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Nara Mahoe
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    2043-06-17 (28 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Honolulu, Hawaii
  6. Nationality
    Other - Less known settlements/Tribes
  7. Ethnicity
    Hawaiian, Caucasian.
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
    Dimitri Yaroslav, Boyfriend.
  10. Family
    Mother - Cindy Mahoe, Father - Leolani Mahoe
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    175 cm
  2. Weight
    68 kg
  3. Build
    Slim, fit.
  4. Hair
    Brown, long and
  5. Eyes
    Dark Brown
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral
  7. Features
    A mole under her right eye.
  8. Equipment
    Caries a spear with a bow.
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role




When the Frenzied Flu erupted and destroyed the United States, Nara’s ancestors attempted to flee from Hawaii through the airports. Sadly, the airports closed and they were stuck on the island.They planned to flee to the sea but when they got to the docks things took a turn, most of her family had died. They met a pilot and decided they would travel to the Kalaeloa Airport in another attempt to flee the island. Finding nothing, they then went towards the coast and discovered a small animal sanctuary, this is where they settled and created the village of Lana Ka Mana’o, meaning Hope. This village was made up of locals of the island along with many tourists and seasonal employees as well, creating a well diverse population. 

Nara Māhoe, born in 2043, was raised in a small coastal village South-West of the Pearl Harbor settlement. Her small village survived off fish and hunting the small game that had taken over the metropolis of Honolulu. Nara’s father was the lead fisherman and would lead groups of men on fishing expeditions. He was a hawaiian man by the name of Leolani Māhoe. Nara’s mother was one of the few medicine women in her village. Her name was Cindy Morgan, changing her last name to Mahoe when she married Leolani. Cindy’s parents came to Honolulu as tourists when the initial outbreak occurred. The medicine practiced in Lana Ka Mana’o was a mix of common first aid and practical medicine, with natural remedies and often religious practices tied in as well.

The year was 2050. Nara was 7 years old when the first broadcasts from Nyheim were played. Her village surrounded an old plane radio listening to the muffled voice. The voice promised food, shelter, and medicine. They heard 2 more radio broadcasts after the initial one, then they stopped. The ending of the broadcasts only made the people think of it more and more, almost thinking of Nyheim as the promised land. Nyheim would slowly become a dream as the years went on, but without the technology to travel all the people would be forced to remain in Lana Ka Mana’o to survive.

Years would go by and Lana Ka Mana’o would remain the same. They would have only perfected their fishing and hunting techniques, while also creating security protocols to ensure the safety of those within the walls. They had only what the earth gave them, due to the fact that none of their ancestors were doctors, or engineers, or gunsmiths. They used bows and spears because that's what they knew, that's what they were able to create. Their medicine was the same way in terms of technology. Having no prior doctors, nobody was ever trained on open heart surgery or any modern medicine. Instead they focused on herbal medicine, and had found that using old world religious practices gave the community hope during times of bad health.

It would be around the year 2060 whenever the infected started to become a larger threat. Slowly as time went on more and more infected would find their way to the village, to the point they had no choice but to seek help. The scavenging parties that they sent out had reported seeing people at what was once Pearl Harbor. They sent people to the settlement to propose trade, or even an alliance. They sent 3 people from their council to have a meeting with the leaders of Pearl Harbor, resulting in an ally-ship. This ally-ship was built on the grounds that Lana Ka Mana’o would teach them how to hunt and fish, and that’s what they did. The Mahoe family would be sent to live in Pearl Harbor for a few months to help train them, while trying to also learn what they could from the more advanced colony.

The year was 2070, years after their diplomacy mission in Pearl Harbor. After their infected problem was handled, Lana Ka Mana’o started having problems with their crops. They weren’t sure what the issue was but over half of their crops weren’t living to produce food, when they went to Pearl Harbor seeking help they came up with nothing. At this point the leaders of Lana Ka Mana’o would be pretty close to the leaders of Pearl Harbor, having weekly meetings. They learned that Pearl Harbor set up trade with settlements in what used to be middle


The village council selected a small group of 12 to go on this journey, two of those members being Cindy and Nara Māhoe. They knew it would be a trying journey, but for their people they had to do it. They chose to have Nara’s father stay in Lana Ka Mana’o to continue fishing efforts to provide food to the village while they were away. They packed what resources they could bring  and joined the people of Pearl Harbor, using their boat to travel from Hawaii to California. They docked in Carmel Bay, then from there they traveled on foot to the Monterey settlement. This is where Nara began to experience some unexpected culture shock. The life in Monterey differed from life in Hawaii in many ways, it was a very fast paced lifestyle that she just wasn’t used to. She would suffer from regular anxiety attacks but was able to be calmed down by her mother. Sadly, Monterey was unable to solve the crop problem that Lana Ka Mana’o was experiencing.

After about 3 weeks of being in the Monterey Settlement it was time for them to move onto the next settlement. They gave their boat as collateral in order to take a 4 door pick up with a camper being towed. This was going to be their transportation throughout the country. They left California and went straight for Louisiana, where there was a settlement by the name of Great Swamps. During the three day journey Nara got very sick, it was assumed that because of the placement of their village she wasn’t introduced to a lot of the germs that most of the Pearl Harbor people had gotten used to through trade. On the journey she was treated by a doctor from Pearl Harbor who likely is the reason she is alive today. Once arriving at Great Swamps she remained sick and continued to fight for her life. During this time Pearl Harbor abandoned them there, moving onto the next settlement. Sadly, Great Swamps had no way of helping them with their farming issue either but suggested they try settlements in Europe. Now they not only had to find a fix to their farms on their own, but they were stranded in New Orleans with no way out.

She made a full recovery while in New Orleans. The trade party had begged Great Swamps to help them get to Europe, but sadly they declined. The people of Lana Ka Mana’o used an inside man to stowaway on a trade ship from New Orleans to Europe. The boat took them to a settlement near the shores of Dieppe. From there Nara and her people traveled throughout Europe asking settlements for help with their crops, with no luck they continued to search until they found Nyheim.


Once in Nyheim, the people of Lana Ka Mana’o would integrate themselves into the city as an attempt to gain a positive reputation, only to better their chances that they would receive help. On Christmas Eve Cindy Mahoe would bring her daughter to the capitol building to meet and official for the city, to ask for help with their crops, hopefully using the holiday for sympathy points. While at the capitol building an explosion went off and shots started to fly. Cindy and Nara hid behind a sofa in the waiting room taking cover from the shots. A member of PLIKT would turn the corner, look at the cowering girls, and shoot Cindy Mahoe point blank in the face. Cindy Mahoe would be dead instantly. As Nara wailed over her mothers dead body the guard would be shot, and a strange man would pick Nara up and pull her out of the building. This man would be named Dimitri Yaroslav, and he helped her escape from Nyheim.

For the remaining months Dimitri and Nara would grow close, starting to date one another. At the same time of their relationship blossoming they would find like minded people that had strong feelings about PLIKT, giving Nara and Dimitri the opportunity to stay with them.

Nara’s new goals are to help take down PLIKT, and to find a way back to her village in Honolulu while also finding a solution to their dying crops.   


         Dimitri Yoraslov








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