their militia force and that Buck and Austin were trespassers in their country and they they must pay recompense for this . Not in a spot to argue they handed over all their things, from their guns to their food they now had nothing. Smiling the man thanked them for their time and ordered the men to load back onto the truck. But before leaving he turned and said that the payment hadn't fully been fulfilled.He reached into the cab of the truck pulling out a folded aks turned towards them and sprayed. Austin caught a bullet in the leg and screamed in pain, but as he laid on the ground and heard the truck doors closing, he saw that he was never the intended target. He turned to see his brother riddled in bullets, dead on the ground.

He screamed and cried for an hour from a mix of the pain in his leg and the pain of what he was seeing. In some part he hoped the screaming would bring enough infected to just come and end him at that point but instead of infected a man showed up in a bright yellow coat. Looking at the scene of what had happened he said something into his radio and more men showed up. The men took Bucks body and grabbed Austin taking them to their camp. There they began setting up a pyre  while the leader explained that they were going to burn Bucks body to send him to god and asked Austin to explain what had happened. Austin attempted to protest the burning to no avail and eventually explained what the Chernarussians who stopped them had done. The leader explained that they were already following these men as they planned to initiate a few new members into their religion and that if Austin wished he could get his revenge on the man who had killed his brother.  He thought about it for a bit, and the possible consequences of following this obviously insane man, but all Austin could think about was the smirk on the leaders face who had shot his brother. He nodded and a week or so later while Austin was sitting in their camp the man in the yellow jacket walked over to him and told him that it was time.

Together they all drove a few separate cars to a remote location in the woods where the rest of the men dismounted and grabbed their rifles. Austin stayed in the car painstakingly hearing the gunfire not knowing if his new friends had won or not, but he was still in no condition to fight. Eventually the man in the yellow jacket walked back to the cars his jacket now adorned with red, and helped Austin out of the car and to the campsite. There on his knees was the man that had killed his brother. The leader in yellow handed Austin a knife and nodded towards the man. 

"Finish it " he said. "But remember, don't make it quick as pain is the only true way to god."

Austin nodded and walked over to the man and got to work. And so he began his short career as a follower of Kabraxis and all the events that followed. 




Ye boi. Return of the Horsemen?! 

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