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Nina Fleming
Character information
  1. Alias
    Nina / Nini
  2. Mental
  3. Date of birth
    1998-07-27 (24 years old)
  4. Place of birth
    Omaha, Nebraska
  5. Nationality
  6. Ethnicity
  7. Languages
  8. Relationship
  9. Family
    Nichole Fleming


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    58 kg
  3. Build
    muscular, built
  4. Hair
    Shoulder length black hair, tied up
  5. Eyes
    Blue eyes
  6. Alignment
    Chaotic Neutral
  7. Features
    Has a scar across her right eye, Missing her right eye. Piecing above the lefty eye, ears are pierced.


Growing up in the middle of damn nowhere Omaha, Nebraska, Nina spent most of her time being the chaotic child out of her siblings. Nina through high school became the party animal, drinking, smoking weed, so on and so on. She never liked anyone in her family other than Nichole. She was always with her sister, stuck like glue since they were twins after all. Nichole never spoke much and was always bullied by their family, while Nina was the family favorite. Course Nina finds it unfair that her other half is being treated this way, but there's nothing she can do. Before Nichole leaves for college she tells Nina that if it wasn't for her and Nichole's boyfriend Sean, she wouldn't be here today, with that Nina said goodbye. Years pass and the apocalypse hits. It was a normal day in 2018, Nina had just turned 20. The ¨outbreak¨ as the government was calling it seemed like a myth to Nina's family. Nina was in the barn tending to the horses when she heard her mothering screaming. Grabbing the rifle her father always leaves in the barn , she rushes out to see that her father had become infected and was now biting his wife he had loved for years. ¨H-how, HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!?¨ Tears running down her face she raises the gun and pulls the trigger. She stand there and watch as one by one her family lay bleeding or turning due to the infection. She had no other choice but to put them down. After her entire family was now gone, Nina became an alcoholic, turning to anything to ease the pain. She left home immediately to go find a strong group who needed someone like her. She had spent time in the military with Nichole from the age of 16 and was still serving when the outbreak happened. She was contacted by some military friends to meet in the state of Washington to fly out to a place called Nyheim. 2022, it was the middle of December, Nina was with her old military friends. Their plane had malfunctioned and they had to land. They were only a couple days away from Nyheim. They had gathered several other military groups along the way trying to survive together. Along the journey they lost approximately 40 people to infections, sickness or they had given up. Now only 10 people make this journey, crossing a lake of ice on the way to Nyheim hoping to bring something better to these people here. They had setup a buddy system, where they would travel in groups of two, in case something went south. While making her trip with multiple different groups, several groups break out into fights. As bullets are flying, Nina tries her best to protect the group she has been with for what felt like years at this point. Watching bodies drop like flies she becomes filled with anger, hatred for these people. ¨TRAITORS!¨ she thought to herself ¨How could people who have traveled together for months just turn and shoot their comrades!?¨ Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted by screams followed by a large roar. She wheeled around quickly on her feet to face this large grizzly. SHIT! This was a bad situation, she was at a cross roads. She continued to fire at the rogue groups with her Deagle while firing at the bear with a fully loaded M14. One of her close mates screams out to her and she scans the area for her. Finally catching a glimpse of her, only to she her get a bullet through the head. Nina begins to scream in terror and pain with the loss of her close mate. Suddenly she feels her body hit the Cold hard ice, hard. She turns to see the bear on top of her and she immediately begins to try getting away. Struggling to fight the bear alone, she loses vision in her right eye. Watching the blood pour over her face, she shoves her M14 in the bears mouth and pulls the trigger. She realizes she can no longer see out of her eye, the bear had just caught her eye enough to cause permanent damage. Tending to her wounds she receives a radio from someone, talking about a women named Nichole Fleming. Knowing it is her sister she is over joyed that she is alive. She finds out more information and contacts Nichole, learning of all her sisters sorrow and troubles. Nina would continue her trip to Nyheim alone to meet all these people who had welcomed her sister with open arms.

Jack Green
¨He is a good guy, has a very level head about him. I admire him for caring for Nikki for so long, I'm sorry buddy.¨

¨DAMN! He's a bad ass, I love that! I got to have a drink with this kid sometime. Got to love that attitude as well!¨

¨He seems cool, maybe I will grab a drink with him as well. Next time when you try to taze me, don´t miss.¨

¨He´s a strong willed kid and I like that. I promised Nikki I protect him, but he clearly can handle himself. Can´t wait to know him more.¨

Wild Thing
¨He´s very kind and smart, I trust him. He let me into his life so quickly and spilled his heart out, I hope he will stick around longer than Nikki and Ash.¨

Dr. Walker
¨He´s an odd one for sure. He seems like he has a lot of loose screws and it makes him a coward.
A guy like that won´t last in this world. Grow a bigger pair my friend and you may just live in this forsaken hell.¨
"Remember when I said he has loose screws... He definitely isn't what he seems, an evil man hiding behind a weak façade... Stay away from those I promised to protect"

'Poshuk' Dasha Yaroshenko
"Seems trust worthy enough, he definitely knows his shit when it comes to the military. Could be someone to keep around as an ally"

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