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Kristina Bailey
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    1998-05-15 (24 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Toronto, Canada
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Relationship
    Dr. Godard (Allegedly)


  1. Height
    165 cm
  2. Weight
    54 kg
  3. Build
    Slim and athletic
  4. Hair
    Blonde with brown roots
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    - Three little hearts tattooed outside of her right eye
    - Has "Godard" carved into her left forearm (scarred over)
  8. Equipment
    - Way too many knives
    - Seemingly endless supply of hair ties


Oh, That Krissie!


Kristina "Krissie" Bailey was born in Toronto, Canada, but moved to Texas with her parents at a young age. The 2009 recession hit her family hard, and all her father's hard-earned money was practically bled dry due to his risky trading. Despite this, Krissie was able to attend school and live a relatively normal childhood. Unfortunately, her father slipped into alcoholism and caused her once perfect family to be split in two. She went to go live with her mother and thankfully never saw the man again, but she'd never be able to erase the damage that he did to her psyche. Throughout her teenage years, she displayed a natural talent for rifle shooting after trying it out with one of her friends. Krissie eventually attended the University of Mississippi on a full scholarship as part of the Women's Rifle Team.

Krissie was attending a rifle tournament in Norway when the outbreak hit. Krissie and the other American athletes got stranded in the hotel they were staying in, and one of the athletes was infected. He was a big man and when he turned, he quickly made short work of the rest of the team. Krissie had grown up having to fight off her father, so she was able to dispatch him despite the odds stacked against her. Some of her teammates were still breathing, but she could tell that this "infection" was a problem. She put down all her former teammates and went out into Nyheim to find some kind of purpose in a purposeless world.

Her mind slipped into what could only be described as a drugless bender, warping reality around her to protect her from the actual truth of the world. She reveled in the killing of infected and considered it to be a sport of its own.

And then... she met him.

Dr. Dylan Godard... oh he was so dreamy. Krissie had never considered herself boy crazy but fuck... there was something about him. Her fragile mind became obsessed with him and she followed him everywhere, believing that they were destined to go to the ends of the earth together. After a particularly nasty encounter with a wolf, Krissie had found herself limping and bloody on the side of the road. She collapsed and when she woke up, he was there. He tended to her wounds and treated her with care... her heart couldn't stop pumping. They ended up having one amazing night, and she has followed him ever since-- mostly at a distance so she doesn't weird out his friends. Krissie knows she has issues, but at least she's good with a gun, right? He has to appreciate her for that at least.


When Godard ran into that man that offered him the job in taking out bandits in Nyheim, Krissie immediately offered her services as well.

Anything to help Godard.



❤️ Teasing ❤️
❤️ Obsessive ❤️
❤️ Skittish ❤️
❤️ Loyal ❤️
❤️ Merciless ❤️


Dr. Dylan Godard

You are my life.
You keep me sane.
I would die for you.
I would kill for you.
I can't live without you.


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Can’t wait to inevitably get into a cat fight with you. Gonna rip your hair out. 

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Damn. Dr Godard is McSexy 

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I sense Mara putting either her own head or Krissie's head through a wall after a few interactions. Guess we'll find out IC.

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I can't wait to simp for you

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