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Markus Letter
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    stressed-out, cynical, imperturbable
  3. Morale
    Nothing to lose.
  4. Date of birth
    1993-08-24 (26 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    German, English
  9. Relationship
    In a relationship with Rain Valentine (https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-4367/)
  10. Family
    Eric Letter (older brother/29), Sarah Letter (younger sister/16)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    181 cm
  2. Weight
    75 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    short brown
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    Missing left ring finger - Missing right pinky finger - Missing right earlobe
  8. Equipment
    Survival-Equipment, Assault Rifle, Compass (Gifted by Rain Valentine to always "find his way")
  9. Occupation
    Former UN-Soldier
  10. Affiliation
    United Nations/The Last Lights/Animus/Riptide Collective
  11. Role


Before Chernarus



Chapter 1: "From the first he was the word"

Markus Letter grew up in Berlin-Kreuzberg as the second son of a kurdish family, who migrated to germany in 1985. 
Fleeing from the surpression of the turkish goverment and the poor economic situation in the mainly by kurds populated eastern part of the country, they arrived in their new home with the strong will leave the hate and fear of the past behind them. As a sign of integration Markus father even changed the family name from "Aslan". 
Unfortunaly the first thing he saw after arriving at the airport was a mailbox with a multilingual describtion, so he change the family name to "Letter".
Furthermore he and his wife decided to give their sons typical german names. so they dont suffer from disadvantages from prejudices in school and the job life like many of the other migrant kids with foreign sounding names had. Even though he was a clever kid, Markus was always in the shadow of his older brother Eric, who followed the wishes of his parents, was an excellent student and even became a doctor of medicine. Not being able to follow the steps of his brother, Markus struggled especially when he was a teenager to find his own identity. 
Being unhappy not to belong to any kind of community in germany (neither the german nor the kurdish one), Markus started to become a troublemaker and the police had to bring him home more than once after noise complains and for loitering in the city way after midnight. He grades became worse and worse and even brought him to the edge of being kicked out of school.

The change happened when he was 16 and his class visited a job fair in preparation of the end of their school time. Being bored as always he wandered around the fair hall, not really paying attention to anything else than the free biro and similar stuff. Due to this he didnt notice a man in uniform in time, who was carrying a heavy overhead projector. So happened what had to happen - Markus crashed into the soldier, who - in an attempt to catch Markus from falling - dropped the heavy machine on the floor and with a loud sound parts scattered all over the floor while the man placed Markus back on his feet.
He expected to be shout at like he was used from his own father, but instead he was asked if he was okay. Markus nodded confused about what just had happened and then helped to gather the pieces from the floor.

"Shame", said the man in uniform. "This is the only projector we brought today. Guess we have to use some of the old brochures then."
I'm really sorry", mumbled Markus. "I ... I just wasnt paying attention."
Dont worry about it. That can happen to everyone sometimes. As long as you have someone who helps you up again, falling isnt something you need to be ashamed of", replied the solder with a friendly smile. "Well, that might not count for this now piece of junk" he continued amused.
Hm, actually its not really broken, just the lens jumped out of her bracket. Happens to ours in school all the time."
Seems like you are pretty decent in technical matters, son. Ever considered a career filled with adventure, proper payment, traveling the world and camaraderie?"
Carma ... what? Isnt that this thing with positive and negative energy?"
*The soldier guffawed*




Chapter 2: "Gloria fortis miles"

2 years later Markus finish school and joined the german army "Bundeswehr" in the age of 18.
What he expected the least was the camaraderie and friendship he found in the guys he spent the months of training with.  Even if they all had different backgrounds and came from all over the country, the differences disappeared with the camo color on their faces and the mud covering their uniforms. The longer the training lasted, the more he felt finally home. The Officers quickly figured out that he is not the most talkative guy - only spoke when asked and in short sentences - and in combination with his natural talent in technical interestes after the three months of basic training he was placed in the:

"Fernmeldebataillon 610/ 1. Panzerdivision/ Multinationales Korps Nord-Ost"
("Field signal battalion 610/ 1. Tank Divison/ Multinational Corps North-East").

While being stationed in Prenzlau, near the german-polish border Gefreiter Markus Letter was introduced to the job of a signaller, spending the majority of the first half year learning everything that there is to know about radio equipments, transmitter models, military communication and all the wrinkles of operating the radio traffic of an entire unit, while being on a mission. He enjoyed being in the military - the schedule gave his life the organisation it lacked before, having a task and role to fulfill made him finally feel useful and even though the nights in small tents with little sleep during the training exercises were some of the hardest days in his young life - he finally felt home, having his comrades, his brothers in arms ... his family around.

