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Sam Valentino
Character information
  1. Alias
    Little Sammy
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1992-01-23 (27 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Outskirts of Bronx
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Religion


  1. Height
    172 cm
  2. Weight
    61 kg
  3. Build
    Slightly Muscular
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Evil
  7. Features
    Has a cigar burn on neck, Broken nose that was never fixed.
  8. Equipment
    Wears Civilian clothes,
  9. Occupation
    Worked in a Deli, but would also counted cards in casinos to make extra money
  10. Affiliation


Sam Valentino BackStory Pre-Chernarus Sam grew up on the outskirts of the Bronx. When he was younger, he shared a 2 bedroom apartment with his mother and sister. While they each enjoyed a bedroom, he was left to sleep on the couch. Growing up, Sam was not the typical little kid. He was the school bully, choosing to torment the other children rather than make friends. The boy never applied himself in school, but held a secret talent for numbers. Sam never finished high school, instead opting for a GED. The first job he held was alongside his Uncle Donnie, the sole proprietor of a deli on 6th Street. The store “security” was the Bonanno family, who provided Uncle Donnie with two options: pay protection money, or be run into the dirt. After working at the deli for a few years, and saving a comfortable amount of cash, Sam took a trip to the casino for his 23rd birthday. While not being fond of slots or roulette, the man found a liking for cards. In the next few months, he would take his extra money to the casino and have some fun throwing it around. After a while he began to learn the casino’s card patterns. After he practiced playing the house for six months, Sam began coming home each week with two grand. Sam tried his luck at another casino; unfortunately, he was spotted by a group of Bonanno mobsters. The thugs tossed him outside, giving him a swift beating. The leader of the little posse, between sharp kicks to Sam’s ribs, spoke. “Do you know what we fuckin’ do with cheaters when we catch ‘em? Do you, bud?” The man spat out in disgust. Sam cried out in response, covering his face with his arms. Each strike stung worse than the last. Breathlessly, Sam admitted to never having been caught at his trickery. “Until now, you haven’t.” The thug replied, snorting. “I’m Jimmy-fucking-Fixer, and you’d better listen close, shrimp.” ‘Jimmy-fucking-Fixer’ went on to offer Sam a way out of the ditch he dug himself - Fixer gets a half of Sam’s profits, and he’s off scot-free. Sam squeaked out a counter offer, pushing for 60/40 in his own favor, before being given another kick in reply. “I could kill you right fuckin’ now, shrimp - I make the deals, here. You listen.” Jimmy explained his plan further; Sam was to focus his attention on the high roller’s tables, netting them both the highest profits. Sam was given a time limit: one week until he had to pay up, or face another meeting with Fixer’s ‘family.’ Sam couldn’t shake the feeling that Jimmy Fixer seemed awfully familiar. *** The next week, Sam held his side of the deal. It wasn’t without benefit - with Jimmy’s coaching, Sam made off with twenty grand that first night. By the end of the year, the pair had a million dollars, split even. Both men transitioned from having dingy, run-down studio apartments to living it big in the Big Apple. Each had a car, plenty of entertainment, and a whole lot of spending money to spare. Even so, both held their jobs - Jimmy for cover, and Sam out of loyalty to his uncle. A couple months after Sam’s 25th birthday, Jimmy and Sam were kicking back in another local casino. Fixer pointed to a man a few tables away, playing 25 thousand dollar hands. “That fat bastard - that one’s next.” Jimmy chortled, before shoving Sam toward the stranger. They weren’t aware that the man happened to be the Don of the Russian Mafia. As they played, the hand raised to a hundred thousand dollars. After Sam’s victory, the Russian learned the boy’s dirty tricks - he was counting cards. The man had his goons throw the pair outside. They were beaten, bloodied and tossed into the back of a black van. After a long and dreadfully silent road trip, they were forced to board a private jet. Both men were beaten savagely, Sam bearing the brunt of it. The Don branded Sam’s neck with his cigar, marking him like a prize cow. After landing, both Fixer and Sam had bags thrown over their heads, and were tossed into another vehicle. “Enjoy your new life in this shit-hole, Yankees.” The Don’s voice boomed behind them, before the car sped off. After what seemed an eternity, they were kicked from the vehicle and left to their own devices. Arrival The pair awoke in the middle of a forest. After wander. He takes the road and they find a city called Sinistock they get there finding that half of the houses are abandoned and the other half of people are very scared. He finds Jimmy in Sinistock wandering around, they talk and decide to leave. They leave the town and