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Radec Sokov
Character information
  1. Alias
  2. Mental
    Trying to stay sane
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1988-05-01 (31 years old)
  5. Place of birth
  6. Nationality
    Chernarussian, German
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
    Chernarussian, German


  1. Build
    Fit but still relatively slim, not so much bulky and muscular. Upright posture by default
  2. Hair
    Usually short hair not exceeding a certain length
  3. Eyes
  4. Equipment
    Can severely vary - from full blown uniforms and gear to civilian clothing depending on wear and tear, the situation, and more. Usually equipped with your average or cliché survival items and higher grade weaponry if available.
  5. Occupation
    Police officer | Reservist and first and foremost, survivor
  6. Affiliation
    Interior Ministry (ОРЕЛ; Strážmistr) / CDF reserves (NBC; Desátník)


A man set out to explore the world, only to return to a home in crisis. This sums up the life of Radec Sokov who started optimistic and ended up in a pessimistic hell-hole that is his country.

Gifted with solid economic foundations and a father who would often take international business trips, the future seemed set. His brother and sister, despite having different plans, looked forward to a just as bright future for the given conditions back then. He prepared himself at an early age and with a bit of advice from his father and moved to Europe with his sister once they were just a bit over their eighteenth birthday. They could afford it and wanted to see the world while getting a sought out education in the West, where he spent his time mostly in Germany and she in France. Fashion and design were the kinks of his sister while he opted to go for technological focus relating to IT. He wasted no time and obtained all the necessary permits - whenever possible in advance or without delay, as he had a clear goal in mind. During his studies abroad and stay, the civil war worsened and eventually, he decided to head back home to be closer to his relatives and his future. He did not want to permanently settle down in the West but eventually return to ideally help the people with his knowledge or a different mindset and mentality. However, the worsening situation forced him to do so earlier, letting studies rest. He'd do so a few times during the years, making sure relatives and friends were out of harms way, but also tried to return each time to pick up the pieces he left. While eventually things seemed to be at a dead end due to a lack of motivation and concern for his home, he did manage to eventually obtain German citizenship after meeting the specific requirements after years. With this personal milestone in hand, he decided to head back and rest. This was around 2012-2013.

Eventually, he'd forfeit his initial plans of a career in the pulsating West in the IT or business related branches. By the time of the ongoing and then slowly ending civil war, what the country needed most was security in many areas - and many spots were vacant. After returning home, he spent a somewhat short time in the military, obtaining various skills to be useful later and ironically did so in the NBC/CRBN related branch, given the events that would unfold later - without having any ties or direct knowledge of the dooming events on the horizon by then. He eventually left the military with other goals in mind, while his brother who joined at roughly the same time stayed.

He wanted to see a different life before potentially settling down with an IT related business as tourism slowly increased due to the resolving conflict: joining the police. Having a purpose and direct hand in things, while doing something good and offering a more international mindset to the people around, that is what he found interesting by then. As your average "beat cop" he started before being placed into more specialized CRC roles and units as martial law became a given normality in the country. And when the chaos hit, he was lucky to have been in the position he was, being at the right places at right times and having the right equipment.

Given the location of his unit and jurisdiction, they were not the first to be called in once "a certain kind of rioting" became more apparent and once mass panics broke out in the areas first to be touched by the infection. He was lucky - or unlucky, as you get to see your home fall apart and as you get to be near ground zero, whereas the dead can rest in peace now - to have been mostly tasked with containing the 'normal' riots only containing humans or shielding initial evacuation efforts in areas still deemed free of infection.

One encounter made him fear for his life very much, however. As a city was given up mild rioting from looters and crazed continued. They tried to contain and disperse a crowd where it was suddenly apparent that infected were in the area and between normal people. Baton swings and hits usually enough to pacify angry people were not enough, they were shrugged off by a man who seemed tired, pale and yet bloody, who kept punching his riot shield like a fanatic. He heard stories and reports but this first initial encounter shook him to the bone. Able to hold him off, behind and focused on the shield, a colleague took out his pistol and shot him from a safe angle. Everything went to hell, most people ran away as they noticed infected and whoever he saw from his unit remain ran to the nearest armored vehicle, jumped in and drove off in a fast fashion. All but him. As bombings started and continued, as more cities fell, as more areas were abandoned, he started to wander, never really ending up in civilized pockets or only those that would eventually vanish, disperse, go with the wind.

In this hell hole, he walks now, with no real actual information on the fate of his family and friends, he tries to get by while any sneeze makes him paranoid, wondering if or when he's next to walk the Earth as "zombie".




I look forward to meeting you my fellow Comrade.

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rip wrong radek

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