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The Challenge
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Carver Lee Mason
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Has high functioning autism
  3. Date of birth
    2004-10-12 (18 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    North Carolina
  5. Religion


  1. Occupation
  2. Role
    Nomad, Pianist, and sometimes a Thief that steals from the rich to give to the poor


At a young age, Carver Lee Mason had an interest in survival tactics. He learned how to start fires, craft various items, and where to find food and water in dire situations. His father was a gunsmith, and he taught him how to use and maintain firearms. But the virus would soon break out and truly test his skills. After the virus hit and chaos broke down, Carver's family started looking for a place of safety. While traveling, they ended up bumping into a friendly survivor, who told them of Nyheim, being a bastion of safety in theses harsh times. So they set off for it, being their only hope. They traveled for months, however, once finally close, they had set up a small camp in the woods, and suddenly gunshots rang out, and a bullet landed behind him. ''RUN!'', his father shouted, and ran he did. He ran, with no thought of looking back. After he thought he was finally safe, he turned around and noticed, his parents were nowhere to be seen. Every dire situation he was in, he had his friends or family by his side, but this time, he was alone. He looked for his parents for as long as he could, but never found them. Now alone, scared, and looking for his family, he's trying his hardest to survive. A year has passed since then, and hes now a smart, high energy survivor, and while he is very cautious around strangers, he still travels with others some. Hes mostly a solo nomad and Pianist, but sometimes a thief that gives his items to the poor, documents everything and helps where its needed, and plays piano for the entertainment of others. However during his time traveling alone, He saw his father, but he was infected. It ran toward him screaming, and unable to think, Carver stood there. The infected swiped his head, and he lost his vision in his left eye. He snapped out of it and shot the infected. He checked his fathers bag, and found his engraved Colt 1911 with 6 rounds. He started thinking back, his father had the symptoms..... and so did his mother. He looked around and found a skeleton with a bullet through its head, and realized, it was wearing the same clothing his mother wore, and that 1911 was missing a round. Trying to put together what happened, Carver was heartbroken, and left the scene. Two weeks pass, and Carver got held up. He pulled a gun but unable to force himself to pull the trigger, he was shot. Wounded, Carver woke up, hardly alive, and with no memory of what happened. However, one friend got out of the situation unharmed, and after Carver used his radio to see who was there, his friend picked up and told him what had happened. After being exposed to the virus multiple times via infected, and his family who had it, every time he tests for the infection, the result is negative. Every time. It seems he is one of the few immune.


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