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Alfred Josiah
Character information
  1. Alias
    Alfred William Josiah the third, Disciple, Preacher, The Pastor, The vessel. The Father, Alfredo, little wolf, big bad wolf.
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1988-07-03 (31 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Gilman, Iowa
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    (Mom) Carol Josiah (Dad Dead) Alfred Josiah the first (estranged brother) "Al" Alfred Josiah the second
  11. Religion
    The CCR


  1. Height
    172 cm
  2. Weight
    77 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
    Sandy blonde
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    charismatic face, scruffy beard, healed left half of a Glasgow smile the right side is fresh and still healing, Healing burns to his right-hand self inflicted, healing a suicide attempt “sliced wrist” missing right hand middle finger, missing right ear, missing left pinkie. half missing ear on his left side. healed gun shot wounds and wounds
    (more when stuff happens in game)
  8. Equipment
    Basic equipment to protect himself such as firearms and melee weapons, food, his good book, A strange electronic with a keyboard attached. An emblem of his religion given to him by his brother. his fathers hand written bible
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role


Before Josiah's birth


“The lords words have been spoken from the dawn of time many a man have said they are the prophet of the lord or a saint or what have you most are just moderates or even just fakes or sinners trying to shake the faith of the innocent but you my son you are the lords vessel his words flow through you. Your words are his truth and your actions are his swift justice.”

 Alfred’s father always told him the same phrase for as long as he could remember and he wholeheartedly believed every word, every sermon, every biblical law his father told was true even though a lot of what he was told wasn’t even in the bible. His father learned of the lord through a near-death experience on an oil rig in which the lord reached down and saved him leaving a channel open for him to hear the lords words first of which was a prophecy

“His second son would be of the same name as his father and will be the one who is the vessel in which the Lord will save the innocent.”

Alfred “Fred” Josiah sr. was then commanded to spread the lords word and after leaving his wife and first born son to study in a Christian monastery in Louisiana studying both treditional Churchly teachings and the land it s self. he began to see connectons in lot of what he learned and he began to believe the 2 were connected there for they must be pulled together so he begain to write scripture the voice in his head told him mixing the two dubing it the missing link between the bible and modern timeseventually he was ordained and he set out toward a small town in iowa known as Gilman just in time for the birth of his second son who he named after himself just as his father before him had done.

Early life / pre-chernarus


Alfred Josiah the 3rd was born in the year of the lord 1988 July 3rd.  in a small farming town in Gilman Iowa to his mother and father. Who moved to Gilman to give the city something to worship in the early 80's upon which none had before the religion of the true Lord. From the day Alfred the 3rd was born in 1988, he was christened a Messenger and the vessel to the lord as his older brother had decided to leave the family and go to law school thus forfeiting his vessel-hood. Throughout his formative years, he attended Sunday school and sermons both taught by his father convincing him to follow his father's beliefs and believing himself to be a Messenger of the lord if not the vessel. When Alfred turned 25, he was forced to leave Gilman when his father was found dead brutally and horrifyingly butchered; he was accused that he had been behind it with a band of radicals as he had begun to teach his brand of the religion.

After a few months with the help of his followers, he moved to a small town in Canada as the police couldn't find any evidence to stake him to the murder. Alfred, Pastor Alfred as his followers preferred to call him began spreading his beliefs throughout the town, and nearby cities many outside religious leaders saw the new fast forming religion as a group of Heretics and fanatics but were harmless speaking out against him. Though branded he started pulling more and more followers till devote members of a local militant Christians Group decided to attack the building Alfred had been holding his sermons in leading to the makeshift church burning down. The loss weighed heavily on Alfred didn't lose his faith and decided to move his congregation away and after a close friend of his named Genavive talked him into it and over the next couple years Alfred moved himself and as many followers as he could and moved to Europe.

he gained follower after follower across the continent so when the infected started appearing he capitalized on the infection using the apocalypse to his benefit rallying more and more to the lord till he approached Russia with his band of 100 men women and children and of course his devote follower Genevieve. The excursion ended in tragedy fewer than 15 made it out the worse loss was Genevieve. She saved Alfred at the cost of her life. after she died Alfred started to have lapses of memory such as how many survivors were left and how many supplies the group had in those times he turned to his father's word. The few survivors made it into a nearby country named Chernarus the few survivors were disheartened and left Alfred alone to rebuilt his flock and save the remaining humans all he needed was his faith and his congregation. But he had no idea where to start or how to convert the survivors of this onslaught. To the religion of the lord, their master, their ruler, the one true lord of this land. but the lord has seen him through harder situations and will see him through this all he has to do is keep his faith and the path will be shown to him.

first attempt at the harmony:

Having traveled from Russia Alfred moved across the country until he heard a tales of a town being colonized in the center of south Zigoria. When he arrived in the city, he was welcomed with open arms, and he freely was allowed to practice his religion. He stayed in town and preached, predicting correctly the Lord's intentions multiple times. Much like when some men tried to hold his parish up, and he told them " if you try to draw blood in this church you will be struck down by the Lord's vessel's." ultimately the men were held up them selfs inside of the church, and when the captives tried to pull their guns they were swiftly shot and killed all the while Alfred was safe and let free, and the bandits were heralded the vessels of the lord by him. But these predictions didn't stop new groups of bandits attacking the town, so he struck out and decided to look for a new place to expand his influence and ability to pass the Almighty's words and look for more vessels.

After multiple failures to establish a secure church and his failure to protect his friends (disciples)  Alfred fell into a depression where he began questioning his faith he had lapses in his memory such as going to sleep somewhere but waking up somewhere else. but his faith was revitalized when just like his father prophecized the pale horse will arrive before his son and show him the path. Josiah stumbled across a man called by Grimm following him was the rider of conquest and the lamb of the lord and Alfred knew this was the sign he was looking for and now he follows where the horsemen lead.

Josiah finally found his calling and finally found what he was looking for but his blackouts have had him a bit worried but the horsemen have pushed them to the back of his mind but always still there creeping up on him. if faith holds true he will pull through just like the last set of ones in Russia.

Time after time Josiah gave into his hope that the horsemen were going to lead him but he was let down time after time he was tortured, beaten, mutilated, abandoned by the people he followed blindly. This latest stretch of abandonment ending with Josiah having a knife put in his mouth having said knife split his mouth open to the point where his teeth could be clearly seen which shortly after he found Kendra at a camp again he gave in and hoped the worse was over but after he went to sleep he awoke to Kendra gone and the camp being ransacked and he was spotted and promptly robbed and beaten this last time left Josiah broken and lost but the path was clear the horsemen brought him to this point. the same point his father brought him to before the lord finally started talking to him telling him of his father new purpose. He was the vessel he heard the voice he knew what the Lord wanted and that He is the lords pastor, He is the Sword, He is THE FATHER

Meeting the toy makers 

Josiah met many people who were non believers and brought the truth to their ears and bodies though his action and brought them before the lord for judgement. one such time the father was captured shortly after he finished a ceremony and was accused of being a murdering cult leader and a group of people and doctor held him at gun point. Josiah prayed to the lord to bring him to safety and when the doctor started to rant and rave the group that he brought with him turned on the doctor and brought the doctor before the father who began the ceremony when an outside force stopped the pastor and casting him and his rescuers out 

the pastor wandered around for a week before he and his rescuers met again as they were held hostage by some chernorussian radicalist.

more soon...


groovy nate


May wanna look into his DOB :D

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