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Kaiden Whittaker
Character information
  1. Alias
    Kaiden a/k/a Gasher (as earned on the streets).
  2. Mental
    Kaiden essentially wants to survive, whether it be through helping only himself or others out, he has little to no respect for any authority and can often result in him taking a disliking to those who try ordering him around, having witnessed his friends die on the way to Nyheim, he has built up a strong mental mindset of 'getting things done' as they need to be done, however deep within he can be a caring and well thought out individual.
  3. Morale
    Kaiden's morale is constantly all over the place due to what he has experienced, every day brings a different challenge to him, so he tries to enter each day with a different mentality, however it is generally high due to the things he has experienced, he does not want to let the past get in his way.
  4. Date of birth
    2002-10-14 (20 years old)
  5. Place of birth
    England, London.
  6. Nationality
  7. Ethnicity
    White Caucasian.
  8. Languages
  9. Relationship
  10. Family
    David Whittaker (deceased), Jayne Whittaker (whereabouts unknown)
  11. Religion


  1. Height
    182 cm
  2. Weight
    69 kg
  3. Build
    Well in shape, with muscles.
  4. Hair
    Bald and shiny, with only little prickles of old hair sticking out the top.
  5. Eyes
    Brown and glassy.
  6. Alignment
    Neutral Evil
  7. Features
    Kaiden would speak in a fairly chavvish English accent, he'd speak like a typical street hoodlum and have various scars that had built up from over the years, from his fathers abuse, and the street life he was living, most notably a scar right across his chest from the first time he was stabbed.
  8. Equipment
    Kaiden would only adorn a tracksuit, he'd have little to no items of food & water.
  9. Occupation
  10. Affiliation
  11. Role


Originally born in London, England, within the Lambeth region, Kaiden Whittaker was born into a working class family on Kennington Road, his father, David Whittaker worked two jobs as a retails assistant and a garbage collector, whereas his mother had worked religiously in the NHS, Kaiden was neglected as a baby by his father due to the fact he was addicted to all kinds of various narcotics which had effected the way of his thinking, beating both him and his mother, it had gotten so bad that there would be days wherein his mother would have to pull a 'sickey' from work in order to allow herself to find effective methods of covering up the abuse she had faced, whilst his father would act as a tyrant of the household, controlling almost every aspect of her life whilst giving little to no shits about the general wellbeing of Kaiden, he would go on in his early stages of life learning to fear the wrath of his father, as his mother was simply too terrified to act against his wishes.

Growing up throughout his early stages of childhood, Kaiden would start to fall into the wrong types of cliques at school, often causing heaps of unnecessary trouble toward teachers, whilst at the same time, causing trouble outside of school (which would occasionally have the police involved), as a result his father would go absolutely ballistic on Kaiden, ruthlessly punishing him even for the slightest of slip ups in the household, however the attention put onto Kaiden would often distract his father from letting out his stress onto his mother, having noticed this, Kaiden learned in a sense that his bad behaviour would protect his mother from the never-ending behaviourisms of his father often leading him to continuously behave in an inappropriate manor when given the chance, the worst of it was when he was almost permanently excluded from school, wherein his father had decided to lock him in his room with no food or water for three solid days, meaning that his basic needs were ignored, resulting in a slight loss of weight, with the smell of urine & facies littering the room, it was only until the smells had started coming through that his father had decided to end his punishment in his own sick twisted sense of joy.

As a result of Kaiden's childhood, he had entered & left the education system after having been permanently excluded from the school he had resided in, he would often be caught sneaking away from home onto the streets, wherein he had essentially met his close quartered clique of 'friends', who had continued to steer him down the wrong path after having had sensed his vulnerability and ability to commit basic criminal acts (such as stealing, 'shotting' narcotics such as marijuana, cocaine, 'pingers', and his ability to channel his anger in such a way that he would lash out on anyone who'd try stepping in his way), as a result of such Kaiden had little to no respect for authoritative figures, getting himself involved deep within the life of street crime.

When Kaiden had reached the age of sixteen, his group of so called 'friends' had finally given him the opportunity to prove himself and be fully initiated into their clique on the streets, given the years of relentless abuse from his father upon his mother, they decided to use that as the chance for him to show that 'mud is thicker than blood', by openly demanding that he storms into the house in order to put an end to his fathers life, given the decades of abuse he had faced, Kaiden had seen little to no issue with this, as a result he had chucked a bag of acid into his fathers face, and stabbed him ruthlessly until he was no longer moving, he wasn't smart enough to consider the consequences and was locked up and trialled for the brutal murder of his father.

As a result of this, Kaiden had decided to go ahead with the 'not guilty' plea, establishing in court his side of the story with the decades of abuse with his mother by his side in court to also testify, the case had gone on for months, before the court had decided to officially lock him up on his seventeenth birthday with a reduced sentence of one year due to the substantial evidence given on his behalf within the courtroom, whilst at the same time being given the luxury of 'her majesty's pleasure', meaning that the Queen herself had gotten involved in the documentation of said court case, reducing the time he could've faced had she had not gotten involved.

By the time Kaiden had reached 18, he was released from the old bailey in London, after having re-established himself with his clique of friends he was back out on the street committing small & petty crimes in order to get by, whilst learning new tricks of the trade to deal with rival gang members that may come in his path, however, this was very short lived as the first wave of the AVM-FLA-19 virus had hit the United Kingdom, resulting in region wide discontent & uncertainty in the British Government, he was beginning to grow tired of the constant lockdowns (which were in place to keep him safe), and had truly started to believe that Britain was no longer the place for him to be, especially as more variants had started to appear overtime.

Once connections to the outside world had started getting restricted within the United Kingdom, and the army had started getting involved in the internal affairs happening within London, Kaiden had used his hard earned dirty money to invest in a reliable dinghy, he had snuck around certain boroughs of London thoroughly doing the best he can to avoid anything related to the virus & the military, wherein he had gathered his clique of so called 'friends' and took said dinghy to the end of the River Thames, setting sail with his companions to any country they could possibly think of, as they all had truly believed that it was the best way to escape the madness happening in their homes.

Due to their lack of knowledge in how to actually navigate a dinghy, most of his friends had died on the way to Nyheim (which they had no idea that was where they were), either from going mad and ending their own lives in a watery grave, or simply because they couldn't handle the conditions set out in the watery wasteland they had faced, however with enough perseverance and determination, Kaiden had managed to navigate through the misty plains of Nyheim's waters, eventually crash landing his dinghy on the shoreline of the coast, wherein he would start his new journey of exploring the desolate plains of Norway.

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Curious to see how the first interaction with Kaiden will look like. See you in game chief!

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