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Bary Quetin
Character information
  1. Alias
    Jaxon Caldera
  2. Mental
  3. Morale
  4. Date of birth
    1985-07-24 (34 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    Cincinnati OH, USA
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    David Quentin
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    198 cm
  2. Weight
    97 kg
  3. Build
  4. Hair
  5. Eyes
  6. Alignment
    Lawful Neutral
  7. Occupation


Hi my name is Jaxon Caldera. Well, that's what people think anyway. My real name is actually Bary Quentin. I’m actually 32 years old. People think I’m 24. I conceal my real identity because I am ashamed of what I had to do in the past. Up to age six I was living in the US. I grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio. I grew up on a farm outside of the city. One of my favorite memories is going to a baseball game with my dad. I remember this day like it was yesterday, I remember he bought me a hot dog and peanuts with a large Soda. I covered the hotdog in ketchup, mustard, and relish. We then walked to our seats and sat down in the seats. I remember the exact seats. We were right in the Diamond Seats. Section 3. Seat number 7 and 8. I just remember the cheers of the crowd as star player Todd Benzinger caught the last out for the Cincinnati Reds in game four. Winning the World Series. He was my favorite player and he won it for my favorite team. While we were leaving my dad bought me a Baseball Bat. Shortly after that my parents made a decision to move to Chernarus. The farmland was a lot cheaper there and they decided they would make more money. On the boat ride over there my father died of mysterious circumstances. I know that now. But then, I was so consumed in grief and I was so young I didn't catch my dad's plan. It was a closed casket funeral. Never saw my dad's body after I said my final goodbyes. After that we moved into our new house in Chernarus.
To skip ahead a bit, at this point in my story I’m 15. I have a little brother, his name is David Quentin and he can’t remember anything about the US. He is 4 years younger than me and at this point in time he was really into fishing. My mom planned to bring us down to the beach to catch some fish on the docks. It’s important to understand that fishing is boring and a child can’t sit still for long. He eventually got bored and he wanted to play hide and seek in the tall grass. When my mom wasn’t looking we snuck into the tall grass and I counted to 10. When I stood up I couldn’t see him anywhere. I mean I’m almost six feet tall and it wasn’t that big of a patch of grass. I looked across the street and saw my brother get tossed into the back of a van. I tried to chase after it but the man got in the van and sped away. For the next two years the police failed to find him. I decided to look on my own. I blamed myself for what happened to David. After 6 grooling months I managed to spot the guy who took him. He frequented spots. The General store, then he went to the chapel, then to the local well. After this entire routine he drove up and down my street everyday. He didn’t even live here. I followed him home one day and staked out his house. He had an old barn in his backyard, I figured I’d look there first. On my way over to the barn I saw a trail of blood… it was fresh. I opened the barn doors and saw my brother. Laying there. Unconscious. I was startled by a voice coming from the window. The old man said, “ Boy! You have 10 seconds before I come out there and shoot you! 10, 9, 8…” I quickly picked up my brother and laid him down behind the hay bales. I climbed the ladder to loft and I hid. The old man walked into the barn and cocked his shotgun. He slowly checked every crevice before getting over to where I hid my brother. I was about to throw hay bales at him to knock him down but then… CRACK! I fell through the loft floor and fell right on top of him. I knocked his shotgun from his hand. I quickly stood up and ran for it. I picked it up and aimed the sights right at him. He tried to reach for his pistol in his holster when I yelled at him, “You move your dead!’” He told me “You could never kill somebody boy! You’re too young to do it aren’t you!” He started laughing and mocking me. He told me how he, “Tortured my brother for the fun of it!” He told me if I were to kill him I’d end up just like him. I took a glance at my brother’s limp body and without thinking… I squeezed the trigger.
