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Gwenevere McCarthy
Character information
  1. Date of birth
    2000-06-01 (22 years old)
  2. Place of birth
    San Francisco, California, USA
  3. Nationality
  4. Languages
  5. Family
    Mother, Linda (Deceased for twelve years) Step-mother, Margie (Presumed left, dead for 8 years) Father, Declan (Dead, less than a year)


  1. Height
    158 cm
  2. Weight
    50 kg
  3. Build
    Lean and slim
  4. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral


At first,

Gwen didn't hold her contempt for filth or work or sweat, she was a child. She frolicked in staining freshly cut yards and winding mazes of autumn leaf piles- This was all to the dismay of her parents though. As she grew older, she watched her friends deep dive into pools with ridiculous pink googles and tangled hair while her mother refrained her from joining in. She had to keep her well done hair from being dampened with even a splash of the chlorine ridden water. This shaped Gwen, whether or not her ignorance and questionable beliefs are her at the core, her truest self, or an object created from the environment she was raised in. 

Growing up,

There wasn't something out of her reach, or her parent's reach anyways. Whatever she wanted, it was hers. In her eyes, her entire family's eyes, the world belonged to them. Nothing was impossible for them with the amount of money and influence they held. Yet finally this was challenged when Gwen's mother, Linda was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer, and given an estimate of two years to live, three with intensive treatment. Gwenevere was eight years old at the time. Around a year and a half later, Gwenevere was able to spend less and less time with her mother. That maternal figure fled further and further out of sight. Her mother was fading swiftly, losing not only her health, but herself, her love, and her family. Around this time Gwenevere began to get into a bit of trouble, acting out. After being sent home from school after calling another girl in her all-female Catholic school a "wussy butt," Gwen's father, Declan paid for a full-time, live-in nanny for Gwen. Although Gwen still went to school, she had a nanny names Margaret, or Margie, as Gwen often called her. Margie began to take over the role her mother, Linda had once played in her life. When the time came eleven months later, this all made the passing of Gwen's mother much easier on her, even at her young, sensitive age. It was almost as if her mother had been replaced before she were even gone.

As a preteen,

Gwen stuck by Margie often, though she gained more and more confidence in herself with age, especially with the early taught pride of her parents. She was out-going, but not in the rebellious and uncontrolled way she had once been. She excelled in school, and had many "friends", though these would often be no more than another girl to prance through school hallways with and share rumors amongst. Eventually, Margie seemed to drift away from her. For the first time in years, Margie stopped dropping her off at school, she lacked the interest in Gwen's life that she had once had, and seemed far more interested in stealing moments with Gwen's father. Gwen found herself quite jealous due to this, wanting the attention of Margie back, but with time and maturity, Gwen began to realize the truth- Margie was more like her mother than she thought. Margie and her father loved each other. In Gwen's eyes anyways.. With Margie so far from her now, Gwen was alone again. But this time she had something she didn't before- independence. She did not need her mother, nor a replacement for her, she was fine. She was fine four years later as well, when Margie and Declan went through a nasty divorce after only six months of marriage..

Her teenage years,

Were spent mostly processing her childhood and teenage years, working through the finally surfacing trauma of her mother's untimely death and Margie's arrival and then departure. She did not excel in high school as she once had, but managed to wrap it up with a mildly good looking record. She took a gap year after graduation, before taking up a liking for social medias. She spent about a year trying to be an "influencer", only to quit the attempt rather suddenly due to her ongoing alcoholism struggle.

Growing closer,

To her arrival in Nyheim, Gwen found herself in a loop of therapeutic retreats for her alcoholism, and being mentored by her father on real estate and how to carry on the family business. The moment the situation began to heat up in San Francisco, her father flew them and many of those working for him to their home in Ireland. He thought a trip to her father's birthplace would help her, and it did. Though once things reached Ireland, it was no longer a therapeutic retreat for anyone. Amidst the chaos of raging virus claims and riots and looting and violence, Declan found himself happy enough to take the family yacht out with a hefty crew and plenty of supplies until things would settle down. Unfortunately, this would lead to his demise, when he awoke one night to many of his own crew, clawing through his clothes and flesh, ravenously. Due to the layout of the cabins, Gwen and the two guards in the cabin across the hall were the only ones to make it off the ship alive that night. They fled to a raft, plunging down into the chilling waves, stuck on the water for days before they finally met land.

