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Benjamin Naess
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1987-12-02 (35 years old)



Ben Naess was born in Sheffield to his construction worker father, who was Norwegian, and stay-at-home mother. He was the youngest of 4; an older sister and two older brothers. He grew up in a fairly average household, attending school as any other child would. However, whilst growing up he was relentlessly bullied by his older siblings. Due to this, Ben always felt he was not going to amount to much in his life. However, something that always kept Ben going was his will to help people, and his fascination with biology.

After finishing secondary school, Ben studied biology and chemistry at his college, eventually leading him to begin his degree in medicine after finishing his A levels. Studying medicine for 5 years at university meant Ben was a junior doctor, and he could begin working in a hospital whilst specialising.

In 2016, Ben qualified as a respiratory specialist doctor, and began working in London. Qualifying to work in his dream job and settling down was a high point for his life. Despite finding a point in his life where he was happy, he wanted more from his job. He began to train as a surgeon, specialising in cardiothoracic surgery, helping taking part in substantial research.

His working life was rather typical for the time, dealing with respiratory and cardiac conditions both typical and atypical. However, a few months after qualifying as a surgeon, Ben was deeply effected when a patient of his died due to complications with general anaesthetic before a surgery. These were causes out of his control, yet he blamed himself relentlessly. The pain of the years of bullying from his siblings had resurfaced, and he deemed himself unworthy to work as a doctor. It took a lot of convincing from his parents and close friends, along with some therapy sessions to help him to recover from the mental pain and regain his confidence to practise medicine again.

Ben was visiting some family in Norway when everything went to shit, and ended up travelling north towards Nyheim after escaping the dangers of other cities.


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