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Akello Dembe
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Hurt and Alone
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1994-11-03 (28 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
    East Africa
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Family
    Mother (Acanit Dembe) Older brother (Kaikara Dembe) Sister (Namazzi Dembe)
  10. Religion


  1. Height
    177 cm
  2. Weight
    60 kg
  3. Build
    While not being overly muscular, has a very well toned body
  4. Hair
    Short black hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Good
  7. Features
    A large cut on his lower left arm, fragments of glass imbedded in his face. Birthmark on his right arm in the shape of a knife scar.
  8. Equipment
    Military jacket and pants, badly damaged. Mostly used dirty bandages. Basic boots and beanie.
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role


Born in a small village in East Africa, Akello Dembe was born to a small family. With only 2 siblings and a single mother, his father having passed away, he was the youngest in the family. Akello's village was in an area with more resources than normal making it prime estate for governments of all kinds to attempt to claim. One of said successful governments was the United States of America, having come to an agreement with the Ugandan government to use that village as a base while claiming resources, the reasoning behind it was to have the American incorporate their advanced technology and ideologies within the village, gaining a stepping stone into future advancements. Due to the nature of the agreement, an abnormal amount of Americans began to come to Akello's village, so in turn he ended up learning English as a more primary language instead of his country language, his older siblings became fluent in both but Akello didn't have the ability to do so. Soon after the agreement between countries, American soldiers were placed in his village to help prevent attacks from bandits and other envious governments trying to steal their resources. Akello became very good friends with the Americans to the point of them teaching Akello basic fighting and shooting techniques, exactly what his homelands officials wanted, during the years of Akellos childhood and teenage years, he started to develop some more advanced shooting, fighting, primarily basic martial arts, and guerilla warfare tactics. Although he did have a knack for fighting, Akello was more of a gentle soul, such as his name meant I have bought (Akello) peace (Dembe), when learning what his abilities allowed him to do, he decided he wanted to help people instead of hurting them. Seeking the help of the medical soldiers, Akello attempted to learn medical practices that would be useful in the field, helping his brethren or even those that requested it. While still sharpening his combat skills, he primarily made field treating his number one skill, even helping the village doctors in different issues. After a few years, Akello learned that his friends were going to be leaving his village, as the agreement had reached a point where the local government no longer wanted the Americans here. He attempted to persuade them to bring him along but they would not do so, as his request was denied by the American top brass, in light of this news Akello was very depressed not knowing what to do without his American friends, he looked for salvation in his countries own military, although only knowing English made it a lot more difficult. After numerous attempts, he was allowed access into the country's Field Medics unit, a specialized unit that would deploy to any kind of unit around the world whether it was their own or a nation's allied troops. Akello was nervous and excited for his first deployment, being sent out to a country called Nyhiem, having never heard of it before he wasn't quite sure what to expect but he was eager to after learning the troops they were being sent to back up were the ones he knew years back. After a few weeks of prep and traveling, his squad arrived at Nyhiem attempting to meet up with the American troops, Akello's commanding officer was leading the squad through unknown territory when they were cut off in a surprise ambush by local militia, killing a few of their squad immediately. The specialized squad's only move to prevent even more deaths was to surrender as they were surrounded from all angles, the troops were split into groups of two and pushed into nearby vehicles, tied up and gagged, they were driven to different areas of the country. Akello was transported on his own as there was an uneven amount of people, terrified of what was going to happen, he attempted to beg for his life through his gag, muffled words escaping, but was silenced by loud screaming and violent blows to the face. He remained quiet for the duration of the drive until there was a sudden explosion causing the car to lift into the air, with chunks flying off in all directions and ripping a few doors off their hinges. The driver of the vehicle had hit a hidden mine in the road, totaling the car and severely injuring almost everyone, because of Akellos location in the car, he was mostly protected from the explosion by his kidnappers in the front seats, although still being his with glass and debris ricocheting around the car. Unfortunately for him, a captive in the backseat with him was nearly uninjured as well, after the chaos of the mine, Akellos first instinct was to check himself making sure he was alright, before looking around the area. After doing so he noticed that one of the kidnappers was still conscious, attempting to stand up and take note of the situation. He knew this would be his only chance to gain freedom, Akello attempted to stand as well, stumbling around, he got some decent footing, and looked around for an object he could use as a weapon. The kidnapper had taken notice of his actions and checked himself for a gun only finding a knife, having drawn the knife he started to slowly make his way over to Akello. Akello, knowing he didn't have a lot of time, decided that he was going to use the training he had gained from his American buddies, to try and take the knife from his attacker, knowing that failure would result in death. A struggle began between the two as Akello managed to grab the arm of his attacker and fended off taking it in the belly, swung his kidnappers arm to the side while sidestepping the blade, using his momentum to push him away, Akello proceeded to use his strength to push the attacker onto the ground. Although he was successful in doing so, the enemy still had the knife in hand but on the ground. Akello attempted to use the time to search for something to use as a weapon quickly, spotting a piece of the car on the ground, a metal rod from the axel underneath, he grabbed it quickly and stepped towards his attacker still attempting to get back up. Akello started to hesitate on his own attack and his kidnapper gained sure footing and proceeded to slice open Akello's left arm using his hesitation for his own gain. Upon feeling the blade slice through his arm, Akello realized that he didn't have time to think about his opponent's life when he was in danger, he stumbled back from the attack, grabbing his arm. Still holding the rod he swung it around wildly, like a stick on fire to keep his attacker at bay, he decided to push through the pain and grip the rod with both hands waiting for the right moment. As his attacker stepped forward, Akello swung the rod upwards at his chin, his opponent stepping back and barely dodging the attack stepped in quickly with a stab forward. Akello, using all his strength, brought the rod back down as hard as he could, directly onto his attacker's head, dropping him unconscious. Akello dropped the rod onto the ground upon seeing the blood form around his enemies head, he started to look around for some bandages to heal his arm and hopefully, bandage up his kidnappers head. After looting around for a moment, he found some bandages inside of the dead drivers jacket, he proceeded to use them for his arm and the guy’s head that was laying on the ground. After finishing that up he proceeded to gather his surroundings, in hope of finding some useful supplies. His medical supplies he brought with him had been destroyed in the accident so he needed to find a nearby hospital or some kind of medical storage to regain his supplies. After that, he needed to find his squad mates and hopefully the American troops that were here in the country.


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