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Tony Lupu
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1965-06-12 (57 years old)
  2. Nationality


  1. Height
    180 cm
  2. Weight
    85 kg
  3. Alignment
    Lawful Good


Tony Lupu, Born in Budapest on June 12, 1965.He finished the army college at the age of 23 and at the age of 24 went to the army.In the late 1989, deployed to Bosnia as a member of a SOG brigade.Served 2 tours on Ex-YU territory during 1992-1995 where he got a loto f war and survival experience.
On June 6, 2001 he retired from the army seeking a peaceful life to escape the horrors of war that have been haunting him. In 2002 he opened his own car repair shop he used to fix and customize cars.It's 2015 and Tony's shop had expanded to many cities and become a very trusted and reputable shop.
It's now 2021 and strange trucks have been passing and spraying unknown substance everywhere,a few days later Tony's workers have become extremely violet for no known reason. People on the streets started attacking each other, chaos has started on the streets with no one understanding the cause behind this. The Government hasn't given any explanation leaving everyone in the dark.
Around 17 days later a broadcast appears telling everyone to stay in their homes and to not panic, everyone was informed that a virus outbreak has happened, they named it AVM-FLA-21NS. One of the symptoms included is unusual violent behavior. On October 2, Tony Lupu has been called back to serve again due hi svast military experience, by the time he arrived to the military base he found no one there but a few soldiers who formed a group in order to survive and understand what's going on.Tony Lupu being the most experienced took charge of the group.
A month has passed and everything has gotten worse, supplies became limited and everyone was starting to lose hope but suddenly another group of survivors has appeared telling everyone of a City called Nyheim that is located in Norway that accepts survivors from all the over the world.
Tony Lupu and his group decided to travel to Norway but due to the outbreak roads were blocked by hundreds of cars that were left due to panic. Luckily a member from the group is a pilot and they went in search for a plane. On their way to the Airport they encountered another group of survivors who wanted to steal their supplies, having no other choice Tony's group pulled out their guns resulting in a fire fight. Tony's group has managed to hold their ground and chasing off the hostile group at the cost of 2 KIA members.
Reaching the Airport they found a Cessna 340 plane,with enough fuel found they took off towards Norway. 5 Hours later they landed in Germany, Hamburg Airport in order to re fuel. The Airport was empty and no one in sight, once refueled they took off again towards Norway reaching it in 3.5 hours and landing around the Northeastern region of Norway. Using the radio as unknown person has responded to them telling them that Nyheim is very near and told them where to go.An hour later they reached the city of Nyheim where they have been stopped in order to be verify their intentions


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