The next time jump in my story lands me when I was 30. My brother was 26 when this happened. We moved from Kamyshovo to Electro. My mom thought this would be a nice big town and a fresh start from me and my brother. I was still suffering from keeping the murder I committed 12 and ½ years ago a secret. Only my mom knows. My brother didn't even know. He just thought the cops saved him. The cops thought the man shot himself. I blew his head off in such away they thought he committed suicide. I finally got in touch with some guys and got a job at a local farmer's market. Then about 2 months later I got a call on day and it was from a old friend saying that a man broke into my family's house and assaulted my mother and brother. My mother was in the hospital and my brother only had a broken arm. A few days later I could finally go to see my mom in recovery. She told me that the man said something familiar before she broke the news. My dad faked his own death and she was working on finding out that he did. “That’s when he followed me home and stole all my work.” she said. My mom then said that he revealed himself to her and told her that he did to prove how much she loved him. This is when my mom told me that she cheated on dad. All those years ago. I got angry and left the hospital with rage. I got in my sedan and drove. Just drove. I probably got 2-3 miles into the wilderness when BANG. A Ural game out of nowhere and hit me. My car flipped about 4 times before slamming into a stone wall. I vividly remember getting yanked out of my car and tied up and thrown into the back of the Ural. I saw my father then throw my brother in as he hit me over the head with a shovel.
I woke up and realized quickly I was hanging upside down and recalled what happened. My instinct of survival kicked in and I instantly looked for a way out. I saw my brother tied up in a chair to my right and called to him. He said that I was hanging from a chain and it was wrapped around a weak pipe. I used all my upper body strength to pull myself up to the pipe. I took one last breath and let go, ripping the chain and the pipe entirely. I was a little out of it but I still focused. I quickly realized that the pipe I pulled down was pouring water and it made a loud ass sound. My dad barged in and said, “Bary put your fucking hands up son. I will kill you!” My brother quickly realized what was happening. My dad then proceeded to beat the shit out of me. He swung once. Then twice. Then the third time was an uppercut to the jaw. I fell on the ground as he reached into his bag. He pulled out the baseball bat and swung hitting my chest, then my thigh. It hurt all over. Right as I began to fade out from all the abusing, my dad started cutting me with his old pocket knife. My brother watched as I faded into darkness while my dad sliced my skin open.
I woke up and saw nothing but the baseball bat with a note stuck to it. It was a letter from my dad. This was written the year before his death. Before he became this monster. He said, “No matter what happens Bary I love you, don’t ever doubt that.” I begin to look at my chest and begin to think what he had turned into. On the back of the paper it was a map showing his plan to escape after doing this. At the bottom it said “P.S Bary I want you to kill me if I ever turn into… a monster.” This was dated 1999. The year I killed that man. He was prepared for himself to go insane. I looked at the map and it showed multiple different areas on the map. Italy, France, than Germany, and then Ireland. First stop was Italy, I boarded a bus and with every stop I got closer. I finally made it where I spotted him in a restaurant and booked it after him. We ran for about a mile before he picked up a pan and turned the corner. I rounded that corner and BANG! I was out for at least an hour. I then looked on the map and boarded a flight to France. We found each other at a bar. When a bar fight broke out I quickly went at him. Punch to the gut, punch to the face. It was back and forth until he put me in a headlock and knocked me out. I then hitchhiked to Germany… we’ll I got into a car with a stranger and murdered him for his car but you know… hitchhiking! I finally made it to Germany where we fought right in middle of town. This time the police intervened. He ran and got away but the german police seduced me and through me in jail. I was in there for two nights when a nice guy bailed me out. His name was Jaxon and said he found my baseball bat and the note. He thought it was a treasure hunt or something. He offered to take me to Ireland. So I said sure. We got to the coast and got on his boat. We drank, and drank, and drank. Until I told him my entire life story. The next morning began with me snapping his neck and his crew slow deaths. I decided to go under a fake name Jaxon Quentin. I hated who I actually was. I finally made it to Ireland where I couldn't find him. I went to the nearest pub and waited. I then looked at the map closer and realized that it said, “If you got this far come back home, Bary.” in small text. I went to board a flight but I was a wanted man. I bought a fake I.D off of the black market and put the name under Jaxon Caldera. I got Jaxon from the guy who bailed me out and Caldera from the first person I killed, Liam Caldera. I was able to board a flight and made it back home. I drove to my old house to find it abandoned and old. Great place for a insane dude to camp out.