Days turned to weeks,

And Gwen and her companions managed to find a UAZ, Welsh was able to fashion up some scraps from a hardware store in Halvoya, and the group moved South. During this time, Gwen ran into a corpse inside a store while searching for something to eat. Though upon closer inspection, the body heaved shallow breaths, despite being pale like a ghost. Being O-, Gwen was able to transfuse some of her blood to the woman, saving her life. She, Welsh, and Ace took her in. The girl only spoke sign language, but fortunately enough of ASL was taught to Gwen in her schooling for the two to communicate. The woman was born in Nyheim city, and she went by Bunny. The two became the best of friends.

The group settled in a house by Odin, building up some makeshift walls to keep themselves safe. They came into contact with a group led by a young woman of only eighteen- Her name was Claymore. After a close call at their fortress, the group agreed to move in with this group, whom called themselves the Rangers. They lived within the city of Bruehm with the group for a while before the violence of visitors drove them out. They fled to Nyheim city, but by now Claymore and the four had grown close, they found a small cabin outside the city where they could find peace. But before they knew it, violence drove them further, to the middle of no where, and Gwen’s relationship with those around her began to change drastically. Claymore and Bunny were in a relationship, and surprisingly it was going amazing between the two of them. Ace had gone off the deep end, he wasn’t himself anymore.. This escalated quickly. Before she knew it, her life had nearly been killed, by who was meant to protect her, her heart was broken, and she no longer knew what friend nor foe meant, how to find either.


You could hear a cracking male voice through the radio. The man appears to get pain from every word that leaves his mouth "Gwen." he says before gulping hearable through the radio.

"Gwen, this is Ace. Do not turn your radio off just yet."

she can hear a fist smack on a table through the radio "They got Claire. She died in a shoot out against the cultists."

"She's dead."

"I couldn't protect her. I just did want to let you know, cause she was also your friend."

The pain through the words raise, his voice gets louder for one moment "Ace, out." the radio mutes again



Gwen was alone with what is supposed to be monsters.


Why does she feel at home with them?


Could it be sentimental? A reminder of something she knew, but had pressed even further from her beliefs than she had pushed her father's death? Maybe the truth would surface for her eventually, or maybe she can only thrive on her self-created lies. 


Gwenevere's story belongs to her, and her truth belongs to her, but reality does not. Real estate may have been an interest of her father's, but it was a distraction, not for him, but for anyone with an investigative eye. Declan and Linda married before moving from Ireland, and Declan's family had long been at the bottom of the food chain of the more questionable characters in their homeland. Linda though? She was the daughter of one of the most notorious men in the isles altogether. It was in her blood to be more than a scrawny henchman, but she was no man, and no figure to lead such a dark underworld with such gruesome enterprises. But she did fall for a crook who worked for her father, Declan. It was puppy love, high school sweet hearts put to life. With the approval and guidance from Linda's father, Declan rose up the chain, the first in his family to ever do so. He moved to San Francisco to help his father-in-law keep a hands-on approach to their business on the west coast as it expanded. Real estate? It was a hobby, a mask, and a bath for dirty money. Her mother knew the ins and outs as well as Declan would allow, but she died young, from something even her husband could not shield her from. Margie? Margie was fun for Declan, until she got scared, she knew too much. The two divorced under questionable agreements, shortly after Margie told her family she was going on a vacation to Mexico. She has been missing since then, due to a cautious ex-husband. Declan was a monster, but if Gwen sees him as that, what memories will she have to look back on with a content smile?



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It's so good to see you back on the server! Amazing story can't wait to bump into you in game! 

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Long time no see, welcome back! #SlavaCLF

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On 10/3/2022 at 2:35 AM, Eagles said:

Long time no see, welcome back! #SlavaCLF

slava rac

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