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Jackson Parker
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    1993-11-21 (26 years old)
  2. Place of birth
    Illinois, United States
  3. Nationality
  4. Ethnicity
  5. Languages



Jackson Parker loves traveling and exploring the world, and Europe was an obvious destination. A few years ago he traveled through Western Europe, and in Summer 2017 he decided to go back and visit some of the Eastern European countries with 3 of his friends. The small country of Chernarus was their final destination, which had started to become a popular tourist destination after the 2009 civil war. They arrived in Chernogorsk on July 9th and was scheduled to take a flight out of the country on the 14th at the small airport near Krasnostav. A few days into the trip Jackson and his friends heard about a new deadly virus that had begun to develop in Severograd. Worried about it's fast spread and how close it had originated from the airport they planned to leave from, they started looking for an earlier flight, but it was all booked out, and they were stuck in Chernarus until the 14th. Shortly after, the infection spread to Solnichniy and Bereznino, as well as the airport. Now they had no flight out of the country, and their best bet was to drive across the border into Takistan and take a flight back to the United States from there. They made the drive from where they were in Novy Sobor to Zelenogorsk, and planned to exit the country from there. By the time they got to Zelenogorsk however, the Takistan border had been closed out, trapping everyone in Chernarus. Jackson and his friends had no choice but to stay in the town and hope the CDF and other military presence could hold off the infection. By the 19th however, the infection had spread into Zelenogorsk and the military wasn't enough to stop it. Jackson and his buddies tried to drive out of the city but traffic and panic left them stuck on the road and when a horde got close they had to leave their vehicle and go on foot. Two of them fell behind and got trampled by infected. Jackson and his friend Thomas were the only ones to get away. They survived together for 5 days until a few bandits started shooting at them from a few hundred meters. Jackson and Thomas retaliated with the limited weaponry they had until Jackson was shot in the leg and a horde of infected found them after hearing all the gunfire. Thomas tried to help him get away until Jackson forced him to leave and save himself as the horde was getting close. Despite what he thought, Jackson managed to fend off the infected with his poor aim and the little ammo he had left for just long enough to make his escape. He's found a safe place to camp out until he's ready to go looking for Thomas, but he knows that the world surrounding him is a warzone and he must do whatever it takes to survive.


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