I crept inside with my baseball bat ready to strike. I walked into the old kitchen and realized it was exactly how we left it, and my brother was there drinking a cold rasputin Kvass. I asked him where the man was. He said, “Who? My psycho dad!” He said full of anger. “How could you and mom not tell me!” I then asked “Did you really want to know your dad as an insane person!” He said, “If that’s who he is then yes!” He started to cry. “Dad wasn’t always this way. Let me show you.” I said.
I snuck into the old baseball arena where my dad brought me. Me and my brother sat in the exact seats. I told him about the good memory I had and how dad loved me and how he showed care for his family. “David.” I said with tears in my eyes, “I remember dad for who he used to be. I’m sorry this is how you met him.” I said. “It’s okay Bary.” David said, “ I understand…” David was cut off as my dad came out of the dugout. He said, “Bary, I think you promised me something! I know you want to kill me! So do it!” I stood up in my chair and ran to the field. I hopped over the fence to face my dad. “Remember sitting in those exact seats!” I said, screaming at him. “ That’s who you are, not this! Not this psychotic piece of shit!” I said. He grabbed my neck and said, “Do what I asked Bary!” So I punched him over and over again until he dropped me. “That’s it!”He said, “Do it” It was an all out fight on this baseball field and eventually he tackled me on near home plate. He put me in a choke hold as I looked at my brother. He was watching in horror. He then came to terms and snapped out of it and thought quickly. He threw the baseball bat towards us. My dad didn’t notice while I grabbed the bat and hit him over the head. He fell on the ground and instantly got back up. He tried to come at me again when I hit him over and over again with the bat. With every hit I got more angry and hit harder. His head was eventually mush. So, I threw his body in a cage and found a local pilot to fly me to the closest airport outside of Chernarus. As soon as I touched down I stabbed the pilot in the chest and let him painfully bleed out while I unloaded the cage with my dad’s body in it. My brother was looking at me terrified of what I have become.I snuck him across the border and I wrapped him up and planned to bury him the next day. I buried him and never went back. Until it started. In February of 2017, I went to work in the trafficking business for 5 months. There I met my partner Zoran Valerian. We worked together running guns for the Rattray Holdings Company. The this is where it all started. After we got done with a deal I went home. That day there was a man found and he was said to have some sort of infection. A couple weeks later thousands of refugees came into Elektro and we were all terrified because anyone of these refugees could have had the infection.A couple weeks later we had to flee Elektro. After me and my brother David fell asleep that night, I heard screaming coming from my mom’s room. I quickly grabbed the baseball bat and headed toward the screams. I kicked open the door and there was two of them on top of her. My brother shoved one of them into a dresser and then stomped on its head until it was nothing but blood. It was at this moment that I realized David was turning into me. He had been through so much and for him I became a monster. I realized my brother wasn’t terrified for what I have become. It’s what I had to do to keep him safe. I snapped out of it and hit the other one over the head with the bat and killed it instantly. We tried to comfort my mother, but she said they bit her. That’s when she said, “If I end up like one of them, put me down! I beg you Bary, please for me! I know you have the strength Bary.” she said with tears in her eyes. Shortly after that, her eyes rolled into the back of her head and her heart stopped. She took her last breath. Me and my brother sat there in tears. That's the first time in a while I cared so much for someone and saw them die right in front of me. I couldn’t save her. Then we heard an inhale. She opened her eyes and came at us. Then I heard her last words in my head as if she was in my brain, “If I end up like one of them, put me down! I know you have the strength Bary.” Then, with all the strength in my body and all the might in my arms… I swung the bat.
Me and my brother ran into our rooms and got all the stuff we could carry. On the way out a horde of them stormed through the front door I grabbed my shotgun and told my brother to run. He was trying to fight alongside of me but I said I need to do this on my own. I pointed my gun at the one of the zombies heads and shot it, it fell to the ground. I looked behind me and my brother was gone, he had escaped out of the window behind me. This is where I killed almost all of the zombies with my ammo but I ran out and there was six left. I killed them with my bare hands.
I wrapped my mom in a blanket and put her in the bed of my truck. I drove to the nearest graveyard and buried her, right next to my dad. I left the baseball bat covered in my mom and dad's dried blood between them. This is where I am now. I need to meet up with my old friends from the company in Elektro. I hope to find my close friend Zoran Valerian and if you find someone named David Quentin… tell him Jaxon Caldera is looking for him.


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