Jimmy stopped saying he was thinking and then stood up rushing into Sam’s face saying this is your fucking fault and that Sam should have stopped earlier that he got greedy. Sam with surprise becomes furious screaming at Jimmy saying we should have went out that night and we could have went to a different casino and he made the choice to play with him. After that Sam gives Jimmy a right hook to the jaw knocking him down and spitting on Jimmy. Jimmy gets up quickly tackling Sam and pinning him down punching him repeatedly. Sam then kicks him off and they both get up and Sam yells fuck you, find your way back home alone walking away. Sam then starts to head to Vavilovo, while Jimmy heads to topliniki. Sam now on his own and wandering an unknown place, he heads through an empty city not knowing its name. Everyone was seemingly gone, so he set up shop in a house as he began thinking this country was attacked or something. He found some food left behind and a house that looked like no one was coming back, so he ate and went to bed. He woke up in the middle of the night to hear gunshots in the next city. As he went to look out the window he heard footsteps outside the house he was in. He saw a man walking in the road that looked like he was bleeding. Sam walked out trying to talk to the man, and the man turned to him started groaning and then sprinted for Sam. Sam did know what was going on but he saw a man charging him so when he came close Sam knocked him in the jaw as hard as he could. He knocked the man down but didn't knock him out, the man got up and ran to Sam again. Sam didn’t know what was going on or where he is, he did know that this man was gonna get his ass kicked he keep chasing him. So when the man got close again Sam gave him another right hook this time in the cheek bone. Which broke Sam’s knuckle, and didn’t do much to the man. As the man got up again Sam starting to think this man is brain dead or some shit happened to him, as know Sam give left hooks and softer right jabs because his knuckle was in pain not knowing he broke it. After 5 minutes of the same shit going on, some women ran by stopping seeing how Sam was fighting this man, she knew what it was and came up shooting the man. Sam then freaks out asking why she killed that man. The women said that the man was dead already, Sam asking the lady if she was a psycho but the man wasn't dead. The women then asks Sam how long have you been here because this shit has been going on for a few days. Sam asks what has been going on for a few days. She said a infection or virus, some shit happened to where dead men and women woke up again but they aren’t themselves and started biting and eating people. Sam so confused he was just standing there holding his fist because the pain he is in. The women said I am now sorry because i am going to have to kill you so don't turn into this man. Sam freaking out say what do you mean, the women says the dead man bit your hand you will become like him. Sam now yelling at the women says that thing didn't touch me, the women being skeptical then asks why is Sam bleeding. Same says this is from hitting him I don't have a single cut or bit on my hand. The women then says it normally takes a couple hours for you to turn so, we will take you to the active center of doctors and military people. They walk through towns see people panic asking for help and the women just keeps walking, he asks why did you help me and won't help them. She said because you are fighting for yourself they want you to fight for them because they are weak and can't do it. So as they pass through another town, Sam asks her questions. Like how do you know who are dead who are not. She said simple you listen no one stands in the road groaning with blood covered all over them. Also people talk and don't just chase you when they see you, trust me after today you will be able to tell who is dead and who is not. After getting to the active center of help Sam realized that this is a run of the mill shit hole, no true military help where there it was just doctors and underpaid security. Sam waits in line and a doctor pulls him aside washes off his hand and analyzes his hands. She said that he has no cuts or bites, but said that Sam's knuckle is awfully swollen so she looks and it and realizes that he broke his knuckle. She gave him a small splint and said keep it on for a few weeks and you should be fine. Before he walked out of the room a man came in and asked Sam if he came here with a women. Sam said yea why, the man then gave him a pistol and a extra mag with a note saying “Good Luck, you seem like a real survivor kid” and then the man said she left. So on the way out Sam see’s two guards about to start a fight with a man, and upon closer inspection he sees that is Jimmy. So Sam walks over pushes a guard and says we were just leaving no need for any thing to happen. Sam then grabs Jimmy pushing him out the door. Jimmy and Sam start talking and walking, and they asks each other if they have met the dead ones yet. Which they explain their stories and head off.


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