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Geraint Williams
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Clear, focused and gruff, but has morals.
  3. Morale
    High. Knows how to look after himself.
  4. Date of birth
    2048-03-11 (23 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Some small community in what was Wales
  6. Nationality
    Other - Less known settlements/Tribes
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    English and Welsh
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    None - all died before travelling to Nyheim
  11. Religion
    Believes in "Vales"


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    85 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    Deep scar on forehead, left temple. Assorted small scars on body/arms/legs. Adding to this is a axe wound scar to his left shoulder, two bullet holes to his right thigh from fighting D-Squad and a shrapnel scar to the right side of his head from a booby trapped PLIKT soldier. Dragon scar on right shoulder from Pippa.
  8. Equipment
    Whatever he can get his hands on, but always has his trusty leather jacket. (However kept safe as he needs a new look)
  9. Occupation
    Ex drifter, now full time troublemaker and somewhat decent bloke.
  10. Affiliation
    Ex-Scrap Rat, Currently Basalisk
  11. Role
    Fighter/Jobber and the voice of reason to Bismarck


Geraint was born in one of those no name settlements that absolutely no one gives a single fuck about as they are equally unimportant and unimpressive. All that Geraint can remember of his time there was his grandfather giving him the nickname "Giggs" when he was playing ball with his friends. Apparently, he was some kind of famous sport player in grandads youth, a time before the disease came and turned the world to shit. He raised the boy ever since his parents passed, his mother due to illness and his father due to an accident when helping to build an addition to the settlement. It was a reasonably peaceful life, he had a small ammount of learning, could read and write (a rarity nowadays) and wasn't short of food or water. It was a dream to some extent.

Except Geraint (or "Giggs" as he wanted to be known as) HATED IT.


There was no excitement. All the other small settlements had no malicious intent towards them, there were little to no roaming bands of raiders as most of them attempted to strike the bigger settlements away from them or were so pathetic that killing them was trivially easy. Giggs felt that he needed to get away, to at least experience something in his life. So, he struck a deal with the Trader caravan that visited, to travel with them once he was ready. Saying goodbye to his grandads headstone, Giggs travelled with them to a bigger settlement. He then descovered there was a massive settlement, a city of sorts, and his curiosity and sense of adventure ensured he would be travelling with the caravans, hopping from settlement to settlement until they reached it: Anders Holdfast

The journey itself towards Anders Holdfast wasn't peaceful in the slightest. There were a few bandit raids, and it was here that Giggs learnt to defend himself, firstly through brawling, then with simple weapons until the last two caravans had supplied him with an actual firearm: An old but usable rifle, which he had to use only on two occasions, the second of which he ebded up killing two men. Giggs had killed before, but the ease of which he could do it was immense. With a simple squeeze of a trigger, your problem goes away...

Once in Anders Holdfast however, it was apparent that it was run by some committee or group or some shit, that tried to keep the old world values of law and order, rules etc. Alive and in doing so made the whole place boring as fuck. The raiders wouldn't try their luck as the place was too well guarded and armed, and any criminal intent inside was too small scale to even fight the rulers or even instigate some kind of action. All in all, it felt like the whole settlement was simply following the rulers, sacrificing their freedoms for an oppressive safety, a thought that sickened Giggs. He needed to move on, but to where?

As luck would have it, it was in a bar where Giggs leant of the place called 'Nyheim' and it's call for people to come and live. Bored, Giggs decided to see what it was about. Packing up his meager belongings, he managed to barter a place on a boat, with others along for the journey. Most of them wanting a better life, others to escape, and for one, a sense of adventure.


After a few weeks of travel, Giggs found himself in a small port settlement, called Nye Oslo. From here, he made his journey towards Nyheim, the land much different from his own. After a few days, he came upon a situation that would change his life forever. It was a few kilometres from Nye Oslo when he came upon a small group of people. When he got closer, it was evident that two of them were holding the other captive. Upon asking what was going on, the two explained the third was a raider, and they were taking him to Nye Oslo for justice to be handed out. Giggs asked why not just deal with it here, save the hassle? Surely as the sun in the sky he would be killed or just imprisoned, a stupid idea.

The two prattled on about "Doing the right thing" and "Staying on the right path" and other assorted crap. They were just like the people of Anders Holdfast. Following the old ways, not dealing with problems simply, trying to make a safe haven by making others serve the rules. It got under Giggs' skin immensely. And at this point, he'd had enough.

"Fuck it."

He quickly drew his Revolver and shot both men. Holstering it, he cut the bound man's restraints. The newly freed man was confused. Surely no one would help a raider? Giggs explained: He hated authority, and the weak people it created. He craved freedom and the choice to not only do his own actions but deal with the consequences as well. The raider smiled, and said a simple sentence that would take Giggs on a new adventure:

"Well now, you want to tag along with the rest of the guys I roll with? Seems you would fit right in with that attitude..." And so Giggs ended up creating quite a stir in Nyheim with the 'Raiders'. 

The weeks went by, and the raiders were continuing to make a Name for themselves. They had taken the fight to PLIKT and won, Giggs' smooth talk had somehow gotten him released from PLIKT custody after gunning one of them down in the street, and the liberation of countless stashes, bases and hordes was greatly appreciated by the Nyheim masses. Surprisingly, Giggs had even made acquaintances - no, friends - in Nyheim, Luca and Atlas, the leaders of Basalisk and doctors. Giggs could see the need for them, but the ammount of work they did, including treating some wounds that the raiders would have walked off makes him wonder if they do too much. Bismarck was another he considered a friend, and also in someway a mentor. He was knowledgeable and a follower of 'Vales'. Giggs and him would end up working together almost daily, and would hit ideas and plans off each other, which lead to a natural friendship. They had also successfully driven off a group calling themselves "The Collectors" preaching about some god and trying to trade any old crap. Yeah, Prophet and the raiders (whilst sounding like a fucking amazing band name) showed them the error of their ways. Many workers were gathered and they all (for the most part) proved very useful. All in all, a good time was had. 

Amazingly, Giggs himself even managed to, somehow, get himself a girlfriend. Pippa was a raider like him (but she worked her way up from being a worker) Their relationship was... Unconventional due their raider mentality, where a normal couple would hold hands in the street, a fistfight or knife fight was the norm. It kept things interesting to say the least! It wasn't immediate the relationship, but that isn't a tale for here for now. 

And then... It went to shit. Because the good times can't last forever, right? 


The Prophet had a vision of an area to the east called 'Barkov', full of loot. It reduced the mumber of raiders in Nyheim to such low levels, it made it impossible to stand up to, let alone fight some of the new groups appearing. And eventually the raider presance dropped to just 5 raiders and a couple of workers. The situation became grimm. Worse still, a new, more sinister aspect of PLIKT was on the rise. D-Squad. This new force brought more hardships, ones that might see Giggs lose not only those close to him, but his own life too...


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Awesome character page. Very good read!

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I miss Giggs giving me things and propping me up. Damn this autonomy. ❤️

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