After 15 exhausting months, Letter finished his training as the 5th best of his 30-man class and on this sunny day in august, when he stood in formation during the graduation ceremony in his parade uniform, knowing that the eyes of his father were resting on him - Markus felt proud for the first time in his life.

Two weeks later he was informed that he was assigned as a radio operator to the Jägerbataillon 371, which was in the process of preparing to be deployed in the Kunduz region/Afghanistan as part of the ISAF-Mission in that province. Prior to that deployment, every soldier has to complete a 6 weeks long combat training, including patrol training, first aid in combat and a lecture in basic "Dari" (one of two official languages). To celebrate the end of their training to signallers and before splitting up and being assigned to different units, Markus and his fellow comrades decided to spend a weekend in his hometown, Berlin, and visit as many bars and clubs as possible - just being young and excited about the upcoming adventures ahead of them.

On the second evening, after 4 bars, 2 clubs and a brief visit at one of the many kebab shops Berlin has to offer,
the group of soldiers stumbled into a pretty bad club named "Matrix".... and this is where he saw her for the first time:





Chapter 3: "Cryptonite"

It was one of those moments when the time slows down to a point were nothings seems to move anymore and the blink of an eye turns into a century, a feeling like standing in the eye of an hurricane - the noices that kept you awake at night disappear, the world around you stops to exist and suddenly everything makes perfect sense: Her long brown hair, the blue eyes fixed at him with this look that goes straight through you and stares directly at your soul, the way she moved in perfect harmony with the music, while everyone else on the dancefloor seemed to be off beat like a damaged record on a turntable.

Hypnotized by the seemingly endless depth of her eyes, the music - the moment, he walked over to her, just standing there, caught in something he didnt understood.
Markus' memories about the events of the following two weeks are blurred, nothing more than snapshots - the smell of her hair, the taste of her lips
... and this unexplainable feeling of safety, of being finally home when holding her in his arms.

But the closer the date of his deployment to afghanistan came, the more afraid he became of leaving her, losing her. But even more than that he was afraid what would happen to her in case he got injured or even killed and for the first time in his life he realized that someone else means more to him than how it seemed. It didn't click until now. He loved her, he really loved her....
And thats why he decided to end the story on their last evening together - a sad ending before it turns into endless sadness.

After spending a beautiful, sunny day at the beach and visiting the annual fair, he gathered all his courage while them walking down the coastline in the sunset, grabbed her hand and in the moment he was about to start speaking she said on single word: "Noand kissed him passionate. "You will come back to me", she said with a sad smile on her face. "Thats an order, soldier".
Gently he stroke her cheek and returned the kiss.

Three weeks later he received his first field post from her and the only thing in the envelope was a picture of them kissing on this last evening, made by a fotographer who making fotos of the fair for the local newspaper and caught the moment with his camera. Valerie saw the picture and ask him for a copy and after explaining to him the story behind the scene, he agreed and sent it her on the very same day.


Markus and Valerie on their last date before his deployment to afghanistan   

Chapter 4: "The meaning of words"

- 9 months later Markus returned home from his deployment and at the airport his family happily awaited him ... together with Valerie -

When he saw her, waiting for him within a splitsecond he came to one conclusion: She is the right one!
The weeks after his homecoming were filled with "Welcome back"-BBQ's and traveling, for example to be introduced to Valeries parents in Marseille, where she was originally born before she started her studies at the Humboldt-University Berlin. Markus never gave much regarding foreign languages, but on his trip to the french côte d'azur he listened to a MP3-track a friend of his dictated him over and over again. The track repeated one french sentence over and over again:

"Monsieur Renue, J'aime sa fille et je veux l'epouser"

First her father stared at him for several seconds, then he started laughing until tears ran down his face and answered in perfect german.
"Junger mann, da müssen sie meine Tochter schon selbst fragen" ... and he did exactly that and thankfully she said "Yes, now and every other day".
He was the happiest man in the entire damn world.


During the next couple of weeks Markus started to think about the future. He never even expected to get this far. A life, A job, A love.
And after the thinking came the doubts. A house costs money and the ring she deserved in his opinion aswell. While thinking how to plan this all,
his former Bataillon-Commander asked him if he wants to join a multinational UN-Mission that  still required a radio operator.
Something about a eastern country and a health-related mission, but due to the deployment in a foreign country the wage was slightly higher.
Letter agreed heavy-hearted.

Valerie refused to speak with him for days, but after all the tears were dried and her voice could simply not yell at him anymore, he huged her like the world was about to end, gave her the longest kiss ever  - and placed a small, but beautiful engagement ring on her finger, combined with the promise to return to her in a couple of months.

On the  last eveing before he joined the UN-Unit, Markus went into a tattoo-shop and got the reason what he is fighting for written on his arm, to never forget the promise he gave.



