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Emerick Voss
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1990-05-13 (32 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    New York
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    77 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Role
    Whatever needs doing


Born in upstate New York, Emerick lived a simple life but always felt like he was out of place. The day to day living seemed lackluster and he yearned to find something that would be more fulfilling. That opportunity came sooner then he thought as at the age of 23 he joined the Marines, serving eight years and deploying twice to the middle east. His time in the service brought him a much different feeling to his normal civilian life, like he was actually making a difference rather then working a typical nine to five job behind a desk. 

After his time in service, he returned to his civilian life, finding it quickly as grinding as before and sought to find a new outlet for his skills and his mindset. A global shipping and trading company that used private security to its holdings and shipping liners. Applying a number of months later, he quickly found himself shacked up with a group set to protect one of the many shipping tankers traveling around Eastern Europe. It was during this time in 2019 did things grow dangerous however, with a new virus spreading and governments of the world attempting to contain it as best they could though were clearly struggling. After completing their shipment in Western Africa, the crew were ordered by cooperate to return to international waters and lay anchor while awaiting further instructions as contamination of the crew or vessel would be ill advised. More then likely this was something of a imposed quarantine of the crew that had just been on land to see if any had been infected before returning to port again. Weeks passed with little sign of any symptoms and the crew and its defenders could do little but wait and listen in on nearby shore based communications. Things were getting bad quickly and check in's with cooperate were growing more delayed each week. Four months of waiting had drained the crew of their supplies and emergency supplies and a call had to be made. The ship pulled anchor and headed to a nearby port in Spain hoping to quickly recover supplies before setting off once more. This went about as well as was expected as they were denied entry by the port authorities, with that in mind, a small team of the security detail disembarked on a small RHIB boat and under the cover of night made their landfall on the shores of Spain. No strangers to such things, the group made their way into the sleeping city to secure provisions for the crew. Initially this went well, spending a number of hours ferrying shipments of this or that back to the mother ship. It was not until nearly 4AM did things go awry, the local police force was called at a disturbance and a small firefight broke out with the team disengaging back to the boat before making their leave of Spain.

Restocked....at least a little....the crew continued North near England, though everywhere seemed much the same from communications. Lockdowns, the spread of the infection, riots. Many joked about the end of the world, though all they could do was laugh at the dark humor, there was little else they could do. Cooperate once more gave new orders, what had thought to be a temporary fix to the issue was not holding, many of their ships in their fleet had to dock due to insufficient fuel, supplies or medical emergencies. With few remaining out at sea, those who could were to find a secluded location, anchor and establish a temporary base on land that could sustain them while keeping a rotating skeleton crew on the main ship. While not ideal, it was the best they could offer. Already in English waters, the crew chose the slightly more isolated area of Northern Scotland, anchoring their ship off shore and transporting the majority of the crew and security to land. This is where they would stay for some time, making forays into the more populated regions to recover supplies. Fortunately for them, their last trip to land was fairly straight forward with only a minor hiccup at the end....unfortunately now they were faced with an entirely new problem. Those infected with the virus up and wandering around, aggressive like a feral animal. They had heard reports of such things but its hard to make sense of fact or fiction when on a ship for nearly six months or more. Security was set up and though supplies were thin, trips to recover more were still a great risk to the group. They made due as best they could, eeking out a living for as long as possible. The infected were becoming more of an issue during their period on land, every day there would be more wandering nearby that would have to be taken care of and the team found themselves in a repeating nightmare of a repetitious cycle. Skirmishes with local groups of hungry bandits occasionally flared up, sometimes even trading weapons from their rather overstocked weapon supply for food or other goods. Weeks turned to months, months to years and for the most part they watched and listened to must of the world tearing itself apart. For nearly two years this went on, losing people one by one in the meanwhile until the crew and security detail was barely 15 strong. Word from corporate came down, their last words in the form of a repeating automated message. It game coordinates for its assets to convene to depending on their location. With Western Europe's point being Nyheim in Norway. Barely enough crew to run the ship and with some even wishing to stay at their established base, those who wanted to leave returned to the ship and did their best to make port in Norway, though it would most likely be the last journey for the old ship who was practically running on fumes. The eight who left ran out of fuel a number of miles off coast, having to rely on the dingy once more to transport people and supplies back and forth until they left the ship that had been their home for so long for the final time, leaving her anchored where she sat. 

The next few months felt like hell, every day either a gunfight or an increasing number of infected to deal with. Losing another three men and being separated from the group himself in a particularly large horde of infected, Emerick finally reached Nyheim city....and found it an absolute ghost town.

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