In Chernarus (IG-Events)



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Chronicle summary (since last entry above):

  • After being severly beaten up with a baseball bat during his imprisonment in Novy Sobor by the anarchists, Markus is dropped presumed dead by friends and foes in the forest.
  • As a result of the injury, he struggles with the effects of a temporary global retrograde amnesia, only having a compass with the letters "R+M" carved into it.
  • Markus, after forgetting his own name, calls himself compass and roams the railroad as a self-identified hobo, always looking for a new dose of morphin that helps him to sleep and to forget the urge to keep on going while searching for something he cant remember he lost.
  • After some time, he is found and identified as Markus by Calandra (@Lyca), Havel (@Para) and Anna (@Clumsy).
  • With their help, he is reunited with Rain (@GreenySmiley) and together with old friends of his like Major Holmen (@Dino), Liam Hart (@DrMax) and Reed (@Harvey) they slowly rebuild his memory.
  • While helping Rain to get rid of her heroin addiction Markus is confronted with her brother Colt Valentine (@SgtSmithy) who previously blamed him for the horros his sister had to endure. During the confrontation with Colt, who at that time was also traumatized by his own experience with the anarchists, Markus defended himself and threatens Colt with death if he gets even close to the at that time weakened Rain, as he seems him as a danger for her life.
  • Markus and Rain team up with Calandra, Havel, Anna, Gio (@Gaylaxitive) and Fae (@GenjiRP) to protect each other and take revenge on those who have wronged them.
  • With the return of Anarchy, Havel and Anna flee the countryside; Markus, Rain and Calandra join a group of survivors around Doctor T (@Taryn) and Fae betrays her former friends by joining Anarchy.
  • Still hunted and harassed by the anarchists, their leader Luke Krey (@LouieRP) tasks them with an almost impossible mission to "redeem themself":  
    "Plant an IED and a dirty bomb inside in CDF camp in Miroslavl"
  • Against all the odds, Markus, Doctor T and Pavel (@-Chow-) are successful, but in the process kill 200 people and destroy the CDF-HQ and the stored intel there.
  • Rain is upset that Markus went without her and breaks up with him. Markus loses all motivation and starts to roam around on the railroad again.
  • Some time passes by and Rain and Markus can clear their trouble. Markus even proposes to Rain and she says "Yes".
  • They live together with the members of the Riptide Collective, after the death of Doctor T by the hands of chernarussian nationalists as an act of retaliation for the Miroslavl bombing now lead by Calandras husband Borris (@UncleB).



  • None Currently

Missing parts

  • Right earlobe  
  • left ring finger 
  • right pinky finger


  • Gunshot scar upper right arm
  • massive parallel cut wound down the back (Fallen angel wings)
  • Gunshot scar upper right leg
  • Scar across the skull caused by blunt trauma with a baseball bat


  • Upper right arm: The name "Valerie" (disfigured by a bullet scar)


  • Has severe sleeping issues when Rain is not around and becomes very moody.
  • When stressed out, feels the urge to take use morphin and follow the raintracks.
  • Feels uncomfortable and stressed out around children as a result of the troubles that feeling responsible for Dolores (@Brayces) caused him. (Exception: Robbie @Malthis)
  • Seeing how they were abandoned and betrayed by their "family", Markus became quite selfish after the reappearance of Anarchy - always prioritizing his, Rains and Calandras safety.
  • Considers former UN-Soldiers who still act like they are on duty as naiv and desillusional.

Friends & Family

  • Rain Valentine (Fiancee)
  • Calandra Vlcek ("Sister")
  • Havel & Anna Novotny (Close friends)
  • Major Holmen (Former commander & Close friend)
  • Reed Hamilton (Close friend)
  • Officer Nedved (Voice of reason)
  • Liam Hart (Friend)
  • Gio (Lunatic but good guy)
  • Dan (Good guy)

Foes & Enemies

  • Colt & Jaxon Valentine (Blamed Markus for not protecting their sister Rain / Caused problems by breaking promises)
  • Fae Williams (Betrayed her former friends by joining Anarchy in full knowledge of what they did/do)
  • Kouketsu Black (Helped Diadora @Mademoiselle in capturing and torturing Markus on Valentines Day)
  • Diadora (Hunted and harmed Markus and several of his friends)
  • All anarchists and affiliated (Hunting, enslaving, torturing and killing countless people, including close friends and family)





<3 Letter is bae

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<3 Letter is bae

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<3 Letter is bae

Thought id join in too!

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<3 Letter is bae

I'm sorry I hurt him...

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<3 Letter is bae

Always here for you buddy :).

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Tube Buddies! ^_^

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Updated: Tube Buddy Cuddle Bear. ^_^:ph34r:

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Some good movies quotes in that character song, good shit

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